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Spring In to the Season with these Lip Colors


Spring is finally here, and I couldn’t be more excited than I already am. I love the warm weather and the countdown for summer is fresh on my mind. I also take this time to try out new things with my makeup, so here are a few lip colors to test out for yourself this season!

  1. Pinks- Pink is definitely a staple for the spring time. Just like any other color, there are a few shades that look the best during this time of year. Carnations and magentas scream spring time. To add a little more dimension to your lips, you can use a purple lip liner to create an ombre effect.
  2. Browns- Spring 2015 is the perfect time to wear your favorite mauvey brown color. It suites any skin tone and is becoming an all year round trend. This lip will go perfectly with any look from the smoky to the most neutral.
  3. Red- Reds are appropriate year round. However, there are a few differences between a spring red and a fall red. Spring reds tend to be more on the orange side and fall reds are usually more blue undertone. This can be a beautiful pop of color to any outfit. Note: Makeup has no rules, so wear whatever suites you.
  4. Nudes/ Neutrals- Just like reds, nudes and neutrals can be worn all throughout the year. During spring time, you can use nudes and neutral colors to break up the intense color that you might wear.

I hope you all enjoyed reading about these amazing lip colors to try out this spring! Try a few and let us know how it goes.

All About Creative Images

At Creative Images located in Dayton, Ohio, we would love for you to learn from the absolute best and express your creativity. Here at Creative images, we offer a fun and positive environment for our students to enjoy their learning and hone in on their own individual fashion and creativity. Creative Images loves passion and we want to keep you interested in what you are learning.

It is much more than hair skincare and nails here at Creative Images, it is about learning the absolute customer service, and training for the best quality professionalism in your field. We take your education seriously with our innovative teaching techniques that are a hybrid of hands on experience and visual learning. Repetition to create familiarity of skills needed is also a big part of our curriculum, so your education is in the best hands. Our educated professionals show you the many techniques you need through hands on and visual learning as opposed to strictly book work. We have one of the largest training kits in the nation that provide you with all of the tools to help you practice in order to be the best professional possible. What you learn here at Creative Images you will use every day in the actual work place. Creative Images offers you the most advanced training with the best professional product lines and caring teachers that will help you succeed in your career.

Creative Images has a plethora of extracurricular events that broaden your horizons. These events include hair shows, charity events, and showcases. These opportunities give you a dimensional, well-rounded education that is necessary for success.

Prom Trends from the Red Carpet

We are quickly approaching prom season and this can be a very stressful time if you’re not prepared. Prom for high school is equivalent to the Academy Awards for Hollywood’s elite. Here are a few ideas for prom attire straight from this years awards.


  1. Jewels/Texture– Jewels on dresses was a beautiful eye catcher in this years Awards. Emma Stone wore an Elie Saab dress and Lupita Nyong’o was in a beautiful pearl covered Calvin Klein Collection dress. It is your dress, as well as our jewelry, which keeps the look simple on the rest of the look.white-dress
  2. White– White is a color that can suit any look you want, from super feminine and chic, to pretty and romantic, either which are absolutely perfect for prom. Lupita actually fit into both the white dress category as well as the jewels category. Reese Witherspoon also looked flawless in a white and black Tom Ford dress. Simple yet elegant was definitely a big theme for this years awards.
  3. Black– Black as well as white are super chic and can be paired with a bold and daring makeup look that’s perfect for prom. Cate Blanchett in Maison Margiela Couture dress, and Sienna Miller in Oscar de la Renta are great examples of this amazing look. If black isn’t something you would want to wear, you can definitely substitute it with a navy blue or an olive noticed this year that there was an elegant and refreshing basic, red, white, and black color scheme to the Awards that was absolutely beautiful. The theme surrounding this year’s Academy Awards definitely made it possible for everyone, including prom participants to recreate without breaking the bank.chic-black-dress

    I hope this gives you and your clients an idea for their prom looks this season. Which do you think was the best look from this years Academy Awards show? Let us know!






The Welcome Experience

home-slider-discover-successAt Creative Images we strive to make your experience with us an amazing one! Located in Dayton, Ohio, we offer the training to allow you the best education possible when you leave our facilities. Creative Images has all the training you will need in areas like massage, skin care, hair and nails. You will learn the newest and most exciting trends that clients look for, as well as knowledge of the products that you will be working with.

We have trained and experienced professionals who give you a hands on learning experience about your craft. Learning in a fun and exciting environment will make your time with us very enjoyable.

Unlike others, Creative Images offers charity events, field trips, and friendly competitions as well as other fun activities. We will assure you that you have mastered all of the skills you will need in our spa area where you will get actual experience before receiving your own clients.

Creative Images offers hands on, real world application this will help you become much more comfortable and confident in your skills learned with us. From actual practice with your classmates you will have a bigger advantage after graduation by already being comfortable working on clients. The goal of Creative Images is to prepare you for a prosperous career in cosmetology!

Our students have the best training and will offer you amazing service. With everything from students with the best training, to aromatherapy and soothing music, we hope that you come and enjoy your time at Creative Images, we would love to have you!

Bad Beauty Habits to Break

Each and every day we make bad beauty decisions, but some of them are more detrimental than others.

Here are some of the beauty habits that we need to break immediately!

Skipping Washing Your Face

Why:  I know washing off your makeup before bed can be really hard to do especially when everything is going on and you’re super tired, but it is a really bad beauty habit that you have to break. Going to bed with a clean face is extremely important to helping keep your skin clean and clear.

How to break this habit: Keep a pack of makeup remover wipes near your bed so if you do get in bed with it on, you can remove it before you fall asleep. Make sure in the morning you wash your face with a great cleanser to make sure your skin is clear from all of yesterday’s makeup.

Not Cleaning Your Makeup Brushes

Why: To happily trail behind #1, washing makeup brushes can be almost as depressing as looking at a receipt from your latest makeup binge. However, neglecting to wash your makeup brushes can do more harm than you think. Bacteria and even mold can get in between the hairs and fibers of your brushes and find their way onto your face. Good thing is, brushes only used on powder products can be washed less frequently than those with cream, gel and liquid products. Also, using dirty brushes with your makeup and face is a never ending cycle of breakouts. Totally unwanted.

How to break this habit: Make it a date to wash your brushes every weekend. Think of it as doing the laundry. Tedious, but needed.

Moisturizing Your Face

Why: Regardless of your skin type, you should always put moisture back into your face. Everyday life can be quite harsh on the skin, especially the face, which is always exposed to the elements. Some moisturizers have components that prevent water loss, which is a big help if you struggle to drink water (like myself). Moisturizing your face has shown many positive long term effects as well. It keeps the skin performing in its prime for much longer. It also helps prevent the oncoming of wrinkles.

Remember, hydrated skin is healthy and beautiful skin.

How to break this habit: The best way to break the habit, is to make a better habit out of it. Keep a moisturizer in your bathroom as well as on your bedside in case you forgot before getting in bed.

Missing the Sunscreen

Why: Sunscreen is an important part of good skin care. Without sunscreen, you leave your skin bare to sunspots, discolored spots on your skin, and even skin cancer. Exposure to the sun’s UVA and UVB rays can also bring on premature wrinkles, and let’s face it. Who wants those?

How to break this beauty habit: Try incorporating SPF into products that you already use, such as your moisturizer or in your foundation.

Note: Try not to use too many products with SPF when taking photos. SPF in large amounts will show a cast in photography.

I hope you find this guide helpful to you. Getting rid of bad beauty habits is a great way to start off your year, and to get you on the way to making better health decisions.

What are some of your bad beauty habits?


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