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Places You Can Use Your Beauty Degree


Ever wondered about cool places that you can use your beauty degree? Here are a few of the many options of places that you can go with your degree from Creative Images.

  1. Hotels, Resorts, Cruise Ships- Working at a hotel is very similar to working behind the chair at a salon, but with a slightly different clientele. If you are working on cruise ships, or in hotels and resorts, you’ll be working with men and women who are taking a vacation or traveling for business. This will bring opportunities for you to meet different people from all around the world.
  2. Fashion Industry- Ever wondered what it was like behind the scenes during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. You could be there yourself! You’ll be styling models’ hair for photo shoots and runways. You will definitely need to get creative and take risks in order to become a real trendsetter to succeed in the fashion industry.
  3. Platform Artists- Platform artists are cosmetologists who travel the world and work on stage at various beauty shows and high profile industry events. You will be demonstrating to audiences the newest techniques and products on stage with live models. I you don’t mind working in front of a crowd and love teaching, then this is the best job for you.
  4. TV/Film- When working in TV and film you’ll be responsible for making sure the actors and actresses look flawless every time they step on set. If you love styling based on the time periods and working on special events, this is perfect for you!
  5. Theatre- Working in theatre is very similar to working in TV and film. You will be doing theatrical hair and makeup that must withstand long performances, stage lights and large audiences.

We hope that this has you think about all the places an education in beauty can take. Check out Creative Images to help you get there! Also don’t forget to look back to here to see cool blog posts.

Where are some places that a career in beauty can take you?

Cosmetology Program

At Creative Images, in Dayton, Ohio, we have all the tools you need to start your successful career in cosmetology! From our patented training techniques, to the products and tools used in professional salons, we set you up to take the knowledge you’ve learned and the skills you’ve acquired at Creative Images, and turn it into an excellent career that will put you ahead of the rest! Our Instructors are here to give you all the help and guidance you need and really care about your dreams and goals.

All About Creative Images

Here at Creative Images Beauty School, in Dayton Ohio, we want you to express yourself, and to learn from the absolute best! Creative Images provides professional training in hair, skincare and nails. Our highly skilled instructors will teach you using our patented and exclusive training techniques to give you hands on and visual training as well as giving excellent customer service to your clients. If you’re passionate, dedicated, and charismatic then you belong at Creative Images beauty school!

Pantone’s Color of the Year: How to Wear It

In December of last year, Pantone announced the official Color of the Year for 2015 and it is Marsala. Marsala was named after the Marsala wine and is described as a naturally robust and earthy wine red.” This is a very elegant color that can make for a gorgeous statement color on its own as well as a beautiful accent color.

Marsala has very earthy and reddish-brown vibe to it so it adds a very fall feeling throughout the year. Since this is a little different in comparison to the other colors of the year, here are a few ways that you can incorporate Marsala into your style and wardrobe this year.

Fashion: Marsala would be a very beautiful color to wear as either an accent color or as a statement color. If you would like to wear Marsala as an accent color, it would be a perfect nail polish, or jewelry color.

If you plan on wearing Marsala as a statement color, then finding pieces such as blazers, tops, trousers, and shoes will add a nice touch to your outfit. Be mindful to pick only a few items to wear at a time.

Makeup: A lot of different brands have released Marsala colored products that are suitable for any skin tone. There are plenty of eyeshadows, lip colors, and blushes that have been made with Marsala in mind. When wearing a neutral makeup look, a pop of this color will be perfect for any occasion!

We hope that you enjoys reading about 2015’s Pantone’s Color of the Year. Check out Creative Images every week for more awesome blog posts. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook for updates and information and events we’ll be having!

Leave us a comment telling us how you’ll be wearing Marsala this year!

“Creative Images is a great school. All the Educators are very family oriented and I felt this was a privilege for me to be here.  I’ve learned a great deal of information that I can apply to my everyday life.” – Carina Mejia

Creative Images – The Welcoming Experience

At Creative Images, in Dayton, Ohio, we want your experience to be a great one! Our Facilities include all you need for training in Hair, Nails, Skincare, and Massage. The students practice on each other to hone their skills and move on to real clients when they’re ready. We set you ahead by having to work with clients so you’re prepared to work on the floor and be personable.

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