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Ten Resume Tips for New Beauty Professionals

A degree in cosmetology is one of the most sought-after credentials in the beauty industry today. With an ever-growing demand for well-qualified skin estheticians, hairstylists, manicurists and makeup artists, your newly acquired skill set can open so many doors and pave the way to a brilliant career ahead as a beauty professional. Although potential employers are constantly on the lookout for the next beauty superstar, competition can be stiff. How exactly do you stand out and get noticed?

A great resume can substantially simplify the job hunt process and help you secure that much-coveted interview. With a few simple tips for personalization, you’ll be well on your way to the top of the pack with a stunningly creative resume.

What’s A Resume Without Contact Information?

Never ever leave out your contact information. Include every mode of contact that seems practical—you’ll get that call only once. Also, don’t include any social media account that isn’t solely devoted to your profession.

Make It Passionate

You are a creative professional. Let your resume show your love for what you do. Talk about your core strengths rather than just including a description of your potential job.

Highlight Your Experience

This is often a stumbling point for new graduates. How do you fill a resume with no prior experience? In fact, the years you have spent training at your beauty school can make up for the lack of actual on-the-job experience. Include details about the skills you’ve acquired through schooling, internships and projects.

Showcase Your Academic Qualifications

List all your educational qualifications starting from high school to the latest degree you earned.


Find out where you can offer help and volunteer for a few hours a week. This experience can be priceless and fulfilling. Volunteering at local non-profit organizations, senior centers or churches can correspond to real-life work experience and strengthen your resume.

Talk About Your Other Strengths

Potential employers look for a broad range of talents. For instance, if you’ve worked in human resources or sales before, be sure to include it in your resume.

Provide a List of Professional Organizations and Seminars

By being affiliated to organizations and networks within the industry, you’re clearly showing your desire to seek more knowledge and advance further as a cosmetologist.

Emphasize Your People Skills

Clients are most certainly drawn to a cosmetologist who imparts a feel-good factor. Great communication skills and professionalism are highly cherished in the industry.

Demonstrate Your Versatility

Ideally, a cosmetologist possesses expertise in many related fields and will be able to switch roles. With varied specializations and a broad range of skills, you’ll be able to come across as a valuable asset.

Create an Impressive Cover Letter

A resume should always be accompanied by a fitting cover letter. Believe it or not, a great letter can make you stand apart and persuade employers to meet with you.

Looking to embark on a promising career as a cosmetologist? Creative Images Institute of Cosmetology offers comprehensive hands-on training and fully accredited cosmetology certifications in Dayton, OH. Contact us today to learn more.

Pin to Win: How to Use Pinterest to Promote Your Personal Brand

beauty career dayton oh

Facebook, Twitter and now Pinterest—with all these social networks, it can be hard to keep track of how best to use each one to build your brand. Pinterest is a fast-growing, viral social media community that can bring in a lot of revenue if you know how to use it. Read on for ways to make your brand more visible and recognizable with this dynamic and easy-to-use tool.

Build a Visual Resume

Showcase your credentials and talents with pins that show the schools you’ve attended, conferences you’ve gone to and positions you’ve held. Take pictures of your best work and pin them to a dedicated “resume board” that can easily be shared with prospective clients. Include important milestones in your personal and business history to create a visual story of what your company is all about.

Create Relevant, Specific Boards

People who are unfamiliar with your brand will be searching for a topic or product rather than your company. Make sure they find you by creating boards with specific content and choosing keyword-rich names that generate high visibility in search results. Don’t be afraid to aim boards at niche groups. For example, instead of “Cute Hairstyles,” try “Awesome Hairstyles for Prom Night” or “Everyday Hairstyles for Career Women.”

Share Like an Expert

If you’ve done any reading about business marketing, you’re probably sick of hearing that “content is king.” However, this maxim gets repeated so often because it’s 100% true. All social networks, blogs and websites need good quality content that’s relevant to their target audiences. Think about who’s going to be viewing your Pinterest boards and share information that’s useful to them. Pin articles, how-to guides and infographics to show customers that they can rely on you for the latest news in your industry.

Run Contests

“Pin It to Win It” campaigns are popular contests on Pinterest and can generate a lot of buzz for your brand. Some of these campaigns used to require entrants to re-pin from a specific selection to create entries, but Pinterest no longer allows this. Instead, have entrants create their own boards around a central theme and submit them for a chance to win. Choose a theme that’s relevant to your brand and promote it in your other social media profiles as well as on your website. Excited entrants are likely to share the contest with their own followers, thereby bringing your brand to an even wider audience.

If you’re in the Dayton, OH area and are ready to use these tips to jumpstart your cosmetology career, give Creative Images a call or visit our website for more information.

New Nail Trends Every Tech Should Master

nail tech dayton oh

From stripes and streaks to jeweled-out white, this season’s trends are all about the polish. So how can you “nail” the hottest looks? Add these ideas to your repertoire, and watch the customers come calling.

The Modern French Manicure

Right now, the classic manicure is getting an angular edge. Color inversions are key—think pale paints with navy tips—but placement is just as crucial. Top the nail with an off-center streak, or swipe a delicate line just across the tip. Prefer to go a little bolder? Try positioning the lightest color in a small, semi-circular shape around the base.

Stripes and Grids

We’ll always flip for florals, but the latest looks hype the simple stripe. Designers like Prabal Gurung and Tibi have sent line-based motifs down the runways, and Tracy Reese accessorized her spring collection with crosshatched grids. Even a single stripe can do the trick; amp up the wow factor with hot-pink foils, or alternate vertical and horizontal lines for a stylish switch.

Accessorized White

Minimalism, meet nail art. Give snow-white palettes an extra kick by layering on the subtle embellishments: a cluster of jewels, some carefully placed polka dots or a swipe of gleaming gold. The key here is to avoid overdoing it; apply the accessories with a light hand, and let your eggshells and ecrus be the stars of the show.

Gloss Meets Matte

Matte polish is an of-the-moment trend in its own right, but we love it most when it’s paired with a glossy partner. Let your creativity run wild with this one. Add one glossy nail to an otherwise matte motif, split the two polishes across each bed, or try a monotone manicure with shiny tips. The technique is especially impactful when it’s done in all black, but any dark color will show off the textural pop.

Mixed-Up Metallics

Calling all matchmakers: Contrasting metallics are a serious love connection. Instead of separating your major metals into one-color-only palettes, let them work together for a so-now look that glides effortlessly between day and night. Rose-gold glazes are especially on trend, and they match like magic with this year’s mirrored silvers.

Stiletto Tips

Though these super-sharp nails may be best suited for the likes of Lady Gaga, we think it’s worth learning the technique. Some customers simply adore the witchy-meets-bewitching style, and you can use your polish skills to take the look from dragon’s lair to designer chic. Talk about getting to the point.

Ready to dive in? Creative Images Institute of Technology has you covered. Visit our homepage or drop us an email to learn how to get your cosmetology cred in Dayton, OH.

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