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Getting the Most from a Cosmetology Apprenticeship

A cosmetology apprenticeship can be a great way to get hands-on experience that will guide you in your career. However, not all apprenticeships are high quality. As an apprentice, you might find yourself being left to complete basic tasks without learning any real skills. It’s your job as an apprentice to make sure you get the education you need and protect yourself from being used simply as cheap or free labor.

Here are a few tips for making the most from your apprenticeship:

1.  Carefully vet any apprenticeship opportunity to ensure that it’s high quality. Plenty of places claim to offer apprenticeships or internships, but they may not offer the type of educational experience you need. Ask around and find a program that others have found to be educational.

2.  Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Remember that you’re there to learn, not just work. An apprenticeship is the right time to ask any questions you might have about the job, even if they seem obvious or unimportant. For best results, try to do a bit of independent research as well so you can ask pointed and insightful questions rather than more general inquiries.

3.  Pair up with someone who knows what they’re doing. The best apprenticeships partner you with an experienced worker who can show you the ropes and teach you practical skills. Ask if you can shadow someone, and try to learn as much as you can from these sessions.

4.  Try to find learning opportunities in every activity. Regardless of how good your apprenticeship program is, you may still find yourself spending a lot of time washing hair or sweeping the floor. Instead of looking at these tasks as “busy work” or drudgery, try to find ways to learn from them. Use your hair-washing time as an opportunity to brush up on your customer service skills, for example, or strike up conversations with coworkers while cleaning to learn more about the job.

By taking some initiative, you can help yourself learn the skills you need to be successful on the job. Although an apprenticeship may not always be glamorous, it’s the best way to jump-start your career.

If you’re looking for a good cosmetology program in Dayton, OH, you can contact the Creative Images Institute of Cosmetology. Unlike other programs that offer only a bare-bones licensing program, we’re committed to helping each of our students learn the skills they need to become professionals.

Cosmetology Industry is on the Rise

the beauty and cosmetology industry has continued to grow despite the nation's financial problemsDespite the financial problems of the past decade, the beauty industry has sustained continued growth. Even when times get tough, stylish men and women turn to hairdressers, estheticians and nail artists. If you’re debating your career options, cosmetology certainly deserves your attention.

Is Beauty School a Good Long-Term Investment?

Going to cosmetology or beauty school will afford you a wealth of opportunities to interact with the public, build your reputation in the world of beauty and provide steady work. Of course, you also want to choose a school that will help you make the most of your investment. There’s no point in getting an education if the training you receive won’t do you any good in the real world.

Thankfully, cosmetology careers are some of the hottest around. Students who attend beauty school have excellent employment prospects and a great deal of flexibility when it comes to setting their hours and choosing their workspace. It’s not just these benefits that make beauty school a good investment, either—as a cosmetology student, you can choose to pursue training as a hair stylist, skin care professional, makeup artist or nail technician.

The diversity of positions available to individuals with cosmetology training means that qualified students can generally find jobs that meet their personal needs. In addition to the financial benefits of attending a beauty school, it’s important to remember the personal benefits you’ll reap by being employed in a field that inspires passion and creativity.

Your Cosmetology Career Options

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, demand for trained professionals in the cosmetology industry is set to increase by 14% in the next five to seven years. Industry insiders estimate that revenues for the industry will also grow approximately 3.3% in the next several years, bringing annual revenues for salon-based businesses to $49.3 billion.

The outlook is even better for professionals who also provide skin and nail services. Taken together, the hair, skin and nail industries bring in nearly $80 million every year. If you want to study in a field where you can start your own business and foster its growth, cosmetology just might be the right choice for you. Steady growth in the industry means more job opportunities and better financing opportunities for entrepreneurs.

Of course, one of the best reasons to pursue a career in cosmetology is to become a trendsetter. Instead of daydreaming about styling models for fashion shoots or magazines, you’ll be able to make those dreams come true. If you’re interested in pursuing cosmetology training in the Dayton, OH area, drop by or call Creative Images today. We’ll be happy to get you on your way to a successful cosmetology career.

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