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Succeeding in Salons: How to Keep Clients Coming Back

One of the keys to success is maintaining clienteleBuilding a successful cosmetology career is about more than gaining skills and showing up at the salon every day. Creating true success is also about developing a strong client base you can depend on to return for your services again and again. After all, building repeat business is key to professional survival no matter the industry in which you work. While skill has a great deal to do with your success as a cosmetologist, it’s just as important that you develop the business savvy needed to keep your clients coming back time and again.

Five Easy Ways to Keep Clients Coming Back

As a cosmetologist, it’s important that you’re comfortable interacting with the public and getting to know your clients. Asking your clients questions about their hair and skincare needs and providing services that will best meet their demands is the first step towards developing a strong clientele base. Keep these five simple tips in mind so you can turn satisfied clients into steady clients.

Show off your clients. After a successful appointment, ask clients if they would mind posing for a few photos that can be posted on social media sites such as Facebook and Google+. Remember that it’s essential to secure client permission before posting any photos online.

Schedule appointments wisely. Nothing is more annoying than waiting around for an appointment to start. Instead of squeezing in clients one after another, leave a buffer so that you have plenty of time to attend to each client. Eliminating wait times keeps clients coming back.

Be prepared to recommend products. Your clients want to recreate salon looks at home, but they also need to find products that they can use for their everyday needs. Get educated so you can recommend the best styling, hair and skincare products.

Become a local expert. Building business in the Dayton, OH area means knowing what trends are hot here right now. Keep up with the local fashion scene and recruit clients from fashion-focused events. You can even start a referral program for clients if you’re just starting out in an area and need to build a client base from scratch.

Keep excellent client records. Write down the services that you performed on clients and any special requests they made. This will allow you to be fully prepared for future appointments. Keeping good records also helps ensure that the products and services you use are supporting hair and skin health.

Staying competitive in the salon industry means keeping up with the latest trends, building great relationships with your clients and acquiring a solid foundation of knowledge and skills. Learn how to do all this and more by contacting Creative Images today.

Dealing with Dissatisfied Clients: Beauty over the Beast

Most cosmetologists love nothing more than seeing a client smile at the end of an appointment, delighted with the services provided. Your everyday life as a cosmetologist will be filled with pleased clients, but they’re not the only kind of customers you’ll have. Even the best hair, makeup and skincare artists are faced with difficult, dissatisfied or even angry clients from time to time. While you can’t always prevent a client from feeling dissatisfied, you can save face and protect your reputation by knowing the right way to respond.

Handling Angry Clients Without Losing Confidence

It’s a scenario every cosmetologist knows. You thought everything was going well until your client looked in the mirror. Suddenly, she’s not happy with her haircut or skincare treatment. If you’re faced with a dissatisfied client sitting in your chair, it’s essential that you talk through the problem calmly and ask your client for solutions. Identifying what can be done to fix the problem is a good first step towards turning a dissatisfied client into a satisfied one.

Of course, not every client will be willing to offer solutions or will want to let you fix the problem. If you’re faced with a stubborn client, pause for a moment and remember to stay calm. If you’re concerned that a client is dissatisfied while you’re working, be sure to explain the techniques you’re using and discuss your client’s styling options.

Sometimes angry clients need time to cool down before they can really tell you why they don’t like a particular haircut or makeup job. Don’t take it personally if a client doesn’t like the solutions you offer right away. Many clients will be willing to come back to you for services after they’ve cooled down and have had a chance to adjust to a new look.

Preventing Angry Clients Before They Happen

One of the easiest ways to deal with dissatisfied clients is to prevent dissatisfaction in the first place. While it’s not possible to avoid all client conflicts, it does help to set expectations before you begin working. Remember that your clients may use technical, industry-standard terms to describe the haircut or service they want, but you should still clarify to make sure that you’re both on the same page. After all, some clients are dissatisfied simply because they don’t think their cosmetologist really listened to or understood their needs.

Creating a successful career as a cosmetologist requires skill, savvy and great beauty sensibilities. The dynamic instructors at Creative Images are proud to provide style-forward, street-wise guidance to cosmetology students in the Dayton, OH area. Contact us today to learn more about our programs.

The Best Pinterest Boards for Makeup and Hair

Stay up to date on make up and hair with PinterestIf you want to find the hottest hair color techniques or the best new lip gloss, open your browser. Social media sites like Pinterest allow anyone to share anything they love with the world, and if they happen to love makeup and hairstyles, they’ll give you insight into the status of current and future trends. Whether you’re studying cosmetology or you already own your own salon, knowing the hottest trends isn’t only useful, it’s essential to your success. By scoping out Pinterest boards, you can discover tips and tricks, new product lines, celebrity looks, industry news and more. To help get you started, here are some great picks for hairstyle and makeup Pinterest boards.

Eight Cool Pinterest Hairstyle and Makeup Boards

1. Birchbox offers a collection of more than 90 boards devoted to both general and specific hair, skin care and beauty topics.

2. Fun for Your Head showcases quirky, outlandish and original hairstyles from top stylists.

3. New Hairstyles 2014 keeps you up to date with the latest hair trends in a variety of categories.

4. Bea Herzberg Hairstyles has everything from mild to wild.

5. Hairstyles by Eleanora Rinaldi offers everything from celebrity chic to simple, low-maintenance beauty.

6. boards cover a wide variety of beauty topics including great eye and nail looks. The name says it all.

7. Beautylish boards cover everything from nail art to sci-fi fantasy makeup. You can spend hours on these boards and still only scratch the surface.

8. Velena Thompson’s Makeup Ideas board includes a variety of tips, tricks and product recommendations for both novices and professionals.

Find Your Own Favorite Hair and Makeup Boards

Like hair and makeup trends, social media sites like Pinterest are constantly changing, so it’s worth your time to search for new boards regularly. When seeking new Pinterest resources, expand your search terms to include keywords that refer to hair colors, specific styling techniques, names of popular salons and products or even events like weddings and proms. Check your favorite boards often to stay in the loop.

Creative Images Helps You Put Your Hair and Makeup Talents to Work

At Creative Images Institute of Cosmetology, you’ll do much more than learn basic skills and follow industry trends. Our Dayton, OH campuses are designed to replicate the experience of working in a high-end salon or day spa. We provide all the tools, experience and customer service training you’ll need to build and keep your client base. Contact us for enrollment details and kick-start your career in cosmetology today.

Lookin’ Fresh: Five Great Beauty Sites

Enjoying a successful career as a cosmetologist is all about staying on top of the latest developments in the field. Many beauty enthusiasts follow celebrity fashion news and head to cosmetology school to learn the art of looking good, but it’s also important to stay in the loop by looking at national and international makeup and beauty trends. After all, being able to offer your clients insight and advice about new beauty products makes you an ever more valuable, respected cosmetologist. 

Five Essential Beauty Sites

The Internet puts the world of beauty news at your fingertips, but it can be tough to sort out which sites are worth visiting. You want to be sure that you’re reading accurate information and reviews about new products before you buy them or tell your clients about them. Here are five of our favorite, go-to sites to learn about new beauty products and trends.

The comprehensive reviews section on is a great place to find out about new products and get an inside peek at how well they work. Reviews are broken down into makeup, hair, face and body categories so that you can easily find the types of products that most interest you. New trends in fashion and beauty are featured across the site, meaning you’ll be able to see new products in use.


This popular site features a lot of coverage of celebrity beauty, but it’s also a great resource for finding new products. Separate makeup, hair and skincare sections meld coverage of celebrity beauty with new product announcements, product reviews and beauty tips. POPSUGAR Beauty offers particularly strong coverage of trends coming out of young Hollywood.

With an extensive beauty guide that covers thousands of products, is an invaluable resource for every cosmetologist. Coverage of new products is paired with honest, in-depth reviews. The Beauty Counter Blog on also offers a strong blend of high-end beauty coverage with information about how new products are being used in the fashion world.

A staple of magazine racks, the online edition of Allure offers the same fun, fresh product reviews as the print edition. covers beauty products at a wide variety of price points, so it’s an indispensable resource for cosmetologists who want to recommend products to clients of every budget. The site’s reviews are also considered some of the most honest and accurate around.

The Beautypedia

Part of the Paula’s Choice network, the Beautypedia features information on more than 45,000 existing and new beauty products. Use the site to keep up on new product reviews and to find out which products the top beauty experts recommend.

Keeping up with the world of beauty is just one part of enjoying a successful cosmetology career. If you’d like to learn more about cosmetology training in Dayton, OH, contact the friendly staff at Creative Images today.

The Most Revolutionary Products Shown at the 2014 IMATS

Trend Focus: 2014 IMATS Product Report

Each year, the International Makeup Artists Trade Show (IMATS) stops in six cities around the globe to bring the best in well-known products and industry newcomers to cosmetologists and everyday consumers alike. For cosmetology students, there’s no better place to learn about new products and get a taste of life in the industry than at IMATS. Of course, not everyone has the opportunity to attend the big show. Thanks to extensive coverage by media outlets and beauty bloggers, it’s still possible to enjoy the big trends coming out of IMATS.

Big Trends at 2014 IMATS

For makeup companies, IMATS is an opportunity to show off new products while offering their standard cosmetic lines. Because the products at IMATS are for sale, this trade show is more than just an opportunity to take a peek at the latest trends; cosmetologists and shoppers can actually go home with new products.

Thanks to the size of the show, many veterans shop according to hot trends, looking for the latest styles at a variety of booths. Attendees at this year’s IMATS had the chance to check out a lot of trends, and these four were among the most popular.

Sparkling eyes. Shimmering looks were back at IMATS, and eyes are set to take focus in 2014 with beautiful glitters and lush new lashes dominating offerings from both established and newer companies. Most of the glitter products at the show were offered loose, much like pigments. However, some glitter lip glosses and pressed shadows could also be found among the many booths.

Pigment madness. High-quality pigments have been a staple of makeup collections for years. Today’s pigments are offered in brighter colors, and some of the most popular looks at IMATS featured chromatic pigments. With high shine and some iridescence, these pigments are ideal for eyes, cheeks and lips. One of the factors that made pigments so popular at this year’s show is pricing as consumers can now buy decent pigments at every price point.

Plastic finishes. Glossy finishes reminiscent of shining vinyl or plastic were also popular with high-shine looks for lips from companies such as OCC and Ka’oir predominating. Bright, spring colors with plenty of oranges and corals were particularly popular in the lip offerings.

A bevy of brushes. Among the most talked-about offering at this year’s IMATS were high-end brushes, particularly those from Hakuhodo. The brushes are popular thanks to their durable construction, precision design and the availability of a variety of bristle types. Natural bristles remain incredibly popular with professional artists, but new synthetics from Hakuhodo are also well liked.

The world of cosmetology is filled with fast-changing trends and constant innovation. Drop by Creative Images today to learn more about studying for your cosmetology career in the Dayton, OH area.

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