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Dreaming of a White NYE

New Year’s Eve parties are some of the best events of the year…for obvious reasons! But dang, is it stressful!?

First, you have to figure out where you’re going to go. I’ll be heading up to Columbus, OH this year – they have great all inclusive specials and awesome DJ’s so you can dance all night long! Check out all the fun stuff going on in Columbus on EventBrite!

There is also a lot of fun stuff going on right here in the Dayton area.  did a recent article on, “Dayton’s 11 Best New Year’s Eve Parties and Events.” 

So once you figure out where the party’s at, you can decide on what the heck you’re going to wear! 

The obvious choice for apparel on NYE is sparkles. SPARKLES GALORE! And I definitely have nothing against sparkles, that’s for sure. But this year, I’m thinking about trying something a liiiiittle different, but still just as eye-catching…


Dreaming of a White NYE

This simple & sleek dress from Forever 21  is a definite show stopper. Pair this with some gold accessories and you will rock the Greek goddess look for the night! 

long sleeve nye dress missguided

For those of you that stay on the colder side, this Long Sleeve Mesh Midi Dress from MissGuided is right up your alley! The mesh detailing adds the perfect amount of texture and will ensure that you stay nice and comfortable while partying all night! Snatch it up here:

Lulu's white nye dress 2016

Talk about HAWT?! My favorite detail about this dress is the triangle cut outs on both sides. This adds a little something extra without having to pile on much jewelry! Rose gold accessories would compliment this dress perfectly! Shop this dress on the LuLu’s site:


Now that you’ve got your dress ready to go, let’s think makeup!

This is where we can bring a little sparkle back into play. Here’s a fun tutorial we found from iheartmakeup92 on YouTube

The trick to this makeup look is BLEND, BLEND, BLEND! You do not want any harsh lines with a dramatic, smokey eye. Make sure you set your makeup with a finishing spray like this one from Smashbox Cosmetics to ensure your makeup stays in place! It really makes all the difference! 

Just so you have some options, check these two makeup looks from Carli Bybel! Each eye look is paired with a different color of lipstick, which is perfect for those of you that have a light skin tone. 

Another fun way you can rock white on NYE 2016 is with eye liner! 

You’re probably thinking…WHAAAT?! But I’m for real! 

Cosmopolitan wrote an article in 2013 (yes, a tad outdated, but I’m still obsessed, sorry not sorry!) on “20 Gorgeous Ways to Wear White Eye Liner.” Here are a couple photos to give you a little taste:

Dreaming of a White NYE

Dreaming of a White NYE

Now that I’ve thrown out a few of my ideas for NYE 2016, it’s time for you to figure out what you’re going to do to bring in the new year! Make sure you tag @creativeimagesschool on Instagram so we can see your NYE style!


Need a new hairstyle or nails before your big NYE celebration? Make your appointment before the 30th and get a FREE eyebrow wax with a haircut! OR get half-off a manicure with a hair color!! 

Give us a call today! (:

Holiday Beauty Shopping Hacks That Will Save You Money


Christmas presents 

Holiday shopping can be the most stressful part of the year. This time of year can also be one of the most expensive for you, so finding a few ways to save here and there can make a huge difference and lead to better gifts to give for the ones you love. Who knows, you might save so much that you’ll have more than enough to splurge on yourself.


  1. Make a List

Even Santa Claus has a list, and he checks it twice! Writing down everyone you have to get a gift for and what you plan on getting them will eliminate you overspending in the end. Also include the maximum amount you want to spend on every gift and the shops you plan on visiting. Don’t forget the people that you give smaller gifts to also. This will help you manage your holiday budget better.


  1. Use Social Media

Social media has graduated from more than sharing pictures of your friends, family, and dinner. Now, it is a great shopping tool that can save you some serious dough. Social media app groups that are in the area that you are interested in will definitely offer you a chance to find coupon codes, and deals that may not be advertised as strongly as others. Following brand pages is also another great way to learn about deals on your favorite products. Another great tip is to have a separate email used just for signing up for promotional emails from your favorite brands and companies. This will alert you of all of the early and last minute deals as well as free shipping codes.


  1. Get Your Gifts Shipped Straight to Your Loved Ones

With certain applications and the help of your favorite retailers, you can eliminate the stress of wrapping gifts and get them shipped straight to those that you love the most. This is especially helpful if you will be traveling, because shipping and traveling with gifts can be more hassle than you think. Plus, you only have to pay for shipping once if their gifts arrive right on their doorsteps before Christmas.


  1. Earn Cash Back from Shopping Online

There are plenty of ways to earn cash back from your online purchases, and you can do it completely without a credit card. There are websites that you sign up for quickly with your email and shop from your favorite websites as you normally would. Each site gives you a certain percentage back, that usually falls within three to five percent of your complete purchase, and is a totally legit way to make you some holiday cash from the shopping that you’ll already do!


  1. Purchase in Kits and Sets

Makeup sets and kits are not only a great way to save money on a different variety of products, but it is also a way to test out different products without purchasing the entire product first. Searching on your favorite beauty retailers will show you different makeup, skincare, and fragrance options that may not be available or in stock in your local stores.


  1. Check Beauty Deals Pages

Checking your favorite websites clearance and sales pages will inform you of certain promotions, offers and coupon codes that you’ll be able to use during this part of the year. This is a super quick way to save you some extra dollars, and give you some holiday ideas if you are stumped.


  1. Avoid Travel Size Products

Although the plethora of travel size products located near the front, and cash registers of major beauty stores. If you really look at how much less product you’re getting per ounce of product, you would tend to find that purchasing the full size is a better deal. If you need a smaller size in order to travel TSA friendly, then you can ask for samples or purchase empty containers and take only what you need.


Hope you learned something from these few hacks, and make this holiday season amazing! P.S. Some of these hacks can be used throughout the rest of the year too!!!

Star Wars Inspired Looks

Even though Darth Vader is obviously a terrible villain, he does give us a pretty nice quote to live by: “I find your lack of faith disturbing.” 

Now, I’m going to put my own spin on it. 

This quote may be prompted by anger, but there is a lot of truth to it. In order to succeed, we as humans NEED our friends & family to believe in us. If they lack that “faith,” it may deter us from working hard for our future! Much of the faith needs to come from within, but we all know that it’s nice to be encouraged sometimes….okay, all the time! 

Star Wars lovers all around the world have waited for this Friday, the 18th, for a very long time. People of all ages, from the older generation to modern teens & kids, we all have a love for Star Wars. 

My favorite character from the movies is R2-D2…by a landslide!! It’s crazy how he can be one of the funniest characters and not have to say one word! C-3PO comes in at a close second spot. 


Speaking of R2-D2, here’s a fun look inspired by him! >>>>

Star Wars Inspired Looks

Found on

Using a navy eye shadow, outline the outer parts of your eye, making a cat like shape. Next, use white eye shadow and fill in the rest of your eye. Make sure you take the white all the way to the inside of your eye & even underneath it a bit. 

To finalize the look, take liquid eyeliner – follow the natural shape of your eye and extend the end so it meets up with the navy eye shadow. You can also line the bottom of your eye, but I’m not too much of a fan of that…unless I’m going out! 

Get your mascara on and you are good to go!!!!


Now I can’t just give R2-D2 some love and forget about my other main man (robot), C-3PO!


There are so many looks that could be inspired by him; one, because he’s gold and two, well…..he’s gold! It’s definitely the season for gold things! Christmas, New Year’s Eve – gold is always a perfect accent color. 

Star Wars Inspired Looks

This polish from OPI has just a touch of gold in it, but it PERFECT for the holidays (as well as the Star Wars premier!). “It shimmers, it glimmers, and it’s gold!” The name of this metallic nail polish is, “Baroque…But Still Shopping.” 


Let’s get away from the robots, shall we? 

On to some Star Wars Inspired Looks for hair! What better character to get inspiration from than Mr. Chewbacca himself?! Now, he’s already been quite busy with L’Oreal doing some hair promo’s (just kidding…this ad was not made by L’Oreal. Just a crazed fan that thought this would be funny. And they were totally right!): 

Star Wars Inspired Looks

If we’re being honest, though, that is a pretty nice hair color to go for in the winter months! A hint of cinnamon and some dark cocoa color mixed in will add some serious dimension to your precious locks!

You could definitely use a balayage technique like actress, Lucy Hale, rocked in this photo:

Star Wars Inspired Looks

Huffington Post

I’m not sure she would be flattered that I’m using her hair as an example for Star Wars inspiration….but hey! Those are some nice locks, Lucy! 


For the last Star Wars Inspired Look, let’s venture to the dark side.


We’re all into the matte nails and/or matte lip look. It’s definitely the dominating trend this winter. 

Most of you are probably like, yeah the matte black lipstick is super hot…but can I pull it off?? Check out this photo from >

Star Wars Inspired Looks

When going for this “dark side” look, I recommend getting a lip liner so the look is more controlled. The black can definitely get a tad messy.

I would also recommend doing a darker look on the eyes and eyebrows to complete the look. Black lips with light eye make up may not look the best. So do some dramatic eyeliner, lots of mascara and fill in those brows! 

If you’re a little hesitant about going for the black lipstick, start out with a dark matte burgundy and go from there. It’s definitely a look you’ll need to get used to before feeling totally confident and comfortable with the style.

To take the, “All Black Everything” look a little further, go for some black nails! I love when glossy black and matte black are used together. Another up and coming trend is using negative space like this: 

Star Wars Inspired Nails

Found on


Now, you’re all ready for the Star Wars premier this FRIDAY!!! (or Thursday night if you’re one of those crazy fans….like me…HA!). 

If you try out any of these awesome looks, tag us in your post on Instagram (@creativeimagesschool) and let us know how you pulled it off! You can also use the hashtag: #ThatsTheBeautyOfIt

Have a great week, and “May the Force be with you!” 


7 Ways to Rock White Nails

I can remember when I was little, I would already be bundled up in a million layers playing in the snow! It is absolutely mind boggling that it has been in the 60’s this week! Am I right?! 

I’m not saying I’m mad about it…I think I can wait for the cold, bitter weather to come. BUT Christmas NEEDS to be white! It just makes it feel more like Christmas in Ohio. Although, after Christmas, I think we’d all like to live in Florida from January-March (; 

With the weather being quite warm…how can we possibly get in the holiday spirit? We can’t really wear our scarves or sweaters, but we can change out look – AKA our hair & nails! 

So, white is an extremely basic color…but why not rock it on your nails this winter?! I mean, when you think about it, snow is white, frost is white, Santa’s beard is white, etc. Let’s just go with the winter theme and get some white nails to make up for this warm weather craziness!

Afraid you may feel a bit “plain” with these super basic nails? We’ve got 7 Ways to Rock White Nails for you to read up on. We’ll show you how to spice those nails up a bit!

WEAR A CRAP TON OF RINGS! They key is to dress those fingers up! Just like you wear arm candy, throw some diamonds on those fingers and people will be oohing and ahhing over them! It definitely makes your manicure look that much better! 

7 Way to Rock White Nails

Found on

7 Ways to Rock White Nails

Found on

PUT SOME BLING ON ‘EM Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, right? Why not add some bling to those pearly whites!? Adding a little bit of texture will also help play them up a bit! Textured nails are all the rage right now! 

7 Ways to Rock White Nails

Found on

ADD SOME CUTE TEXT Express yourself with some inspiring words on your nails! Stressing about finals? Add “hope” or “believe” to your nails to help get you through this tough time! You will definitely stand out from the crowd with this tip! 

7 Ways to Rock White Nails

Found on

BE LIKE RIHANNA AND GET AN ALMOND / POINTY SHAPE GOIN’ Watch out square nails, this new trend has got you BEAT! A personal favorite, this new nail look is here to stay. You could rock this anytime, anywhere! Something about this particular nail shape that makes you feel like a million bucks! 

7 Ways to Rock White Nails

Found on

7 Ways to Rock White Nails

Found on

ADD A PATTERN…OR SOME MORE SPARKLE TO ‘EM! Just like tattoos, clothes, and accessories your nails are a another form of self-expression! Get crazy with your nail designs- checkered pattern, animal print, tribal, polka dots, etc! 

7 Ways to Rock White Nails

Found on

7 Ways to Rock White Nails

Found on

***TREND ALERT*** USE NEGATIVE SPACE  – “The newest trend in nail art is not all about the boldest, craziest designs, but a more minimalist style that’s equally as fun!” ( Why use the same color or the same design on all of your nails? Been there, done that! Think outside the box with this trend and think about the all of the possibilities. They’re really ENDLESS! Talk about fun! 

ADD SOME BLACK AND SPLATTER PAINT IT UP! Your nail is your canvas to paint on! Get creative with it and splash on your favorite colors for a cool tie dye effect…literally! This is another example of the texture nail trend that has everyone talking! 


7 Ways to Rock White Nails

Found on

Never thought you would want to paint your nails white, huh?! Now that you’re inspired, support your local students and book your appointment at the salon! Tag us in your photos of your white manicure this winter season with the hashtag: #ThatsTheBeautyOfIt 🙂 




Tips on Taking Dark Hair all the Way to Silver

The first of the year is almost upon us. We are all writing our goals for the new year. Have you been thinking about doing something completely different with your hair to celebrate? Well, you’re in luck. Grey hair is the next best thing! However, if you’re a dark haired beauty, there will be some extra steps involved. Taking your dark hair all the way to silver is not an easy task; whether you’re the stylist or the one getting your hair done, we’ve got some great tips for your journey to grey hair

  1. Prepare for a few visits to the salon. Stylists, prepare your clients for this. They must know not to expect the outcome they’re looking for right away. Lightening is a process. Just like working out, you will not see immediate results. You have to keep working at it, to see your desired outcome. Talk about your favorite hair care products with your clients: hair masks, oils, heat protector sprays, etc. It is extremely important to keep your hair healthy and strong during the lightening process because it strips your hair and weakens it tremendously. Routine visits are crucial to ensure that your hair is healthy enough to go onto the next stage! 

Tips on Taking Dark Hair all the way to Silver show us how salon owner Danielle Filice of Vixen Hair Salon in Los Altos, California describes this process to her clients using this Hair-volution of Khloe Kardashian! 

         2. Have a conditioning treatment between each coloring session. Deep conditioning your hair 2-3 times a week is ideal. Focus on the ends of your hair. You could even massage your ends and let it sit while you wash your face, exfoliate, etc! It’s good to multitask! Joico Keratin Conditioner Treatment, Its a 10 Miracle Deep Conditioner Plus Keratin, and Moroccan Oil Restorative Hair Mask are all excellent! 

         3. Avoid chlorine, schedule regular trims & stray away from curling or straitening your hair every day! During the lightening process, your hair weakens. Thus, causing it to break at the ends. In order to ensure proper growth, regular trims will help cut any dead ends you may have and will aid in new growth. This is exactly why we, stylists, recommend coming in every six weeks for a trim. Even if you’re growing out your hair, it is necessary to schedule regular appointments! Chlorine quickly causes your new color to fade and applying excessive amounts of heat to your hair will weaken it as well (prone to breakage).  We definitely don’t want that!  

To prepare your dark hair for the lightening process, make sure you leave out all product and condition very well before going in for each appointment. The silver hair trend is absolutely gorgeous, but could be detrimental to your locks. So, make sure you follow these steps and research more on how you can keep your hair healthy if you decide to lighten up your dark hair!

Show us your silver hair by using the hashtag #ThatsTheBeautyOfIt. We would love to see YOUR hair evolution! 



Daily Makeover Silver Foxes: Celebrities Who Have Dyed Their Hair Gray

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