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How to Get Your Skin Spring Ready

springGetting your skin ready for the spring and summer weather can be done in less than 4 steps! Here are 4 easy steps to get you and your skin ready for the spring and summer:

  1. Exfoliation – Exfoliating is the best way to get rid of the dry and rough skin that you had during the summer. You should use a gentle formula and moisturize well afterwards.
  2. Sunscreen – You should definitely buy a new sunscreen from the one you used last year. Just like makeup, sunscreen and moisturizer has an expiration date. This will lessen its effectiveness to protect your skin against the sun.
  1. Hair removal – Hair removal is one of the least talked about parts of warmer weather. With the shorts and dresses that you’ll be wearing, you’ll want to follow your usual hair removal technique. If you don’t have a technique, then you should definitely seek professional help, if you are in the Ohio area, you should definitely check out Creative Images Edu. for help.
  2. Drink tons of water – Not drinking enough water definitely has its affects on your skin. It makes skin look less vibrant and saggy, which is not what we want for our skin. Drink up!

3 Fun Beauty Terms

beautyFrom TV, to YouTube, to social media, there have been more than a few terms that have been created. If you a curious to know what a few of them mean, you are definitely in the right place.


Definition: Cake is the makeup that you place on your face. Not to be confused with cakey, which is bad.
Use: “All this cake is not going to waste. Let’s take a picture for Snapchat.”


Definition: When you set a cream or a liquid and don’t immediately brush it off. This adds extra setting power.
Use: “I’m going to let my under eye concealer bake while I do my eyebrows.”


Definition: Makeup that is done very nicely.
Use: “Her face is beat to the makeup heavens!”

Bonus: Fleek

Definition: When something looks good; on point.
Use: “Her eyebrows are definitely on fleek!”

Liquid Lipstick Trend: Who All Has It? And How Do I Wear It?

liquidlipstickWithin the past couple of months, liquid lipsticks have taken the beauty world by storm. Everyone seems like they’re coming out with a liquid lipstick and so I have listed below a few companies that have liquid lipsticks. The prices will be listed as well as a couple of their most popular shades.

  1. Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipsticks $20 – Pure Hollywood, Milkshake, American Doll
  2. Dose Of Colors Matte Lipsticks $18 – Berry Me, Merlot, Kiss of Fire
  3. NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams $6 – Copenhagen, Transylvania, Morocco
  4. Lime Crime Velvetines $20 – Pansy, Utopia, Red Velvet
  5. Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Matte Lip Tar $18 – Black Dahlia, Stalker, Anime
  6. Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipsticks $20 – Lolita, Backstage Bambi, Vampira
  7. Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipsticks $22 – Fiery, Beso, Patina

With all of these companies carrying all different kinds of lipsticks, you must research and try them for yourself to decide which ones are worth purchasing.

What is a liquid lipstick?
Liquid lipsticks are a hybrid of their own; it isn’t a lipstick and it isn’t a lip gloss. Liquid lipsticks have the lasting power of a traditional lipstick, but the comfortability and moisture of a lipgloss. They often have moisturizing features that traditional matte lipsticks lack. These typically tend to come in many different colors from nudes nad neutrals to fiery reds and purples. Liquid lipsticks are perfect for an all day or all night affair, at either work or out on the town. They don’t require a lot of touch up and reapplication.

How do you wear a liquid lipstick?
Being that this is such a huge thing in beauty, learning how to wear liquid lipsticks is a must. First thing, with any lip product, you should always exfoliate your lips with either a lip scrub, or a wash towel and warm water. Exfoliating your lips before applying a liquid lipstick makes all of the difference in the outcome of your lips. You definitely dont want dry, cracked lips underneath a matte and drying liquid listick. Matte finishes always accentuate some of the very imperfections in yor lips that you dont want seen. Exfoliation can absolutely prevent that. Its best to apply a liquid lipstick on moisturized, but not sticky, lips.

To apply a liquid lipstick, use a lipliner to trace your lips, then use the applicator to apply the lipstick. Wait a little bit in between layers to ahieve a more opaque look. However, stick to no more than two layers to prevent a super sticky feel. If you dont like the matte look, but would like the staying power of a liquid lipstick, you can add a little gloss on top of the liquid lipstick.

Links to Products:

Anastasia Bevely Hills

Dose of Colors


Lime Crime

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics

Kat Von D


How to Transform a Look from Day to Night

transformAfter a long day at work, sometimes you just want to go out and have a little fun! Daytime makeup and outfits are a little different from their nighttime counterparts, so here’s a way to quickly change your look from daytime to nighttime with what you already have!

Daytime makeup tends to be a little lighter and less prominent. Evening makeup is usually a little darker and a lot smokier and sultry.



  1. Change your lip color – This is one of the easiest ways to take a look from day to night. If you wear a nude during the day, change it up with a red or a bold purple.
  2. Deepen the crease – Adding a darker color in the crease and outer V of your eyes will add a lot more dimension to the eyes. Note: Try to limit the boldness to either the lips or the eyes.
  3. Smoke out the lash line – Taking a brown color to your lower lash line is the quickest way to smoke out a look and add a sexier look to the eyes. Load up on the bottom lash mascara and you’ll be ready in no time!


  1. Change your jacket – Switching from a cardigan to a sleek blazer takes your look from work to sophisticated night on the town instantly!
  2. Changing your accessories – Changing your stud earrings for hoops is a great way to start. Also changing your purse is pretty quick as well. A clutch and a great pair of pumps screams fun!
  3. Switch shoes – Changing your shoes from conservative pumps to sexy stilettos is super easy and fun for changing into the night time.

5 Steps for A Flawless Face

flawless-faceWho doesn’t wish that they woke up like Beyoncé? Well, since we all don’t get that privilege, here’s a few steps to getting a flawless face of makeup.

Step No. 1 – Prep your skin – Preparing your skin for foundation is the best thing that you can do to elongate the wear and intensity of your face. It’s getting warmer each day, and you don’t want your makeup sliding all over the place throughout the day. A great moisturizer and primer does wonders for the skin. Let them both take their time and sink in before you add your foundation.

Step No. 2 – Foundation – Foundation is the next step in achieving a flawless face. Make sure you are choosing the right formula and shade. The trend for fall and winter formulas tend to be more matte and the formula for spring and summer is more dewy, however, choose what is best for you and your skin type. Also make sure that you use the least amount of foundation possible. If you still have blemishes, or want more coverage, go it with a concealer. This will ensure that you don’t have any unnecessary foundation on your face.

Step No. 3 – Illuminators, Highlighting and Contouring – This step is personally my favorite part. I live for highlighting and contouring because this adds back the color and dimension into your face. Highlighting your face brings back the light to your face that we all have naturally. You highlight down the bridge of your nose, underneath your eyes in an upside down triangle, your chin, and between your brows. Contouring adds the shade back to your face, and you do this down the sides of your nose, temples, and the hollows of your cheekbones. Illuminators are a more subtle version of a highlighter. Highlighters go on the highest point of your cheekbones, Cupid’s bow, and down the bridge of your nose.

Step No. 4 – Blend, blend, blend – One of the most important steps to a completely flawless face is blending. There are many ways you can blend in your makeup. You can do it with brushes, sponges and even your fingers. Damping your sponges and spraying your brushes will also help your makeup blend easier. Blending in your makeup will make it look more natural, less cakey and flawless of course.

Step No. 5 – Set and Forget – A flawless face is one that can last you more than a couple of hours. If you used any cream products, it would be best to set them with a powder, especially under your eyes to prevent creasing and cakiness. Also use any setting powders or sprays that you love to ensure your flawlessness lasts all day!

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