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How to Fake A Restful Night

sleepAs the daylight grows longer and the temperature rises it becomes easy to spend what used to be snuggling time, out with friends enjoying the weather.

  1. Washing Your Face with Cold Water – Cold water is the easiest, most natural way to wake up in a hurry. It will also tighten the skin and reduce swelling to give you the appearance of having a wonderful night’s sleep.
  2. A Cold Spoon – A cold spoon is the greatest was to depuff the eyes. Just put a spoon in the refrigerator or freezer the night before to cool it down for you. Another alternative to a cold spoon can be cucumbers or tea bags.
  3. Makeup – Concealer is the first thing we always do when we haven’t slept much the night before. Concealer covers everything from dark circles to blemishes. This also cuts down on foundation that you would need. Days like this we usually just a BB cream, eyebrows and mascara and call it a day.

We hope these things can help you out this spring and summer, or any night that you didn’t get as much sleep as you would like!

Components of a Good Portfolio

good-portfolioJust as you always being your tools, you should always bring your portfolio. A portfolio is an essential piece of equipment for anyone with a career in cosmetology. It contains all of the information to sell your skills without you having to say a word.

Educational Background- Your educational background as well as any certificates that you have would be very essential to your portfolio. These documents show employers that you are legally qualified to work and the training that you have.

Reviews and Testimonials- The testimonials and reviews that you receive from your clients, coworkers, and salon owners are very important additions to your portfolio.

Clients of Note and/or Partnerships- Working with celebrities or well known people can bring potential clients your way and provide opportunities to work with more celebrities. Using celebrity names or brands as marketing tools works a lot better than you think.

Organization- An organized portfolio is something that you should always have. It shows that you took time to choose the things placed in it and that you take pride in, not only your work, but yourself.

Styling Diversity- Pictures with descriptions show the range of variety in styling that you have. Take this time to showcase your abilities and show your true capabilities. The more diversity your portfolio has, the more clients you’ll get.

How to: Winged Eyeliner

winged-eyelinerWing eyeliner is a timeless eyeliner look that will always be around. It is something that can be worn with any look, regardless of style preferences or season. The first time that I attempted wing eyeliner I strongly resembled a panda bear, so I am writing this super easy guide to making it easier for you.

First you have to get the right tools for the job, and I use a gel eyeliner and an angled eyeliner brush. You can use a liquid eyeliner if you want, but I find it a little harder to control. I didn’t start using liquid eyeliner for a couple of months after I mastered wing eyeliner.


  1. Start with a thin line across your eyelid. When doing a winged eyeliner, you want to take your time and be patient with it. Start with a thin line to avoid it becoming too thick too fast.
  1. Begin to sketch your wing from the outer part of your lower lash line. Make short, quick strokes as if you were extending out your lower lash line. Once it is to your liking, make it bolder.
  1. Connect it back to your upper lash line. Drag your brush or applicator from the tip of the wing back to your eyelid.
  1. Fill in the blank space. Make short strokes to fill in the rest of the empty space of your wing.
  1. Make the finishing touches. This is the time to make it bolder if you wish and make everything look crisp and clean!

Top Fashion and Beauty Trends for Spring

Draw some inspiration from the latest spring trends so you can let your inner fashion goddess come out to play. Here are some of the top fashion and beauty trends to seal your stylish look.

Bring Out Your 70s Fashion

70s-fashionSpring 2015 runways looked straight out of the 70s with their patchwork designs, platforms and color scheme that included earthy as well as jewel tones. Make it work for you by being subtle with it. If you like jumpsuits, consider one in a retro, utilitarian style. If you want to bring in eye-catching touches, do so in small doses such as by wearing a printed skinny scarf or patchwork handbag.

Makeup Tip: Wear makeup that evokes the spirit of the 70s while still being subtle. Little touches go a long way, such as in the form of earthy eye shadow tones and winged eyeliner.

Get White Hot

White is still holding onto its place in the fashion trends this year. Although it’s not always practical (especially if you have dogs or kids), head-to-toe white looks breezy and fresh, just perfect for the hot months. You can make it edgy with suede accents or bring in feminine touches, such as with lace.

Makeup Tip: Alien-inspired beauty. This year sci-fi beauty in the form of arrow eyeliner and wearing neon shades on your eyes is all the rage. Wearing this trend will make your white outfits pop!

Tap into Your Inner Ballerina

makeup-tipThe whole pretty ballerina look takes centre stage this season, so wear delicate colors such as soft pinks, and fabrics like chiffon. You want it to look light yet striking. Flowing dresses are a great way to look stylish while still feeling comfortable this season, or steal a stylish note from Givenchy and team up tough leather with your frilly pinks for contrast.

Makeup Tip: Neutral tones work well here. Accentuate your bone structure with contouring to highlight your jawline and cheekbones. Think spring flush with soft blush on your cheeks. If you want to accentuate your lips, choose berry shades. These deep hues are a spring 2015 staple but what you want to do is soften the look around the edges so that they give you a stained lip effect.

Dream in Denim

Keep your denim looking polished and flattering as this is the name of the game this season. Get your black jeans tailored so that they look chic when teamed with jackets and combine dungarees with Bohemian-styled elements to personalize the look.

Makeup Tip: Opt for teaming denim with the brown eyeshadow trend this season. It works for day or night, giving you an earthy yet chic look. Got a day function to which you’re wearing a cut-out denim dress? Go for touches of chocolate on your eyes to keep it stylish yet natural. As for a night out when you’re wearing a dark denim suit, choose bronze to spark the earthy brown to life.

Hello Yellow!

Puttinghello-yellow soft pastels and darker hues aside for a second, bright yellow is in fashion this year. Before you buy the first yellow item that attracts you, make sure it’s the right shade for your skin. You need to take your skin’s undertone into consideration.

Look in the mirror while holding up a sheet of white paper. If your skin looks a little yellow against the paper, you have a warm skin undertone. If it looks a little blue-hued, you have a cold tone. Bold and bright yellows look amazing on warm tones, while skin tones with a cool undertone will look great in yellows that have a bit of a green or blue tone to complement them.

Makeup Tip: Wear yellow with lilac. Although it might seem too much, they contrast each other nicely to make your look striking. Consider the type of yellow you’re wearing, though. If it’s pastel, you want to have a summery color on your eyes or lips, such as lilac, to make it more vibrant. If you’re wearing a bold or canary yellow, tone down your makeup so that your look isn’t too harsh. Softer tones, such as gold and caramel, work well.

Get a spring in your step with the latest trends to keep your fashion choices coming up roses.

How to Pack Your Prom Clutch

Beautiful smiling fun latina womanBeing that we’re in the middle of prom season, this is the perfect time to talk about prom packing.

What good is it to look absolutly flawless and in the middle of prom have an emergency? That’s why I’m here to help.

Here are a few things that are great to have with you during your prom, or formal event:

  1. Oil absorbing sheets- If you have oily skin or sweat a lot, oil absorbing sheets will save your life. It will remove all of that excess oil on your face, and get you camera ready quickly.
  2. Band aids- Band aids can cure everything from a blister to a corsage-failure during prom. Expect the unexpected and be prepared for everything.
  3. Bobby pins- Although a can of hairspray may have been your secret weapon for your amazing hair, dancing and having fun can be quite a match. Keeping a couple of bobby pins can save your hair for the night.
  4. Safety pin- Prom is a huge event for all who attend, and wardrobe malfunctions can ruin the fun. Stick a couple of safety pins in your clutch to be prepared.
  5. Cash- You never know what kinds of situations may arise at prom. Always carry a couple of dollars in cash to be on the safe side and avoid borrowing from a friend.
  6. Extra makeup- All of the fun that you’ll be having may need a little touch up once or twice. Don’t forget your lipstick and a little eyeliner.

Even if you don’t need it during the night, if would be amazing if you could help someone else out.

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