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Recommending Hairstyles Based on Clothing Styles

Matching client fashion to an amazing ‘do

Remember to consider a client's dress style when recommending cutsHelping clients choose flattering hairstyles is one of the most important skills you’ll need to master as a cosmetologist. Of course, ensuring that hairstyles meet client needs is about more than showing your customers photos of hair models in magazines; it’s also about knowing how to match hairstyles to different clothing styles for the most polished appearance possible.

Using Client Fashion to Guide Hairstyles

When you first meet new clients, you take time to get to know what they need in a hairdo and what kinds of styles they like. As you talk with your clients about what kind of style they want, remember to carefully evaluate their own personal sense of style. Ask your clients how they dress on a daily basis. Using this information to help clients choose hairstyles that meet their needs will help you get ahead in the field of cosmetology.

For clients who spend most of their time in professional environments, choose sleek hairstyles that look polished. Good choices include low twists, buns or fishtail braids. Take client jobs into account before recommending hairstyles, too. For instance, a woman who works in a warehouse environment likely needs a hairstyle that she can wear up or down, not one that she is stuck blow drying and curling every morning.

For clients who tend to spend most of their time in more casual environments, go for easy-to-do styles such as ponytails, simple braids and chignon knots. Avoid hair that must be slicked back as it tends to look more formal. Be sure to ask your clients about how they spend their free time so that you can help them make great hair choices for work and play.

If you need to help your clients choose hairstyles for formal events, remember to consider the complexity and adornment of the outfit to be worn before recommending a style. If your client is going to wear a heavily beaded gown, it’s best to opt for a simple hairstyle. If your client is going to wear a simple pantsuit, consider a more elaborate style.

Helping Your Clients Choose the Right Hairstyle

You can also help clients choose a look based on whether they favor vintage or modern styles. For clients who dress retro, choose era-appropriate hairstyles that can be recreated at home with ease. For clients who prefer modern styles, choose versatile hairdos that offer styling options for both professional and casual environments.

Building a successful client base in the Dayton area means being able to help your clients stay fashionable. Call or drop by Creative Images today to learn more about our innovative cosmetology programs.

How to Defeat a Time Warp

Your cosmetology expertise will help clients look and feel their bestWhen your clients are stuck in the 1980s and ‘90s, it’s up to you to show them how trying a new style can be just what they need to look younger, prettier and all-around fabulous.

Whether your specialty is in hair, makeup or skin care, your job as a beauty technician is to make every client look and feel her best in a way that showcases your work in a positive light. While many women will happily put themselves into your hands, others won’t be as quick to embrace change. When you think that your client would look stunning with a new hairdo, here’s how to break the news without coming off as pushy or making her feel uncomfortable.

1. Offer free consultations. Doing a quick consultation before you get to work isn’t just a great way to add value to your services, it can be the perfect opportunity to encourage a hesitant client to try a new, more flattering style. Check out the basic consultation guide from Salon Today for a rundown of questions that should be on every serious stylist’s to-do list.

2. Be open to her ideas. Insisting that your client should trust you without listening to her concerns is the fastest way to lose her business for good. The consultation should be a two-way discussion that blends both of your ideas into one custom design. The goal is to be friendly and encouraging. Your client should never feel like you’re talking over her or not paying attention to her needs.

3. Don’t use negative words. If your client’s hair makes her look like she just stepped out of a time machine, don’t tell her that her style is outdated and out of sync with current trends. You’ll get further if you ignore what you think needs changing and focus on talking about the perks of trying a new style. Terms like flattering, low maintenance, youthful, glowing, natural, healthy and vibrant are all effective keywords for selling a new look without upsetting your client by telling her that she needs a major makeover.

4. Take advantage of salon style books. Even if you do a phenomenal job describing a look that you think is just right for your fashion-challenged client, she might have trouble visualizing the end result without pictures. With style books on hand, you can instantly show her what you had in mind. Just remember to base your advice on models with the same skin tone and features as your client.

Want to learn more strategies for taking your career to the next level? Contact Creative Images by phone or through our convenient online form to learn how attending our Dayton cosmetology school can help you reach your highest potential.

Gel vs. Acrylic: Clients Rely on Your Knowledge

The decision between gel and acrylic nails can involve more than just aestheticsGetting a professional manicure is an almost instant way to boost self-esteem. If you’re a nail technician, you can deliver sunnier dispositions every day using a variety of premium services and products such as acrylic and gel nails. Both are beautiful and last long, but they’re completely different products that contain different compounds. One thing you should never overlook is how each type of nail service could potentially affect a client’s health. If someone suffers physical symptoms or discomfort because of a manicure, you’ll probably lose her business. In worst-case scenarios, you could even face a lawsuit. That’s why it’s so important to really know your products and to ask the right questions.

Acrylic Nail Health Considerations

• Acrylic nails can potentially damage nail beds, and this can encourage bacterial and fungal nail infections. Not only are these embarrassing and ugly, they may require extensive medical treatment. In people with diabetes, poor immune function or circulatory problems, a nail infection can be serious.

• Applying acrylic nails involves strong chemical fumes, and there’s no way for the client to completely escape them. While most people find the fumes annoying or nauseating, people who have asthma or other respiratory illnesses could become very sick after excessive exposure. An asthma attack can be frightening and even fatal.

• Many doctors advise pregnant women to avoid having acrylic nails applied until after their first trimester. Inhaling the chemicals may not be safe during pregnancy.

Gel Nail Health Considerations

• Gel polish lacks the powerful chemical smell of acrylic products, but the removal process is hard on weakened nails. Soaking the fingers in acetone can dry out the skin and nails, and encourage the growth of bacteria and fungi. Clients who desire frequent color changes may be happier with traditional nail polish than the repeated soaking and filing required to remove gel products.

• Some dermatologists warn against the UV exposure obtained during the gel nail hardening process. This may be especially concerning for clients with a history of cancer. Using a broad-spectrum sunscreen that protects the skin from UV-A and UV-B rays is advisable.

Communicating with your clients about the above considerations not only prevents adverse health reactions and the subsequent possibility of lawsuits, it establishes you as a knowledgeable and attentive expert, which will build trust over time and lead to future business.

Creative Images Helps You Become a Nail Technician in Seven Weeks

Other Dayton schools offer combined cosmetology and nail tech training, but at Creative Images Institute of Cosmetology, we offer a completely separate, seven-week training course with a licensed nail technician educator. You’ll learn advanced techniques in a hands-on environment so you can give your future clients the flawless nails of their dreams in a day spa or high-profile salon setting. Our three areas of study and our part-time and full-time enrollment options make it easy for you to start building your career. Contact us today to learn more.

Best Green Makeup Products of 2014

Some of today’s best-selling beauty products are full of industrial chemicals, hormone disruptors and other dangerous synthetics. Find out which eco-friendly brands are your best bet for making the switch to a healthier care routine this year.

Out of all the big players in the green revolution, the beauty industry is lagging far behind electronics, food and even energy solutions. From toxic preservatives to artificial coloring agents, many of the formulas that line store shelves across the nation are packed with potentially dangerous chemicals and environmental pollutants. Fortunately, things aren’t as bleak as they seem at first glance. While we’d love to see more green choices in the near future, the brands below get our vote for this year’s best green makeup and beauty buys.

Burt’s Bees

Burt’s Bees may be one of the oldest pioneers of eco-friendly skin care, but thanks to the company’s ever-expanding line of products, we think it still deserves a spot as one of today’s most innovative natural brands. Whether it’s putting out sustainable packaging or sourcing all-natural ingredients, the team behind Burt’s Bees is committed to developing products that benefit both our health and our environment.

Nothing Nasty

Although Nothing Nasty is a relatively newcomer to the beauty industry, the company is already making waves as a great alternative to chemical-reliant labels. Just as the name implies, Nothing Nasty makes all-natural products that are simple, effective and totally healthy.


It’s important for skin care products to be both carefully formulated and effective. Bioelements offers a full range of beauty formulas that address a variety of skin concerns and feature some of the world’s most powerful natural ingredients. Take a look at Bioelements’ product page here to learn more about the importance of taking a natural approach to skin care.

Alba Botanica

Like Burt’s Bees and Bioelements, Alba Botanica specializes in natural hair and skin care. From emollient body lotions to styling sprays, all Alba Botanica formulas are made with organic ingredients and herbal extracts. Add to that the fact that Alba Botanica is a big advocate of putting an end to animal cruelty, and you have a brand that everyone can get behind.

Physician’s Formula

Available in most neighborhood pharmacies and priced just right, Physician’s Formula is a great starting point for trying eco-friendly makeup without blowing your budget. With one-of-a-kind products that run the gamut from mood-boosting powder bronzers to needle-free lip plumpers, Physician’s Formula is the eco-friendly girl’s answer to glamorous style.

Interested in making an impact on the green beauty market in Dayton? Creative Images has your back. Visit our website or call us today to find out how joining our advanced cosmetology school can help you launch your dream career.

Can Your Previous Career Help You in Cosmetology School?

cosmetology daytonMaking the switch to a cosmetology career can be one of the most exciting and frightening times in your life. There’s no doubt that you’re eager to start a career in the world of beauty, but you might also worry about whether or not you have the skills you’ll need to succeed in this industry. Thankfully, many of the skills you’ve mastered in your previous career can be translated to your cosmetology career too.

Identifying Your Transferable Skills

Recruiters and employment professionals are all abuzz about transferable skills, or skills learned in one profession that can be used in another. These skills are seen as particularly desirable because they’re built on both experience and flexibility. After all, the ability to use an old skill in a new position demonstrates to your clients and potential employers that you’re competent and experienced.

The first step in harnessing the power of your transferable skills is to identify them. Sit down and list out four or five key skills that you had to master in order to succeed in your last job. You might identify skills such as providing customer service, completing inventory or doing basic accounting. These types of skills can easily be translated from industry to industry and should always be included in the skills section of your resume.

What Skills Best Benefit Cosmetologists?

Students in the greater Dayton area who are looking forward to new careers in cosmetology will benefit from identifying the skills needed for success in a salon-based career. Some skills needed in the profession are learned in cosmetology school, but others can be mastered in other job positions. Focus on emphasizing and developing the following skills in order to enjoy success in your new career as a cosmetologist.

Among the most important skills a cosmetologist can master is serious customer service savvy. After all, the satisfaction of your clients is key to your success. If you’ve already learned how to work with customers in a retail or service environment, you’ll be particularly well prepared for work as a cosmetologist.

Another essential skill is good time management. The ability to manage your time effectively as a cosmetologist is crucial to staying on schedule and ensuring that your clients aren’t irritated by long wait times. Of course, being able to complete basic inventory and bookkeeping tasks is also important. Many cosmetologists rent stations and are self-employed. It’s essential that you keep track of business finances to make smart investment and tax decisions.

At Creative Images, we’re proud to provide the best in cosmetology education to students from many different career backgrounds. Visit or call today to learn more about our innovative cosmetology programs.

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