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Becoming a Dermatology Assistant: An Inside Guide to Your Next Big Step

A career as an esthetician will provide you with wonderful opportunities to grow professionally while helping others feel better about themselves. Whether you’re just starting cosmetology school or you’re thinking about your post-graduation plans, you’re likely wondering how you can take your passion for esthetics to the next level. For many dedicated estheticians, the answer is pursuing advanced training as a dermatology assistant after gaining experience in an esthetics program.

Life as a Dermatology Assistant

As their title implies, dermatology assistants are responsible for helping dermatologists with a wide variety of tasks. Because they work in medical offices and are expected to handle many duties on their own, dermatology assistants must undergo extensive training to secure careers in this field. Hopeful assistants must hold a master’s degree at minimum and pass any applicable state licensing exams in order to work in a dermatologist’s office. Students who want to pursue careers in this field will need to look into physician’s assistant programs that offer specialty tracks in dermatology. Of course, working as an esthetician in a dermatologist’s office provides a great gateway to this career.

Dermatology assistants work closely with patients, so it’s important that estheticians who are considering going on to careers in this field practice chatting with clients and getting to know them. Those who work in this position are relied upon to diagnose skin problems for some patients and develop treatment regiments. Estheticians who have experience in a wide variety of holistic skin treatments have an advantage in dermatology assistant careers because they are already familiar with many skin conditions and treatment regimens. No matter where you are in your education, make it a priority to stay up to date with what’s what in the world of dermatology.

Is a Dermatology Assistant Job Right for You?

Dermatology assistants enjoy excellent career prospects both in the Dayton, OH area and across the U.S. as a whole. Esthetics students who are considering going into careers as dermatology assistants often wonder whether or not a job as an assistant will suit their personalities. It’s important to keep the training demands and essential job duties for this career in mind when determining if you should pursue advanced training.

Remember that having a strong, pleasant presence with the public is essential to success as a dermatology assistant. As an esthetician or cosmetology student, you’ve already got great people skills. You’ll need to learn how to use these skills to talk to patients about skin problems and possible treatments. This can be a high-pressure job, so staying calm is key.

To learn more about training in esthetics and your future career prospects, get in touch with Creative Images today.

Built for Beauty: Using YouTube to Kick Off Your Career

In today’s social-media-driven world, jump-starting your career as a cosmetologist or stylist means making your mark in the digital sphere right away. Whether you’re still in cosmetology school or you’re getting ready to graduate, there’s no better time than the present to begin building your brand as a beauty expert. One of the easiest ways to reach an interested audience is to harness the marketing power of YouTube to your advantage.

Five Ways to Use YouTube to Kick Off Your Career

When it comes to using YouTube to start your beauty career, you have many options. Try one of these five popular video formats to promote yourself as a beauty guru. No matter what approach you use, be sure to engage viewers right away. If you don’t capture viewer interest in the first 15 seconds of your video, you’re likely to lose your audience.

Tutorials. Upload step-by-step tutorials that show viewers how to create a trendy hairstyle or a new makeup look. Be sure to go slowly and explain all steps clearly. Let viewers know what products you’ve used to create a look and suggest alternatives when possible.

Style highlights. Show off your own personal style with a style highlights segment. Prepare an on-trend outfit from your own wardrobe and walk viewers through how you would go about styling the look. Give day and evening options whenever you can. Try creating different style highlight videos for work, school and play.

Product reviews. Many of your viewers will be interested in new beauty products but won’t want to dish out the dough until they’re sure that a new item works as advertised. Stay current on the latest cosmetic and hair product offerings. Try out products and provide in-depth, unbiased reviews to your audience. Talk about performance, price and how well products live up to their promises.

Event coverage. You don’t need to be a celebrity to cover red carpet events. Instead, provide post-event coverage via a YouTube video. Tailor your commentary for the local audience in Dayton, OH and the surrounding areas. Highlight your favorite and least favorite looks from the event while throwing in hair and makeup tips for your viewers.

Q&A sessions. One of the best ways to build your beauty brand is to interact with your fans. Instead of using YouTube as a one-way marketing channel, ask your viewers to post their burning beauty questions so that you can answer them in a weekly or monthly segment.

With all of the possibilities offered by social media, there’s never been a better time to launch a career as a beauty expert. Visit Creative Images today to learn more about our world-class cosmetology programs.

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