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Permanent Makeup: Is It Worth It?

beauty school daytonWould you like to wake up every morning with perfectly colored lips but no lipstick stains on your pillow? Many women across America are doing just that. Permanent makeup, also called tattoo makeup or micropigmentation, guarantees that facial features look their best at all times. During the micropigmentation process, the doctor or makeup artist uses a hollow needle to inject pigment into the dermis, which is the middle layer of skin; the procedure is similar to getting a traditional tattoo. The pigment can be any color. It can enhance eyebrows, lashes and lips, and it can even help correct skin conditions like uneven pigmentation or scarring. The decision to have your face permanently altered is a huge one. Before you commit, compare the benefits of traditional makeup to the permanent variety.

Pros: Where Permanent Makeup Has an Edge

•    You can get ready a lot faster in the morning
•    You’ll enjoy improved self-esteem
•    It’s a perfect solution if you have difficulty applying makeup with your hands
•    You’ll never have any more allergic reactions to makeup
•    It can often disguise hair loss, scars and signs of aging
•    You’ll never have to worry about smears or makeup wearing off in hot weather
•    You’ll save tons of money on cosmetics
•    No one can ever see you without your makeup again

Cons: The Scary Part

•    Permanent mistakes, misinterpretations or artist errors are possible
•    You may lose the option of changing to lighter temporary colors
•    Pigments may fade over time and require reapplication
•    Although it’s uncommon, you could have an adverse reaction to the pigments or application process
•    Contaminated equipment can potentially spread disease

To learn more about safety issues, check out the FDA Safety and Regulatory Resources concerning tattoos and permanent makeup.

Is a Career in Micropigmentation Right for You?

If you’re interested in applying permanent makeup professionally, there are many opportunities in the field. With more people sharing impressive before and after photos, interest and demand is growing. A variety of professionals such as electrologists, estheticians, tattoo artists, and physicians are adding the specialty to their service portfolios. If you have the creative edge and aptitude, you just need the proper training and certification.

Creative Images

At Creative Images Institute of Cosmetology in Dayton, our curriculum can help you prepare for your future success as a permanent makeup artist. Our skin care courses will teach you about working with different skin types and using cosmetic and spa treatments to help keep your future clients’ skin healthy and beautiful. We can also provide hands-on experience applying all types of traditional makeup, so when you’re ready to learn micropigmentation, your artistic skills will be sharp. Explore your passions, and become a consummate professional with help from Creative Images. Contact us today to learn more.

Cosmetology Liability Insurance: Get Yourself Covered

Most people enter the cosmetology field with the goal of making people look and feel their best. Unfortunately, when you’re working with chemicals, sharp instruments and electrical appliances, things may not always go as planned. Even if you’re a brilliant and careful artist who takes every safety precaution, some things are out of your control. Clients may forget to tell you about other products they’re using and end up with green troll hair as a result. Or they may have unpredictable allergic reactions to skin products and puff up like a blow fish. Perhaps these are extreme cases, but things do happen. Check out the story of the Roanoke nail salon customer whose encounter with liquid methyl methacrylate (MMA) led to a heavily publicized lawsuit. If you own your own salon or spa, it could happen to you. To protect yourself from financial disaster, you’ll need liability insurance.

Liability Insurance Basics: What Do You Need?

If a client sues you, he or she can make various types of claims. A general liability policy covers compensation for bodily injury, pain and suffering, emotional distress and medical expenses. These plans may also protect you from libel and slander. If you provide services outside of your business property, you’ll need coverage for potential property damage. Professional liability insurance, also called errors and omissions insurance, covers negligence and malpractice claims. If you sell your own products, product liability insurance protects you from losing money because of a product that causes injury or property damage. Choosing an insurance carrier and a commercial package can be complicated. Be sure to shop around to find the best coverage at the best rates. When you’re ready to set up your shop, talk to other beauty professionals in your area who may be able to help. The U.S. Small Business Administration also offers useful tips and advice about buying commercial insurance.

Let Creative Images Prepare You for Your Future

Hopefully, most cosmetology professionals start their careers with the right education and hands-on training that ensures their insurance premiums don’t skyrocket within a year or two. If you want to learn how to style hair, apply makeup, perform spa treatments and beautify nails safely and without causing preventable injury, Creative Images in Dayton, OH, is your answer. With three distinct areas of study and training that give you the experience of working in a high-end salon, you’ll learn everything you need for a rewarding career. Contact us today to learn how we can shape your future as a positive force in the beauty industry.

Appealing to the Green Crowd: Fifteen Tips for a Greener Salon

If you’ve just graduated from cosmetology school, consider going green


Having an environmentally friendly salon can be a significant advantageIf you’re dreaming of opening your own salon after you graduate from cosmetology school, learning to address environmental concerns can help you in several ways. Many of today’s consumers are concerned about the environment and their own health and safety. Salon customers are growing more aware of how products affect them and how businesses operations affect energy consumption, sustainability and other issues. When these folks visit a wasteful, irresponsible salon, they never come back; even worse, they tell their friends. You don’t want your fledgling business to be known as “that new place that’s destroying the planet.” However, if you show them that you’re engaging in green business practices, you’ll have loyal customers for life. Here are a few ideas to consider.

Fifteen Ways to Make Your Salon Greener

1. Offer and promote natural and organic products.

2. Conduct research on every brand and product you use or sell, so you’ll be aware of any questionable or unsafe ingredients.

3. Educate your clients by providing fact sheets about product lines and manufacturer’s philosophies.

4. Don’t waste water. When it’s not in use, turn it off immediately.

5. Install water-saving devices such as faucet aerators and automatic shut-off valves.

6. Improve ventilation. Both your staff and your clients deserve cleaner air to breathe.

7. Install energy-efficient lighting. Utilize natural light when possible.

8. Buy your decor from thrift shops. It doesn’t have to be boring or old—be creative.

9. Add lots of green plants to help clean the air and create a more natural ambiance.

10. Install ceiling fans. They’re especially helpful in the summer when hair dryers are challenging your air conditioning system’s capacity.

11. If you’re building a stand-alone salon, consult your builder about LEED certification and using recycled or local building materials.

12. Use home-made or environmentally friendly cleaning supplies.

13. Recycle all recyclable materials, and choose recyclable equipment and accessories when available.

14. Announce your intentions. Let the world know you’re going green. It’ll attract the green crowd and build your reputation in the community.

15. Ask for suggestions. A discreet sign asking customers to let you know of ways you could operate a more sustainable business can engage the community and seal your salon’s reputation as an honest, aware and concerned company.

Trust Creative Images to Keep Your Work On-Trend

Before you can make the world a more beautiful and sustainable place, you’ll need a comprehensive education from an accredited beauty school. At Creative Images in Dayton, you can enjoy an affordable full- or part-time schedule that fits your lifestyle. Our curriculum offers everything you’ll need to build your future, including industry insight and customer service expertise. At our campuses, you’ll get to experience what it’s like to apply your creative skills in a high-end salon or spa, so you’ll graduate with confidence and hands-on experience. Contact us today to take the first step towards a rewarding career in cosmetology.

Home-Grown Salon Success: How to Win Over Local Customers

salon dayton

Local clients are essential to the success of any salon, but it can be difficult for new cosmetologists to establish a solid customer base. Thankfully, all it takes to attract local customers is an outgoing personality and dedication to grassroots marketing. While you might not have learned everything there is to know about marketing in cosmetology school, you can certainly apply the lessons you’ve learned about running a business in your classes to the real-world salon environment. Stay focused on assessing and meeting customer needs, and marketing is sure to be a breeze.

Building Local Salon Business

Building business in your local area means getting out into the community and letting potential clients know what you do. One of the best ways to get the word out about your business is to volunteer to sponsor or host a local event. If you sponsor an event, hand out product samples with your business card attached. Give away a few free services if possible so that new customers are encouraged to come into your salon.

You can also offer discounts for customer referrals to encourage your clients to send their friends to you. Either tell your customers about your referral program during their appointments or call them a few days later to talk with them about how they like their haircut, nails or skincare treatment. Touching base with your clients is a great way to show them that you care and encourage them to refer their friends to you.

Another great way to build local business is to act as an ongoing sponsor to a youth sports team or club. Having your salon’s name on a soccer shirt or football jersey can go a long way towards building brand recognition. If you’d like to build a family based clientele, consider giving discounts on your services to team members and their parents.

Making the Most of Marketing Efforts

Once you begin building clientele in the Dayton area, it’s essential that you work hard to keep them happy and to build word-of-mouth business. Ask your customers to fill out comment cards or leave reviews of your salon on popular websites so that you can measure the success of your marketing efforts.

You should also give clients incentives to come back. For example, it’s a good idea to offer daily deals for local customers. Offer discounted services, products or special contests to keep your clients engaged and to ensure that they visit your social networking profiles on a regular basis.

Before you can build a successful salon business, you’ll need to complete a comprehensive, challenging cosmetology education. Call or drop by Creative Images today to learn more about our innovative programs.

Pressure-Free Beauty: Sell Salon & Spa Products With Ease

For stylists and salon owners, selling retail hair and skincare products is a great way to realize profits and improve the client experience. However, many stylists are simply uncomfortable with selling retail products. Many feel like they’re being too pushy when they suggest new products, and others may be worried that clients are annoyed when they ask about products. While selling salon and spa products can be a challenge, a little sales savvy goes a long way towards making the process easier.

Selling Products Without Pressure

Many stylists and cosmetologists choose beauty school because they love working with the public and helping clients feel their most beautiful. Unfortunately, there’s more to a successful cosmetology career than taking care of hair and makeup in the salon. It’s also important to help your clients take care of their skin and hair at home with the right products.

The key to offering products to clients without seeming pushy is knowing how and when to suggest a new shampoo or face mask. Use the following approaches to get comfortable with selling products:

• Talk to your clients about the products that you’re using to create a certain look or style.

• Talk to your clients about the types of products they use, being sensitive to the fact that budget is a big concern for many.

• Remind clients who have their hair dyed or otherwise treated that specialty products can help extend the life of their look.

• Point out sales and special promotions, even to customers who don’t usually buy products.

• Institute a punch-card reward system to encourage your clients to buy salon and spa products from you.

Knowing Which Products Match Which Clients

Nothing is more important to selling retail products in your salon than understanding client needs. Selling products isn’t just about promoting the lines that your salon offers. It’s also about empowering your clients to create the looks that they want at home. By asking your clients if they can create their dream styles at home, you open the door to talking about products without any pressure.

Walk your clients through the steps they’ll take to create a given look on their own. As you do so, explain what products you’re using and why you’re using them. Clients in the greater Dayton area are more likely to purchase products from you if you can demonstrate that they have value above and beyond their brand label.

Learning how to sell salon and spa products is just one of many skills that you’ll need to master in order to become a successful cosmetologist. Learn how to build a successful career by calling or stopping by Creative Images today.

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