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My First-Hand Experience as a Model and Cosmetology Student

cosmetology student, beauty school ohioHey all you blog readers and social media junkies! No one here but the average teen. My life-as of now- consists of attending Creative Images Institute of Cosmetology, tirelessly filling out college applications, and occasionally binging on leftover Christmas candy. As you can probably tell, I’m pretty normal except… did I mention that I’m a model for Peter Coppola? So let me fill you in on how this came to be. While attending a hair show in Columbus, I was asked by master stylist Steven Lightfoot if I would allow him to use me as a hair cutting demonstration model. Of course, I wasn’t about to turn down a free trim, thus my “journey” began. Approximately two minutes into the haircut, Steven accidentally cut my ear and I had to be escorted to Peter Coppola’s back room for medical attention. Needless to say, Peter found me there–bloody towel and band aids in hand–and offered me the job right on the spot.

Now I get paid to travel with Peter Coppola (who is one of the few remaining beauty industry icons) and “the team”. I have modeled in  shows in Ohio, New York, New Jersey, Florida, Georgia, and Rhode Island. cosmetology dayton ohI feel so very blessed to have been given such an awesome opportunity. I love getting to meet new people each weekend, whether it be at a show or on a plane. Plus, having your hair styled on stage, taking pictures with attendees, and eating the local food cannot be described by any words other than pure fun.

To anyone who believes this is an impossible feat to achieve themselves, I am letting you know it IS possible. I am just a girl from Ohio who lives in the middle of a corn field. Did I ever expect to become a model for a cool hairstylist guy? No. But if an opportunity presents itself to you, be ready to snatch it up and hang onto it for dear life. Don’t be afraid to get out of your comfort zone! You won’t regret it.

Since being in all the shows, I learned many things such as how to apply color with round brushes, ears never stop bleeding if you cut them, and seafood on the East Coast is fantastic! However, the most important thing I have learned from my experiences Is that God is good all the time. He is by my side no matter what state or what stage I’m on. He provides for me above and beyond any requirement and that is more than I could ever ask for.

–Grace Wylie

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The Best Celebrity Makeup Artist Blogs

cosmetology school, beauty school ohioIf you’re an aspiring cosmetologist, you have an ocean of tutorials, advice, and encouragement waiting for you. Reading these six celebrity makeup artist blogs is a good place to start.


The blog of former celebrity makeup artist Kandee Johnson, this site is a potpourri of everything related to beauty, style, fashion, and family. A single mother of four, Johnson peppers her blog with family anecdotes, recipes, and her life as a mom in addition to providing beauty tips and makeup tutorials. Try out her tutorial on Miley Cyrus’ “Wrecking Ball” makeup as a way of getting acquainted with her work.

MiMi J

Atlanta-based celebrity makeup artist Mia Johnson is better known under her nickname, MiMi J. She has worked with such celebrities as Survivor’s Jenna Morasca, Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kenya Moore, and shows like VH1’s Love & Hip Hop. MiMi J’s blog is packed with insider stories, event notices, and beauty tips. Read her tips on the best foundation for the unforgiving reality of HD television.

Audrey Mansfield

Sunday Night Football’s Audrey Mansfield shares a wealth of knowledge and tips from her life just outside the spotlight. Check out her list of makeup products no photographer should be without.

Confessions of a Celebrity Makeup Artist

Terri Apanasewicz has developed stunning looks for celebrities such as Cindy Crawford, Gisele Bundchen, and Mila Kunis, but it’s what she brings to her blog that will really blow you away. Her tips on spring makeup are essential reading for any woman.

Lisa Eldridge

The mere fact that a celebrity makeup artist with the resume of Lisa Eldridge is posting tips for us mere mortals is astonishing when you actually think about it. With clients such as Demi Moore, Salma Hayek, and Katy Perry, Eldridge’s expertise shines through. Check out her post on getting that old Hollywood party style just right.

Troy Jensen

The beauty and style world may be dominated by women, but that just makes the success of Troy Jensen all the more remarkable. His celebrity clients have included stars like Christina Aguilera and Rachel McAdams. Introduce yourself to his wisdom through his tips on getting that sun-kissed Kim Kardashian look at the beach.

You Can Do It, Too

Ready to stop reading and start doing? To reach the highest levels of the cosmetology world, you first have to start with the basics. If you’re looking for a way into the industry, start with an education from Creative Images, a Dayton, OH cosmetology school.

America’s Best Hair Shows

Hair shows are just beginning to become a phenomenon in the world of beauty and fashion. Though conventions and gatherings have been around since cosmetology’s inception, it’s only in recent years that these shows have become the glitzy spectacle seen in media outlets such as Chris Rock’s documentary, Good Hair. Any aspiring or entrenched cosmetologist or stylist can learn a lot from attending one of these shows. Not to mention that it’s a great opportunity to make contacts, get contracts, and make a name for yourself on a grand stage. Here are three of the best hair shows in the country.

Beauty Expo USA

Though founded in St. Louis in 1998, Beauty Expo USA takes place in Las Vegas every February. The show has grown to become one of the top hair and beauty shows in America, presenting attendees with seminars, a wide swath of vendors, and an atmosphere built on trends and innovation. Held most recently at the Rio Hotel Convention Center, Beauty Expo USA should be a destination of choice for anyone who wants to further their hair styling career.

America’s Beauty Show

America’s Beauty Show takes place every March in downtown Chicago. Vendors and buyers show up from all around the world to mix, mingle, and show off. Many of tomorrow’s top styles and products are seen first in the exhibitions here. In addition to vendor booths, the show is always jam packed with workshops and conferences, presenting a golden opportunity for stylists and salon owners to expand their network and learn new techniques for the future.

Bronner Bros International Hair Show

Held every February in Atlanta, the Bronner Bros International Hair Show is the mecca for anyone interested in African-American hair styling. The event has grown every year from its humble beginnings to become a prominent cosmetology event. So intense is the energy around this show that it even attracts guests with no professional stake in hairstyling and beauty. Like every great hair show, hundreds of vendors are on hand to introduce products and network with clients. This is an experience you don’t want to miss.

Your Future in the Hair Business

Do you like the idea of attending one of America’s top hair shows as a professional in the business? If you’re ready to get started on a path toward hairstyling excellence, Creative Images can give you the hands-on training you need. Meet with one of our Career Specialists in Dayton, OH to learn what your styling education will look like.

High-Fashion Cosmetology Trends for 2014

cosmetology school ohioAs the years continue to roll onward, you’ll likely be looking for beauty tips that will make you look positively gorgeous whenever you step out of the house. If you’re preparing for a wedding, anniversary dinner or corporate event, your physical appearance will undoubtedly be very important. With knowledge of the cosmetology trends that are expected to take the world by storm in 2014, you’ll be able to stun friends and strangers alike with your out-of-this-world fashion.

Pastel Eye Shadow

While brightly colored eye shadow has long been associated with the psychedelic era, it’s set to make a magical comeback in 2014. Greens, blues, lavenders, and yellows, in fact, are the colors of choice for women of all ethnicities. By softly adding these hues to the skin above and below the eyes, stylists can create a mystique that will be hard to equal. Cosmetologists who expect to specialize in the application of makeup will need to understand that certain products will work better on certain skin tones.

Side Ponytails

The power of the ponytail is virtually unlimited. Instead of allowing it to wind its way down the length of the back, however, women may instead choose to gently coax the hair to the side. Trained hair stylists are usually needed to pull this off. After a blowout has been completed and the hair has been neatly parted, stylists will use a flatiron to smooth out the hair. With a bit of hairspray, the ponytail can be easily held to the side for the entire evening.

Soft Waves

Soft waves are perfect for women who wish to straddle the line between grunge and romance. To create this kind of hairstyle, you’ll likely need to become very skilled with a triple-barrel waver. By holding the waver at the perfect angle, you’ll be able to craft a hairstyle that’s both charming and imaginative.

Feather Accessories

While feathers are often associated with aristocrats from the eighteenth century, there are signs that they’ll be back in a big way in 2014. When ostrich feathers are carefully set in hair that has been beautifully blown out, elegance will surely be the result. Qualified hair stylists will be able to use paddle brushes and salon products to tame even the frizziest hair. The best stylists will even be capable of using black hair glue and other delicate products to ensure that everything is held in place.

If you’re looking to take cosmetology classes in Dayton, OH, gives us a call at Creative Images. With our assistance, you’ll develop skills that will allow you to land the job of your dreams.

Makeup Tips for the Natural Look

cosmetology school Dayton OHWhen it comes to makeup, the natural look wins points every time. The following tips from the cosmetology experts in Dayton OH will help you get it right.

Give Your Skin the Bloom of Youth

Moisturizer will lend your skin a youthful, dewy look, and if your complexion is clear to start with, choosing one with a gentle tint will allow you to bypass foundation entirely while evening out your skin tone in a far more natural way.

If It Looks Bad, Hide It

When circles surface beneath your eyes or blemishes sprout without warning, a good concealer can be your new best friend. Choose the color that’s closest to your skin tone and dab it with precision on the offending spots. Use a touch that’s light enough, and nobody has to know.

Lay a Good Foundation

A light makeup base can balance the blotchiest complexion, but if the color you choose is seriously wrong, your look will never be right. To pin down the shade that’s right for you, dab several different samples on your cheek and march your face over to the window. The honesty of natural light will tell you which is best.

Be Gentle with Delicate Areas

When blending any makeup in the under-eye zone, use nothing stronger than your ring finger. This weakest digit on your hand is the one least likely to tug and pull at your sensitive skin.

Fashion a Naturally Beautiful Eye

A hint of eye shadow will help define the most lackluster eye, and the neutral shades of gray, gold or brown will do it in the most natural way. Consider using a gel liner in brown, gray or black on the upper lid to complete the look.

Use a Little White Magic

To add a bit of sparkle, highlight the center of your lids and the inner corners of your eyes with white pencil or powder. Blending some under the brow bone as well will give your eyes a deep-set look.

Blush or Bronzer? Only One Will Do

Although a dash of bronzer might impart a glow, the effect can look forced if the skin is pale to start with. When a fair complexion is your lot, a well-blended cream blush in a soft champagne tint will endow your cheeks with the bloom of natural health.

Understated Lips for a Kissable You

Chalky lipsticks and shiny glosses will always look artificial, and some can even be aging. However, a lip stain in a color that’s close to your own might even fool Mother Nature.

A Naturally Beautiful You

Treat makeup as a way of enhancing, not masking, your natural beauty, and when heads begin to turn your way, don’t forget to smile!

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