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3 Blushes for Every Occasion

It seems as though every beauty product gets tons of attention, except one: blush. Its almost like blush doesn’t go past the classic rosy color. Granted, there are blush colors out there that are appropriate for every occasion, but there are many more colors that can be used in order to bring a little versatility into your makeup routine. There are so many out of the box blush colors such as different tones of red, violet and even indigo blushes, there is a whole new world of blushes waiting to be tapped into. Today, I am going to give you three different shades that will fit your look no matter the occasion.

BlushesNude: The perfect alternative shade for those who aren’t to big of a fan of the baby pink shades should definitely try a more nude or flesh-toned color. This is perfect for the no makeup makeup look that everyone loves to try on those days where less is more. You can also play up a nude blush by going a little heavier to create a more evening appropriate look. The great thing about nude blushes is that it is completely versatile.

Pink: Pink blush may seem like a given, but there is still a lot of room for opportunity in pink shades. You can go this classic tint that will make any day look a little extra glam with a warmth from within glow that’s perfect for a coffee date or brunch with the girls.

Purple: I know purple blush can seem like a bit much for any day, but don’t be intimidated by the color. Anyone can pull off the shade. Regardless of it you go with a purple blush on the cheeks, or for a light contour, it can become your new go to night time blush color. A great eggplant color will be the best thing for a look that will turn heads for all of the right reasons!

I hope you guys have found some inspiration in finding out about the best blush shades for if you want to try something a little different. Let us know your favorite shade of blush, or your go to blush!

Brows, How Bold is Too Bold?

Its no surprise that thick and bold brows are coming back in style. The 90’s infamous thin brows that became the victim of over plucking and waxing are now fading away and I am so happy. Lately, it has been all about embracing your natural eyebrow thickness. You might be wondering what made this style change. Well, thicker or bold eyebrows give your face a fresher, bright eyed and younger look. But, as with all styles and trends, when has thick eyebrows gotten a little thick? Where is the line that separates Brooke Shields and Lucy Hale from a spring caterpillar? Here’s how to get on the bold brow wagon without overdoing it!

cosmetology school Dayton OHThe first thing that you should do is find the right eyebrow shape for your face. You should head to a salon where a professional can help you figure out which is best for you, and they will also shape them for you. There are also apps that can give you an idea of what would possibly suit you.

Next, while you are growing out your eyebrows or needing to touch them up, its best to leave major shaping to professionals to avoid any mistakes. Only pluck on the outside of your eyebrow shape and make sure to keep them clean. If you go too long between waxes or plucks, your eyebrows will take on a life of their own and begin to grow in places that you won’t want them to.

There are a lot of eyebrow products that promise to give you the best bold brow of your life, but be careful not to get caught up in the hype. When you think about all of the brow pencils, powders, pomades, and gels it can be easy to over do it. Keep your brow routine simple and find the products that give your brows the best shape without looking overdone.

In order to keep your brows in the best shape and looking clean, try to get them plucked, threaded, or waxed between every month or month and a half. This is best to keep your shape looking clean and allow your brows to stay the way that you want them.

If you want to pull off the bold eyebrow look but your eyebrows are naturally thin, you want to fill them in as naturally as possible. Make sure that you are using the right shadow or pencil to start off with. Picking a brow color that is as close to your hair color is usually the rule of thumb.

Now that you know how to properly achieve bold brows, how do you know when your brows are too bold? If your brows are a darker, uniform shade that is two to three sizes larger than your natural brow shape, then you know you’ve gone a little too far. Also don’t fill the entire brow in with a wax or pencil product. This will leave you with an unrealistic brow that no one wants. Stick with a more natural approach to filling in your brows to achieve the bold brow look.

I hope you found this post useful and let us know who your favorite celebrity brow crush is.

Makeup Trend: Taupe Eyes and Bold Lips

Taupe has make quite an appearance in makeup this year. This is an interesting color because taupe isn’t quite gray and it isn’t brown wither, its more like the combination of the two of them into this fall appropriate color. It really shouldn’t be such a surprise because grey and stone lipstick shades have been featured on many beauty platforms. Taupe eyes, which fall under the nude and neutral family, are definitely best paired with bolder lip shades for fall. One of the most common that I have seen is with a lovely purple lip.


First apply a primer that neutralizes any discoloration on your eyes or use a concealer and set it with a bit of powder. Then try a natural colored eyeshadow all over your eye from your crease to your inner corner. This will be your transition color to make the look appear seamless. Nest, use a fluffy blending brush to apply your favorite dark taupe eyeshadow (or a cool toned brown) to your crease and blend it out. Then, take the same color and put it on the outer third of your eye. Add this same color to your lower lash line. Add your favorite taupe color to the inner two thirds of your eye and finish your eyes off with whatever eyeliner and lashes that you prefer.


Apply a very thin layer of your foundation to your lip line. This will create a blank canvas for you to apply the lip liner to. Take your favorite deep purple lip liner and line your lips according to your preference. Then, take your preferred orchid lipstick or gloss and fill in your lips.

Try out this Instagram/red carpet ready trend land let us know how you like it!

Makeup Expiration Dates

Just like with almost everything, makeup has an expiration date. It may seem harmless to keep a product that is out of date, especially when you don’t see any changes in the consistency or performance of it. Sometimes it even seems like you just can’t part ways with your favorite limited edition product, but what it could potentially do to your skin will make you think twice.

Makeup Expiration DateIt may seem harmless, but expired makeup and beauty products can carry a large range of bacteria. Whether it’s a moisturizer or a mascara, preservatives in makeup can only last but so long after it is opened. The stability of the ingredients in the products also have a shelf life a well. Here is an easy guide to finding out when your favorite products expire.

  1. Mascara- 3 months
  2. Pencil, Liquid, and Gel Eyeliners- 4-6 months
  3. Liquid, Cream or Stick Foundations and Concealers- 6 months to 1 year
  4. Powders- 2-3 years
  5. Natural Products- 3-6 months
  6. Blushes and Eye shadows- 1-2 years
  7. Lipsticks, Glosses and Pencils- 2-3 years
  8. Toners- 6 months to a year
  9. Cleansers- 1 year
  10. AHA or BHA Exfoliants- 1 year
  11. Lip Balms- 1 year
  12. Facial Moisturizers and Serums- 6 months to a year
  13. Skincare Samples- 1 day

Keep in mind, if before these times are up if you notice a change in smell, or texture, you should definitely throw it away immediately. Quality and smell are the first things to notice when a formula has expired.

Ways to Stop Eyeshadow from Creasing

There is nothing worse than spending hours perfecting your go to and favorite eyeshadow looks for them to be ruined within a few hours of wear by creasing in your shadows. Creasing is caused by the natural oils in your shin mixes with the eye shadows and causes the shadows to streak on your eyelids or pile up into the crease of your eyes. Prevention is always better than fixing it, but I have a few different ways for you to prevent it as well as fix it if your eyeshadow creases.

Since there’s not a whole lot you can do about excess oil on your eyelids, the key to preventing creasing is in the preparation. The best way to prevent creasing, apply to proper eyeshadow base on your eyes before application. The correct base can come in many forms, as an eyeshadow primer, concealer, or powder mixed with the other two. The correct base for you is one that makes sure your eyeshadow stays as fresh as when you first applied it.

Eyeshadow Primers – Eyeshadow primer will help to absorb any oils on your eyelids. Depending on the primer, this can also double as a base and give your eye shadows something to adhere to. A solid foundation for your eyeshadow will decrease the likelihood of creasing.

Concealer – Another quick way to prevent eyeshadow creasing and save a few dollars is to double up and use your favorite concealer as an eyeshadow primer. It has the same crease preventing technology as an eyeshadow primer and also has a color to it that matches your skin tone.

Set your Primer – The same way that you se your face with a powder to prevent your makeup from running and getting oily, you should do the same for your eyelids to prevent creasing. Regardless of what method you use, the primer or concealer, you should always set it for a little extra protection. This will also help your eye shadows blend nicer, because there is a smooth base for you to begin with. Once you’ve applied your preferred eyeshadow primer, use a fluffy brush to tap a bit of translucent powder onto your eyelids. You can also use your transition color or face powder for a more natural look.

The best way to apply any eyeshadow primer is to begin by applying the product onto the lid, and then diffuse it into your crease with your fingers or a brush.

If you do come upon creasing in your eyeshadow and you need to fix it, take your finger and lightly smooth out the shadow that’s creased. This wont fix it permanently, and you will have to eventually smooth it out once again, but it will fix it for a short amount of time. This quick fix doesn’t even need a mirror or a brush, you can just close your eye and smooth it out.

I hope you find these tips helpful in keeping your eyeshadow looking as fresh as when you applied it!

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