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The Psychology of Spa Décor

spa decor cosmetology instituteCreating a calm ambiance with spa décor

Relaxation, comfort, an immensely soothing environment—these are just part of the wonderful qualities you’ll find in a spa. With an array of delightful indulgences, from massages to facials to manicures and pedicures, it’s no wonder that so many people consider spas a lovely retreat from the world.

Color, with its high impact on emotions and state of mind, is an integral part of spa decor. Although everyone responds to color a little differently, certain colors generally have a similar impression on people. Blue, for instance, is all about calmness and serenity. In soft shades it makes you relax, lowering your blood pressure and even decreasing your respiration. Similarly, green, with its earthy tone so reminiscent of nature, has a tranquilizing effect that creates an equally idyllic backdrop even when you’re not indulging in all those refreshing spa experiences.

As you look beyond the visual allure of color, sound can be very enticing. This is especially true of fountains, a truly enchanting part of your spa encounter. There’s just something very soothing and restful about the sound of water as it splashes into the basin of a fountain or courses over stones. For a similar effect, many spas often play spare ambient music over speakers for a background layer of calming sound.

Likewise, plants enhance spa décor, adding a textural element as well as visual appeal. Bringing the freshness and natural charm of the outdoors inside, plants purify the air while adding to a feeling of relaxation as they lower your blood pressure and elevate your sense of happiness. This aspect of spa décor has long-lasting health and emotional benefits for you.

Color, fountains and plants are among the engaging aspects of spa décor that have a truly transformative effect on how you feel in a spa. The best spas know this, offering an atmosphere infused with the finest décor enhancements to make your spa experience especially memorable. In the Dayton area, try Creative Images for the ultimate in cosmetology and spa education and services, and learn how to bring to life your own oasis of calm.

Stay on Top: Keeping Track of Beauty Trends

Cosmetologists do more than just style hair and take care of skincare treatments. They also give expert guidance to their clients, suggesting new products and looks that will match their styling demands. Staying on top of current beauty trends is essential for cosmetologists because they need to be able to recommend today’s most popular products and styles to their clients. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or you’re just starting cosmetology school, staying up on current trends can seriously help your career.

Keeping Up with Beauty Trends

Thanks to the Internet, keeping up on the latest style and beauty trends is a lot easier than it was 20 years ago. Many stylists and cosmetologists rely on popular fashion blogs to stay current on what’s happening in the beauty world. You can find blogs that match your personal interests using custom terms on search engines. It’s a great idea to follow blogs and beauty sites that you like on social media sites so that you can see the blogs that your favorite writers are reading.

One of the easiest ways to keep up with new beauty developments is to read the style news and trends sections of Marie Claire and other popular online style magazines. The advantage of keeping up with these online publications is that they feature the timeliest news about beauty products and new trends. Checking fashion magazines on a weekly basis will help you stay ahead of the curve and will allow you to provide the best recommendations possible to all of your clients.

Putting New Trends to Work

As a cosmetologist it’s essential that you stay up to date with trends, but it’s just as important that you can predict which trends will make it into the Dayton, OH market. When reading beauty blogs or magazines, look for extra information that will help you determine if a new trend will be big in Dayton. Consider:

•    Where was the trend spotted?
•    How much will adopting the newest look cost?
•    Does the trend fit in with the weather conditions and natural environment?
•    Are the products needed to pull off the look available in the local area?
•    Can you offer trendy products and services at a price point that will work with client budgets?

Of course, it’s also essential that you can communicate trends to your clients and help them pick looks that will fit their needs and lifestyles. As you evaluate new beauty fads, be sure to identify the general age and background of someone who might adopt the style.

Staying current on your cosmetology education is also a great way to keep up with trends. Call Creative Images today to learn more about our cosmetology programs and courses.

Helping Your Clients Find the Right Beauty Products

beauty school ohioCosmetologists have long been considered trusted advisers for their clients when it comes to choosing beauty products. Whether you focus on hair or skincare, you’re sure to encounter clients who need assistance finding products that work for them. Matching clients with beauty products that will meet their needs requires not only hair and skincare knowledge on your part, but also the savvy to understand what your clients are really looking for in a new product.

Keeping Up with the Latest Product Trends

Staying current with the latest trends in cosmetology is essential to ensuring your ongoing success in this competitive profession. After all, your clients are more likely to return to you if you have beauty and product news to share with them on a regular basis. One of the easiest ways to stay current on the latest product trends is to attend tradeshows such as IMATS and to take continuing education courses at a cosmetology school.

Of course, you can also keep up with the latest in product trends by checking the beauty product news and reviews section of popular fashion magazines such as Allure and Glamour. Magazines can help you identify new products at a wide variety of price points. Remember that keeping client budgets in mind is essential when recommending products.

Matching Popular Products to Your Clients

As a cosmetologist, it’s your job to know all about the hair and skincare products available to your clients. However, your job doesn’t end there. You should also be able to match specific products to individual clients. Matching clients and products is a skill that you’ll learn over time, but you can speed up the process by making sure you really understand client needs.

When recommending hair products to your clients, you’ll need to keep both their hair type and daily style in mind. You can explain hair type to clients and help them choose shampoo, conditioner and treatment products that will support healthy hair. Be sure to ask clients for honest feedback about how they style their hair on a daily basis. Focus on helping them pick products that will make styling easier.

If you’ll be recommending skincare products to your clients, it’s important that you correctly identify a client’s skin type before making recommendations. Once you understand client skin types and needs, you can match them with high-quality products that will live up to their expectations of what you offer as a professional. Current and aspiring cosmetologists in the Dayton, OH area who want to stay up to date with product and styling trends should contact Creative Images today to learn more about our classes.

Small-Screen Glam: Our Favorite Beauty Vlogs

Getting great beauty tips and finding out about new products is easier than it’s ever been before thanks to the hundreds of makeup artists creating video blogs, or vlogs, on YouTube. With so many vlogs to choose from, cosmetology students and pros are sure to find advice and tutorials for any beauty need. Of course, staying up on beauty vlogs is also a great way to understand current trends and predict new fads.

Keep Up on Trends with Beauty Vlogs

Cosmetologists who want to stay competitive know that keeping up with current trends is essential. In a digitally connected world, that means understanding what trends are storming the streets and the social media sphere. Stay up to date by checking out six of our favorite YouTube beauty vloggers.

Kandee Johnson

Celebrity makeup artist Kandee Johnson offers tutorials to create bold, Hollywood-inspired looks. Her vlogs include plenty of unusual ideas for trendy looks that tend to be popular with clientele in their early 20s.

Michelle Phan

With practical tips for women of all ages and skin type, Michelle Phan is fast becoming a household name throughout the U.S. and Britain. In fact, Phan is one of the most well-known beauty vloggers out there and is credited with starting one of the first makeup-centric channels on YouTube.

Destiny Godley

Destiny Godley offers a wide variety of content that appeals to both the everyday woman and the professional cosmetologist. Her tutorials offer tips on everything ranging from skincare to pro makeup tricks to mastering the newest hair products.

Ingrid Nilsen

Practical product reviews and quick beauty tips are Nilsen’s strong points. She offers straightforward advice that you can pass along to your clients. Her vlogs also feature hair and skincare recipes that your clients will love to use at home.

Emily Noel

Noel’s Beauty Broadcast channel offers tons of product reviews and quick, practical tips. She also offers brand-centric makeup tutorials that are perfect for cosmetologists who want to offer a certain product line to their clients. Many of her vlogs are arranged by product price point, allowing viewers to find the best tutorials for their beauty and budget needs.

Zoe Sugg

Known as Zoella, this British beauty vlogger has made a name for herself with quirky, beautifully shot tutorials covering a wide range of hair and makeup topics. Her product reviews are a favorite thanks to her candid, fun approach to dissecting the hottest new products.

Staying up to date with the latest beauty trends in the Dayton, OH area means staying up to date with your cosmetology education. Call Creative Images today to learn more about our classes and programs.

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