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Razor Burn Remedies


Although the fall is fast approaching us, some of us still shave throughout the winter season. So, to help those who are having a few problems with shaving and razor burns. Although it is more common for men to suffer from razor burn because of the sensitivity of their skin on their face, women can also experience it as well, especially in the underarm and bikini region. The little red bumps and irritation that sometimes come along with shaving can be a pain, so here are a few ways to prevent and treat razor burns.

Razor burn is caused by not shaving properly, and can vary anywhere from a mild rash to bumps that can be painful. Being that prevention is better that treating, here are a couple of options:

  1. Start with clean skin and a clean razor- Definitely don’t shave with a razor that is rusty, and definitely start with clean skin. To keep your razors form rusting, don’t keep them in the shower. The humidity in the shower makes the blade rust and can also become a housing area for all types of bad bacteria. You should try and replace your razor as often as you can to ensure that it glides across your skin easily. If replacing your razor often doesn’t appeal to you, then keep it clean by rinsing it with hot water after every use.
  2. Shave along the grain- A lot of people think that you are supposed to shave in the opposite direction of your hair growth. This is definitely a rumor. In order to best prevent razor burn, you should shave along the grain of your hair. Although this will help you achieve the closest shave, shaving against the grain will cause irritation.
  3. Use a shaving gel- Although it may seem easier to use the bar of soap that you shower with, it isn’t the best thing. Instead, use a shaving gel, oil or foam that is moisturizing is the best thing. Not only will it feel better for you, it will also help to prevent razor burn. The cheapest and best quality shaving gels are in the men’s hair care aisle, because it is made for shaving.
  4. Avoid shaving too often- Although it may seem tempting to shave over an area multiple times to ensure the smoothness, this isn’t going to help you out in the razor burn department. Shaving over an area more than twice is a no go. Another thing to take into consideration, make sure your razor isn’t dull and don’t press the razor too far into your skin.
  5. Use both hot and cold water- Showering with warm water before shaving will soften your leg hair. Once you’re done with that, rinse the shaved area with cold water to prevent razor burn. The cold water will ensure that your skin is tight and will help prevent any ingrown hairs from forming. It will also rule out any bumps that are caused by heat.

If you follow all of these rules and still get razor burn, here are a couple tips for treating razor burn:

  1. Hydrate- One of the highest recommended ways of dealing with razor burn is to apply aloe vera or coconut oil to the area. This will hydrate the area and ease the inflammation. If you have any glycerin-based aftershave that is another option. If the razor burn is really bad, then place an ice pack or hydrocortisone cream will help.
  2. Don’t irritate the area- Although it may seem obvious to not apply anything to your skin that could irritate it, then here it is, don’t apply anything that could irritate your skin. Try to avoid putting deodorant or perfume on after shaving to keep from irritating your razor burn.

I hope you guys found this post helpful and can use a few of these tips to eliminate the evils of razor burn!

How to Buy Skincare Products

Your skin is your largest organ and absorbs almost 60% of what you put on it, so taking care of it by using the right products is a must. Skincare is the essential beginning to beauty. Without skincare, you wouldn’t have the clean and clear canvas to show to the rest of the world. When standing in the aisle of your local drugstore trying to find the “perfect” skincare products can be somewhat confusing, but here’s a quick and easy guide to help you along.

Buy according to your budget
When you are trying to buy your skin care products, you don’t want to automatically go for the cheapest option; however, you definitely shouldn’t buy the most expensive either. Doing research on the different products that you have in mind is a great idea. It will help eliminate you wasting money on buying a product that isn’t rated as a good one.

Skin Types and Conditions
More importantly than anything, you should buy skincare products that are tailored to your skin type. If you have dry skin, then you should look for products that have more moisture in them. If you have oily skin, then you should look for something that will control your oily areas.

Skin Conditions
The same thing applies for skin conditions. For people with sensitive skin, try to look for products that aren’t super harsh on the skin. Sensitive skin is also a skin issue that you should take into consideration before making a purchase. The same thing applies for people who are dealing with acne. Certain skin care brands have products that help your skin as well as treat your acne, but consult with your doctor before you try some of those products as they can do more damage than good.

As you get a little older, skincare is still very important to maintain healthy skin. Be careful when buying products with false promises such as to “make you look twenty years younger in three weeks”. Proper skincare can definitely prolong the youthfulness of your skin. Keep in mind that heredity, diet and your environment can play a big part in the way your skin looks and not everything is reversible.

All in all, skincare should be a priority to everyone. It is your biggest organ and helps keep everything else functioning properly. Our skin takes a lot of damage from every day wear and tear, so treat it with some proper skin care.

Lips for Fall

Fall has quickly approached and is definitely getting into full swing. This time of year is definitely my favorite because everything gets a little deeper and bolder, especially eye looks and lipstick. Shopping for new season appropriate lipsticks is definitely the best part of a new season and choosing a few day to night colors is definitely the cherry on top. Here are a few different fall lips to try, and don’t worry, they will look great on anyone!

Going from day to night during the fall should be a smooth transition from a mauve color to a deeper color instead of going from a skin tone nude during the day to a deep red at night, not that there’s anything wrong with that. The majority of berries and brown-toned neutrals will look good on anyone which means finding your perfect shade will definitely be less of a headache. Also, if you buy a lipstick and it isn’t the right color for you, then adding a darker lip liner to blend it in with will help it better suite you.

For fair skin tones, the lighter taupes and pinkier brown shades are definitely perfect for the day time. Any formula from a matte, satin or glossy finish combined with the right hue will make your day time lip pop. During the night, brighter orchids and raspberries will stand out beautifully against your lighter skin tone.

If you have a medium or olive skin tone, then dusty rose shades and deep taupes are perfect for a neutral shade for you. During the night, berry hues, deeper raspberries, and plum pinks are great for after work parties and nights on the town.

For deeper or dark skin tones, darker or deeper blushed toned nudes and neutrals are amazing. Plum shades of brown and rosewood colors are the absolute best shades for a day time look. For night time, berry or deep shades that will pop are deep magentas and mulberries.

I hope you found these lipstick shade suggestions helpful. Let us know what your favorite fall lipsticks are and what your favorite fall fashion trend is!

“Makeup can help you capture a moment.” – Carine Roitfeld

Brown Lipstick Makes Its Comeback

One of the 90’s staple makeup bag trends is coming back with a vengeance: brown lips. Everyone from Beyoncé to Gigi Hadid is paying tribute to this temporarily forgotten trend. Along with brown lipstick, some other turn of the century fashion and makeup trends have found their way back onto the scene like Doc Martens, choker necklaces and skater dresses. Now brown lipsticks are making their comeback and here are a few ways to make your #ThrowbackThursday a little easier.

Here are a few quick tips for wearing brown lipstick:brown lipstick 90s

  1. Consider your undertone- If you have a warmer undertone, then consider a more chestnut shade of brown, for cooler undertones, try an espresso shade.
  2. Start with a gloss- If the thought of wearing brown lipstick scares you a little, or if you are unsure of what brown shade you want, then start with a lip gloss. The sheerness of the gloss will make it a little easier to get used to. If you like it, then go for bolder shades and finishes of your favorite brown lipstick.
  3. Lighten it up- If you are trying out a brown lipstick and aren’t 100 percent sure about the shade, then play with the color and texture of it. With glossier finishes or satin finishes, you can blot it with tissue paper. If its matte, you can add a gold, copper, or nude lip gloss on top to give it dimension and to lighten it up a bit. Another tip is adding a sheer lipstick or concealer that matches your skin tone to alter the shade more to best fit you.
  4. Find a great lip liner- Using a great lip liner with your fall lips is an essential part of the look maintaining its beauty throughout the day. A lip liner will keep the lipstick from smearing or running all over the place and can also help it transition better into the skin. You definitely want to focus the lip liner on the inner lip area, as well.
  5. Lipstick comes last- When wearing a darker lip for fall, make sure that your foundation and the rest of your face is done first. Not only will this make the lip pop, but it will also make sure that it blends in with your skin properly. Before you apply your brown lip, add a little foundation over your lip line and on your lips to mute out any color that you don’t want peaking through the lipstick.

I hope that your found this “new” trend as fun as I did. Let us know if you try it and what your favorite brown lipstick shade is!

Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance.” –Coco Chanel

Red Lips Revived

image1For quite a long time, red lips have been a statement and a classic at the same time. It is perfect for any occasion and there’s no doubt that it is a very beautiful thing. Anyone can wear a red lip, which is a commonly misunderstood concept. There are two ways that I usually wear a red lip, the more classic way of the lip liner and lipstick matching, and a more modern, ombre effect, and this one is my favorite. Recently, there has been a change in the traditional way that the red lip is done.

This type of red lip is a little more modern and edgier than its predecessor. Depending on what you like, you can wear this in an everyday type of setting as well as for a party or special occasion. I love the ombre effect of a red lip, because it adds a sultrier appearance, perfect for a quick statement without doing a smoky eye. Here’s a quick little guide to achieving my favorite type of red lip, what I like to call the “Red Lip: Revived”.

First, you have to find the right red lip color for your skin tone. I personally like reds that have blue undertones because they make your teeth seem whiter and your smile seem brighter. Red lipsticks with more orange undertones are great as well, you just have to make sure your teeth are already white, because they will bring out any yellowness or stains in your teeth. Some red lipsticks that I like and suggest to you are the Wet n Wild “Stoplight”, and “Ruby Woo” from MAC.

After you have decided on what red lipstick is for you, you should exfoliate and moisturize your lips when you are priming your face for your makeup. Red lips are one of the messier looks to achieve. When wearing a red lip, you want a smooth and clean surface to apply the red lipstick to in order for it to look the most flattering. This also eliminates the chances of it feathering faster and sinking into the lines of your lips. A sloppy red lip is very messy and hard to clean, so be careful. You want to apply all of your face makeup prior to lining your lips and applying your lipstick. It keeps everything a little more manageable.

Next, you should find a darker lip liner to line your lips. I suggest either a brown, or even a dark plum lip liner. Some of the lip liners that I suggest are: NYX “Expresso”, MAC “Vino”, MAC “Chestnut”, or even Rihanna’s “Talk that Talk” lip liner. Basically anything that’s a dark brown or plum color. I don’t suggest using black, as it is a little harsh for this look and is harder to blend with the red lipstick. After you have finished your face and eye makeup, you want to line your lips with the lip liner normally. Then, you want to go into the inner corners of your mouth and in a feathering sort of motion bring in the lip liner, so you can achieve the ombre effect that we’re going for. Make sure you go slowly. Since this is a dark color, you don’t want it smearing and smudging all over your face.

Once you’ve gotten that done, and then apply your red lipstick. Which ever way you normally apply your lipstick, do it that way whether it is with a lip brush or just straight from the tube.  At first, only apply it to the center of your mouth that doesn’t have any lip liner. Then gradually get closer and closer to the lip liner.

Once you have your lips covered, rub them together slowly so the liner and the lipstick blend together seamlessly. If you see any feathering or imperfections happening on your lips, then grab a small concealer brush and either your concealer in your shade or your foundation and go around the lines of your lips. This makes your red lips look crisp and cleaner. I suggest foundation over concealer, because you don’t want a haloing effect around your mouth.

A red lip can be worn anytime of the year, but I like to wear this mainly during this time of year. I hope you all try this look out this fall and holiday season. If you only like the traditional way with the matching lip liner and lipstick, then here is my blog post about how to get that.

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