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16 Beauty “Rules” to Ignore

If you have ever gotten beauty advice from your mom or listened to any of the popular magazines, you have learned a few beauty “rules” that you should maintain. I’m here to tell you that half of them are false, and the other half you should keep near and dear to your makeup stash. Beauty is meant to be universal and to fit anyone anytime, that’s what’s so fun about it. Here are a few beauty rules you should toss out along with your old mascara!16 Beauty Rules

  1. False eyelashes should only be worn at night time. A lot of people wear false eyelashes on the daily, if you love wearing falsies, then wear them!
  2. Bold makeup is only for the evenings. Bold makeup is worn anytime you feel it is needed.
  3. Color your roots as soon as they grow in.
  4. Only add a light layer of mascara to your bottom lashes.
  5. Men should not wear makeup.
  6. Red heads shouldn’t wear red lipstick.
  7. Older women should wear conservative makeup. At any age, you should wear whatever makeup makes you feel the best.
  8. French nails are the best nails.
  9. Your nails should be squared and short.
  10. You shouldn’t use glitter on your face.
  11. Bronzer is only for the summertime.
  12. Your manicure should match your pedicure.
  13. Don’t pair a smoky eye with a bold lip.
  14. Pick either a bold eye or red lipstick.
  15. Your eyebrows should match your hair color.
  16. Face oils are bad for your skin.

Let us know if you have heard of any of these beauty rules, and if you follow any of these!

Fall Holiday Makeup Ideas Pt. One

Fall has been in full swing for a few weeks now, and so have our fall looks. I feel like the two weeks before the beginning of the holiday season can be somewhat repetitive and need a little help, so here are a few holiday makeup ideas that you can start trying out now in order to perfect the looks that you’ll be wearing to your holiday parties and events.

  1. Use Oxblood- For the first holiday look to try, use the color oxblood. If you are a little confused or want a couple of new ways to wear oxblood, then look back at last week’s post. It was dedicated entirely to wearing oxblood as a blush color, eye color and lip color.
  1. Incorporate Metals- Metals are the easiest way to achieve the holiday look that you’ll want, especially for New Year’s parties. Silver and gold are some of the more common choices for an eye look, but there are definitely other colors that are available. Colors such as bronzed shades and rose gold are definitely some equally beautiful colors that should be tried.
  1. Graphic Eyeliner- Graphic eyeliner is something that can be worn all year round, but a lot of people still are a little intimidated by it. The holidays are the perfect time to try something new, because everything is a little more extreme with mistletoe around. There are plenty of different styles that you can try out for graphic liner, such as a glittered line above the liner, or outlining your wing in a color that compliments your outfit are a few places to start.
  1. Bring On the Pink- Pink will always be the perfect color to wear any time of the year, but during the holidays it’s the subtler version of red. You can wear this color any way that you want, from on your lips to your eyelids and cheeks! There really is no way to go wrong with pink during the holiday. Plus, you will stand out as the only one not in red, which is never a bad thing.
  1. Keep the Glow- The fall and winter is usually known for completely matte skin finishes, but why can’t you bring along the glow from the summer with you? Nothing will make your look pop in the simplest way like highlighted skin. In the right places, loads of highlighter in the right places will probably never lose the popularity that it gained earlier this year called “strobing”. Steal the spotlight with a bold lip, eyebrows and a winged eyeliner are the best way to enter the room.

I hope that you all have found something new to try to break up the same dark lip or dark eye combination that’s been going around lately. This is also a great way to practice your looks for the upcoming holiday season without wasting any time, and avoiding stress later on this month! Comment and let us know your favorite look!

Curling Iron Hacks You Need to Know

Now we all love the look of curls, but sometimes it takes a little longer than what we would like. Between finding the right sized curling iron out of your stash of almost 5, and then attempting the look that you saw on your favorite celebrity, its just easier to have a messy bun. But, I am here to give you a few valuable hacks that will save you time, and give you the look you desire!

Curling Iron1. Forward Facing Curls – If you want the glammed up red carpet look, wrap each section towards your face. The only curls that should face away from your face are the last curls that you do. Allow the curls to cool completely and then brush them out to reveal the waves. For a touch of old Hollywood, you can pin up one side!

2. Rotate the Direction – If you are going for the naturally beachy look, then don’t brush out or try to smooth your hair too much before curling it. Make sure there are no tangles, but for the most part just leave it alone. Next, try and rotate the direction of each of the curls and use a very light amount of sea salt spray or a pomade once you’re done for a little texture.

3. Comb It Out – Using a smaller barrel, about 1-inch, you can wrap small sections of hair around it, curling away from your face. Once you’re done, let the hair cool completely, then comb through your hair with a wide-toothed comb. Taking a little pomade or styling cream, you can run it through your hair to calm any of the flyways you might have.

4. Pin Worthy Curls – Grab a large barrel curling iron, about 2-inches. This will give you tons of supermodel-esque volume in your hair. After curling each section of your hair, pin them into the shape you curled and then let them all cool down. After you’re done, give your hair a light spray of hair spray and remove the pins. Brush through your hair and you’ve got full, voluminous and fabulous hair!

5. Your Inner Pin-Up – If you want a retro vibe to your hair, then use a medium sized curling iron, and curl away from your face. Then you’ll want to pin each curl into place. Afterwards, use a strong flexible holding hair spray and allow the curls to set. Take out all of the pins and brush them out, letting them fall into their natural curl pattern.

6. Retro-Modern Bang – My personal favorite out of all of theses, is the one that was modernized by Kim Kardashian. I tend to do this one all of the time since it is so easy to achieve. First, you’ll want to part your hair down the middle and grab a 1½ inch curling iron. Start from the root of your hair and curl each section away from your face. Once you’re done, let all of the curls cool down and then brush it out with a paddle brush. Spray your style with a light flexible holding spray and you’re done!

Try some of these styles out this holiday season and let me know how they turned out!

Ways to Wear Oxblood

You can’t deny the truth: there is a new color on the scene for this season, and it’s oxblood. Oxblood is a color that is considered to be a dark shade or red, but resembles more of a burgundy. It definitely has more purple and deep brown hues, and is definitely the perfect shade for fall. Although a lot of people believe that oxblood is only for the lips, there are couple of other ways to incorporate this color into your fall and winter beauty routines. Here are four ways to wear oxblood for this fall and winter.


Way #1 Eyes– An easy way to wear an oxblood shade on your eyes is to use it in a smoky look. First, apply a base to your eyes. This will ensure that your eyeshadow will pop and last all day. Next, apply a transitional shade with a fluffy brush, this will help your other shadows blend out easier. Choose a shade that is a little lighter than your oxblood shade to help it blend seamlessly. Next, take the oxblood shade of your choice and put it on your lid, while blending all of the other shadows together. Repeat the same steps on your lower lash line and add a little black, or a cool toned brown to the outer third of your upper and lower lash line.

Way #2 Cheeks- The best way to wear oxblood on your cheeks is to leave the rest of your makeup natural, and to use a matte finish foundation. You want your skin to have an even tone, and make sure any imperfections are covered. You want to apply your blush to your cheekbones and blend it back towards your hair line. You’ll want to use gentle strokes for a lighter application of this intense color. Also, make sure to not drag it up to your upper cheekbones, to avoid a clown look. Start off with a little bit of product and build it up to the intensity that you would like.

Way #3 Lips- The third way to wear oxblood is personally my favorite and is to wear it on your lips. With every lipstick, you will want to line your lips to avoid any running, but it is especially important for intense, or dark lip colors. Take aa lip liner that is close to the shade that matches the lipstick that you will be using. After you’ve lined your lips the way you want, then fill them in with the lipstick and voila! You’re done! If you made any mistakes, take a small concealer brush and your foundation, or a concealer in your shade to fix the mistakes.

I hope that you enjoyed learning a few ways to wear oxblood this fall and winter. Let me know if you try any of these out!

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