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Lipstick (Tricks) National Lipstick Day July 29, 2015

lipstickJuly 29, is National Lipstick Day and I thought it would very appropriate to dedicate this week’s posts to lipstick. Everyone loves a good lipstick application, regardless of what your favorite lipstick is, so here are a few tricks to achieving that perfect lipstick application.

Trick No. One: The first step to achieving a better lipstick application is to start with a clean slate. Before you put on your lip balm, gently exfoliate your lips. Exfoliation will make sure that the color goes on evenly and show true to color. This will also make sure that the lipstick doesn’t cling to any dry patches. You don’t have to go out and spend money on a lip scrub, because it’s super easy to make your own. Try using sugar and honey as a scrub. It’s very natural and super tasty.

Trick No. Two: If you want to wear a bold or bright lip color, it will show up better if you even out the color of your lips. When you are applying your foundation, brush a little bit over your lips and lip line so it is the same color as the rest of your skin. This will cancel out your natural lip color to allow for the lipstick to apply evenly and smoothly. This will also give you the opportunity to reshape your lip line.

Trick No. Three: If you have a lipstick that you absolutely love, but it isn’t long wearing there is a trick for that! You start off by applying a coat or lipstick to your lips and then blot it with a single ply piece of tissue paper. Then use a large eyeshadow brush or a small face powder brush and apply a small amount of translucent powder. After that you add another layer of lipstick. Repeat the powder again and it will seal in the lipstick and make it last all day.

Trick No. Four: A lot of people like to say that size doesn’t matter, but when it comes to lipstick, this is far from the truth. Dark red lipstick can make thinner lips appear even skinnier than they are naturally. If your lips are thin and you want them to stand out, try for aa more orange-red, scarlet lip shade. Also, if your lips are a little fuller, then the deeper and darker reds are perfect for you.

Trick No. Five: A quick way to keep any lip color on longer, is to first line your lips, and then fill in your lips with a lip liner that matches the lip color that you will be wearing that day. You can use two different lip liners for this: one for lining the lips and another for matching your lip color. You can also just use the same color if you are going for a nude or neutral look. This method will make sure your lip color stays in place all day!

I hope everyone enjoyed this post and learned a few lipstick tricks. Don’t forget, National Lipstick Day is today, so wear your favorite lip color!

Hot Weather Beauty Hacks

hot-weather-hacksSummer is officially in full swing and for some of us, it will be this way for the next couple of months. During the hotter months, it is important to change up some of your routines from when it was cooler outside. Everything from makeup application, to how you style your hair must be changed a little bit to combat the heat and humidity. Here are a few hot weather beauty hacks that you can try to keep cool this summer!

  1. Get Rid of Nail Polish Bubbles- If you have ever tried to paint your nails in the summer, but you end up with bubbles in your polish? That probably comes from heat exposure to your nail polish. You can avoid this by storing the nail polish that you want to wear in the refrigerator.
  1. Save Your Hair Color- When its warmer outside, almost everyone begins to flock towards to pool. If you color your hair, you know that sometimes the chemicals in the pool can cause your color to start prematurely fading or worse, leave you with a green tint to your hair if you’re blonde. You can prevent this from happening by prepping your hair with a leave-in conditioner before you swim. This will protect your hair color and nourish your hair at the same time!
  1. Waterproof Your Makeup- During the summer time, sweat is something we cannot avoid. Switching to waterproof makeup will ensure that your makeup stays on all day and prevent melting. There are plenty of waterproof makeup items out there, from mascara, to eyeliner, foundation and concealer.

Summer time is definitely a little brutal for the beauty lover, so I hope you found some comfort in these quick tips to survive the heat in style!

Travel Hacks – Part One

travelThe spring and summer are some of the biggest months for traveling aside from the holidays, and one of the most stressful parts of a peaceful vacation can be packing. Packing can sometimes be one of the most stressful parts of traveling, especially if you are going to be traveling via plane. Trying to make sure you stay under the weight limits for your airline, avoid checking too many bags and making sure you have everything that you need can make the whole process a little harder.

Travel Hack #1

This travel hack can be used for everyday makeup storage, but this can easily be used for plane travel. Place cotton pads, or cotton balls in your blush, bronzer, or any compact that you have. This will prevent it from breaking when you are moving around or when it is in your checked luggage or in the overhead bins that can get oh so crowded.

Travel Tip #2

Have you ever noticed that during travel, either going or coming from your destination, that your luggage begins to smell a little unpleasant? Well, add a couple dryer sheets to your luggage to keep it smelling fresh. This will also make sure your clothes don’t have any static in them. Make sure they aren’t too heavily scented, or it will become over powering.

Travel Tip #3

One thing that can take your trip from good to terrible quickly is unpacking once you get there to see that your travel containers have opened and leaked all over the place. This is not only an unfortunate event, but wastes money if you have to go and purchase these things again. Once you fill them, add a little tape around the seal of your containers to make sure they stay in place.

Travel Tip #4

Something that is becoming more and more popular I using portable chargers. They are super easy to carry around with you everyday, but they are even better for traveling. This eliminates having to fight for charging space in the airport. They are very inexpensive and even have options for your laptops and tablets.

We hope you found something useful out of these tips for traveling. Let me know if you have tried any of these and how it worked out for you as well as if you have any more tricks that you use.


Beauty Benefits of a Good Workout

workoutIf you want complete honesty, there are a billion things that a lot of people would rather do than to work out. Although we all know that exercise is very important to keep us healthy, did you know that it has beauty benefits as well? I mean benefits other than that beach body that everyone wans but few want to work for.

Detoxes the Skin- When you work out and you work up a great sweat, your body and skin is getting rid of nasty toxins that can clog your pores and can cause acne and break outs. A great cardio workout can also boost your blood flow and allows for sweat glands to increase their functions. This will all cleanse the body. One thing that you should be sure of, though, is to shower after every workout. You really don’t want toxins to be setting on your skin.

Exercise also improves your lymph system. Your body has almost 500 lymph nodes, which help remove metabolic waste from the body. These lymph nodes cant work as effectively without the assistance of muscles. When muscles are contracting during exercise they squeeze the lymph nodes and help pump and release waste from your body.

Better Immunity- When cold and flu season is in full swing, everyone is at risk for sickness. Exercise improves the immune system by making the body produce more white blood cells, which include killer cells and neutrophils. More white blood cells means fewer viruses and bacteria will be able to make you sick. Also, if you do get sick, your improved immunity will help you recover from any sickness that you might get.

Boosts Oxygen- As mentioned before, exercise increases the blood flow which in turn increases the delivery of oxygen to the skin cells. The more oxygen that is flowing means that there will be more nutrients that keep your skin hydrated and healthy.

Less Stress- Things that stress you out, and cause anxiety drain you of vitality and can put a damper on your mood, which definitely shows on your skin. Over 40 million Americans over the age of 18 suffer from anxiety disorders, according to the National Institutes of Mental Health. Exercise has been shown to alleviate the most mold to moderate cases of anxiety and improve your mood overall.

Better Sleep- If you have dark circles and want an easy way to get rid of them? Well exercise is an easy way to reduce dark circles and puffiness. Almost 60 million Americans have some form of insomnia, according to a Harvard Medical School report. A great work out can leave you ready for sleep and help ease the dark circles away. Exercise also makes the body’s stress hormone, cortisol which enhances sleep, sharper. Plus a great night’s sleep leaves you looking fresh, awake and healthy.

Now that you have more than a couple reasons why exercise is a great beauty tip, will you start working out or do it more often?

Ways to Make Your Eyes Look Bigger

eyesbigger-picIf you have smaller eyes and want them to appear bigger, then this is definitely the post for you.

First start off with the under eyes. Dark circles can make the eyes seem smaller. With the right concealer, that can be fixed quickly. It can also brighten the eye are and draw attention to the eyes. To do this you should start with correcting the under eye and then concealing that area. If you have any purple or blue tones, try an orange corrector. If you have red under eyes, try a green corrector. Correctors will cancel out any discoloration that you might have. For concealer, try a shade that is either your shade or a couple shades lighter. This will brighten the under eye and make your eyes seem a little bigger.

Using a white or nude eyeliner is the newest trend. It’s literally replacing black eyeliner in the waterline. White and nude eyeliners make your eyes appear wider and brighter. This will help you look more awake as well as bring attention to your eyes. Add a little bit of one of these colors to your lower lash line and then put a little mascara to your lower lashes.

If you want to make your eyes seem even bigger, or just can’t give up the black eyeliner, then leave your eyeliner disconnected between the top and bottom. When you apply black eyeliner and the top and bottom are connected, this closes off the eyes and make them seem smaller. Try drawing your eyeliner lines from where your top lashes begin and end and from where your bottom lashes begin and end.

Another way to make your eyes appear bigger is to curl your lashes. Curling your lashes will make your eyes appear wider and more open. If your lashes are straight, they could cast a shadow on the eye area making it seem smaller. After you curl your lashes, apply a little bit of mascara. This will help your curl hold (like non sticky hairspray for your eyelashes) and also give youreyes a little more definition.

One last trick to make your eyes seem larger is to add a lighter color to the inner tear duct of your eye. This will bring attention to your eyes and make them look as though they are brighter than what they are.

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