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10 Best Beauty Hacks

Doing my makeup this morning (SO exhausted) and thought to myself…I wonder if other girls know the white eye liner trick?! If not, you’re totally missing out! As you guys know, there are NO secrets here! Beauty secrets are meant to be shared and shared again. I mean, it’s in the Girl Code handbook! Anyone know when there is going to be a hard copy released? Let a girl know! LOL. 

I compiled a list of 10 of the Best Beauty Hacks that I could find! Seriously, your life is about to be changed…I know mine has been!

10 Best Beauty Hacks

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  1. Use a piece of tape to line up where you want your wingled liner/shadow to go. Depending on the type of look you’re going for, this creates a sharp and defined line. You can always blend it to get your desired look, as well. Just make sure not to tug too hard when you’re trying to take it off…we don’t want wrinkles!!
  2. If you don’t have makeup wipes handy, baby wipes work just as good! 
  3. Forgot your eyeliner? No worries! Use an angled eye shadow brush, spray it with some setting spray, dip into a black or brown eye shadow, and draw your line. Easy as that! You can even smudge the shadow a bit to create a grungy look. 
  4. Looking a little tired? Line your water line with a white eye liner or shadow stick and you’ll instantly look refreshed! A couple of our favorites are M.A.C Eye Kohl Pencil in Fascinating and NARS Larger Than Life Long-Wear Eyeliner in Rue Bonaparte. 
  5. The higher the hair, the closer to Heaven, right?! Well, what happens when you forget your teasing brush?! Run to the nearest dollar store and buy a cheap toothbrush! It’ll surprise you on how well it really works! 
  6. Use your black eye liner as a base for your black eye shadow for an even dramatic smoky eye. SO FIERCE! Use white eye liner as a base for your everyday makeup look. 
  7. If you instantly want to look slimmer and more toned, contour and highlight your BODY! Eleise has an awesome tutorial on it HERE. Use this when you’re wearing a simple tee or werking an evening gown for a special event!
  8. Curl your lashes with a cold spoon!! WHAT?! Use the spoon instead of an eyelash curler. No more pulling your precious eyelashes out!
  9. Add a tad bit of translucent powder to mattify any lipstick. Love this one because I am a matte lipstick kinda girl! Anyone else?!
  10. To get the perfect lipstick cupid’s bow, make an “X” with your lip liner. This is always the trickiest part, in my opinion

AND there you have it!! 10 Best Beauty Hacks! If you try any of these hacks, snap a photo and tag us on Instagram and Facebook! You may even get featured on our page! xoxo

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What To Put In Your Travel Makeup Bag

Spring is here. Birds are chirping. The grass is green. The sun is shining. What does this mean? It means that it’s time to start booking your vacations and road trips with your BFF’s! Get out of town and hit the open road or sky! 😉 

Some people dread the packing process, BUT I absolutely love it. Organizing things makes me happy. Anyone else feel that way? Anyways, I have some packing tips and suggestions on what to put in your makeup bag for your next getaway. That way, you have more room to bring back goodies!

What To Put In Your Travel Makeup Bag

Vera Bradley- Medium Cosmetic in Pixie Confetti

How cute is this cosmetic bag from Vera Bradley?! The overall design of the bag is beautiful and it’s amazing quality. I mean, it is Vera Bradley. 😉 It also comes in two other gorg colors on the site! 

Put down that foundation and invest in a good tinted moisturizer. Of course, your skin is glowing before you go on vacation because you’ve been obsessively cleansing it and detoxifying those pores. Whether you’re on the beach all day, hiking through the mountains, or sight seeing downtown, you won’t need much coverage. A tinted moisturizer is the perfect option for making you feel confident and laid back. It’s your skin, but better. My favorite one is from Image Skincare. It’s super light on the skin and works great for any skin type. Seriously, don’t know what I would do without this product!! AND it has SPF 30 in it, too. Check it out HERE.

What To Put In Your Travel Makeup Bag

Tarte Cosmetics

Bring a neutral eye shadow palette. If you plan on going to a nice dinner or event on vacation, you’ll need something that can match any outfit and is subtle on the eyes. Oh, not to mention, something compact! The new Tartelette In Bloom palette is TO DIE FOR!! The shadows are so buttery, easy to apply, and SUPER pigmented! There’s a nice selection of matte and shimmery shadows, as well. This is a must-have, for sure! Buy it HERE! 

What To Put In Your Travel Makeup Bag

The Wet Brush- The Squirt in Pink

Of course, you’ll need “The Best Detangling Brush Ever,” according to If you are tender headed and/or have a hard time getting tangles out of your hair, this brush will be your savior! The brushes come in a beautiful assortment of colors and are an AMAZING price! Seriously, such a steal for a brush that will outlive all the other ones on the shelves. They even have cute baby brushes called “squirts” that will fit perfect in your makeup bag. It doesn’t get much cuter!! Go BUY ONE NOW!

When in doubt, go nude. Nude Lipstick, duh!! You can’t go wrong with rocking a nude lip color and adding a glossy sheen on top. It’ll make your lips appear bigger. If it’s windy, maybe wait til the evening to put on the gloss. LOL. Visit our previous blog to see which nude lipstick we like best! 

Toss in your BURBERRY Bold Lash Mascara. This bad boy creates crazy volume!! And apply our fave, They’re Real! Push up Liner from Benefit Cosmetics! 

When traveling, keep your packing to a minimal. As much as you may think, you don’t need your whole makeup collection. Bring your favorite products, and be ready to have some fun in the sun! You’ll look like a natural, sun kissed goddess with these suggestions. 

Say HI! on our social media pages and let’s have a chat! @creativeimagesschool 

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Go-To Date Night Makeup, Hair, Outfit

It’s that time of the week! Date night with your special person! Where to tonight? Sushi, movies, putt-putt, backwards date night?! (always wanted to do that!) Have you all every heard of a backwards date? I just recently read something about it and it sounded super fun! 

Ok, ok, I’ll tell you what it is!! A backwards date is where you do a whole date night backwards. You start with cocktails, then dessert, main entree, and appetizers! And you go somewhere new for each part! Sounds pretty great, right? Although I may not be able to make it to the appetizers after eating some cheesecake and some pasta!

So what does one where on a special date night? You don’t want to seem like you’re trying TOO hard. You want to keep it natural, yeah? Well, we’ve got the absolute perfect outfit choices for you & they’re from a local boutique right here in Dayton!

Go-To Date Night Makeup, Hair, Outfit Go-To Date Night Makeup, Hair, OutfitYou’re probably looking at your closet right about now struggling on what to pick out, how you’re going to style your hair, and don’t even get me started on that makeup. Well, have I let you down before? Us women gotta stick together! (Happy belated International Women’s Day BTW!) 

Taylor Monroe Boutique just received TONS of new arrivals. It’s a cute boutique located right here in Dayton, Ohio and their clothes are just to die for! For this blog, we decided to feature some new dresses that you can get online or in store! 

C’mon now, anything seafoam blue/green is going to catch my eye and thisGo-To Date Night Makeup, Hair, Outfit dress is definitely going to make people’s heads spin! In the dress to the left, that scalloped bottom is just ADORABLE and a detail that you don’t see too often!

I am all for the high neckline this spring and the waistband gives you that perfect hourglass shape! Get this Lauren James Landry Dress HERE. It also comes in white! 

Go-To Date Night Makeup, Hair, OutfitThe Corbin Dress from Lauren James to the right will definitely have your significant other’s jaw dropping! I am talking, won’t be able to keep their eyes off of you (or hands lol), but still sweet enough to swoon the parents! The back of this dress is a MUST SEE and the sweetheart neckline is irresistible! Lauren James Co. values hand-made quality, so you know you’re getting an amazing dress that will last you a long time! 

For a more laid-back date night, I am absolutely obsessed with the Harper Split-Neck Dress to the left! It’s a beautiful taupe color and is super comfortable to wear…seriously, you might not want to take it off! I would go for a more delicate necklace choice, since there is beautiful detailing in the v-neck already! 

You can never go wrong with big, beautiful Victoria’s Secret bombshell Curls for date night! You want your hair a little dirty for this hairstyle because it will give you so much more natural volume! You also want to be sure to curl your hair in opposite directions for even more body! Pull your hair up in a half bun, leaving only the bottom half down. Start with this section first, so it gives you a better visual to curl. Once you’re done, go ahead and gently run your fingers through your hair to soften them a bit. Repeat this for the rest of your hair; however, curl away from your face for the strands framing your face. Watch Carli Bybel’s hair and makeup tutorial inspired by the 2014 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show below!  

Carli’s makeup look is perfect for a date night with your sweetie! The eyes are a little smoky and it compliments the semi-bold pink lip! Youngblood’s Derbalicious or Just Pink Lipsticks will look awesome with any of the dresses above. If a bold lip is a little too out of your comfort zone, Honey Nut is a also a great option. 

Don’t forget to use your fave makeup setting spray, so that way your makeup lasts all throughout the night! Trust me, this stuff really works!! 

Snap us a pic of your date night look and we will repost it to our Instagram page! Would love to see what you came up with!


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Recreate Adele’s Iconic Look

Adele is leading Hollywood right now; not only because of her powerful voice & beautiful songs, but because of her iconic look. You can always count on Adele to be the classiest lady in the room. She always goes for the 1950’s vintage look with her own modern twist, of course.

How gorgeous does she look is her latest single, “When We Were Young,” music video?! And that nail color…WERK IT GIRL!


The great thing about Adele’s look is that you can wear it during the day or rock it after work on the weekends. How can you recreate this look, you ask?

Recreate Adele's Iconic Look

via Marina at

Recreate Adele's Iconic Look

Eyeliner: Say, “Hello,” to gel eyeliner & goodbye to your pencil or liquid liners that you’re always having problems with! Gel liner is absolutely the way to go. Not only does it stay on ALL DAY, you can use it to do a perfect winged look! 

My favorite gel liner is Benefits: They’re Real! Push Up Eye Liner

Here are some tips on using this glorious eyeliner from

  1. You may need two clicks instead of one, but not more than that.
  2. Swipe the Benefit They’re Real Push-up Liner pen in a light stroke on the back of your hand before beginning.
  3. Rest your arm or elbow on the table for more control.
  4. Go right to the base of the lashes: the pen’s accuflex tip really does let you line without that annoying gap of flesh.
  5. Work quickly; the formula dries fairly quickly, which can lead to lumpy application and flaking if you go over the liner more than once.
  6. For a thicker line, you need to use a bit more manual pressure from the centre of the lashline to the outer corner, then flip the pen around to finess that flick to perfection.
  7. For a bold, graphic flick, create the triangle in the outer corner. (Use your lower waterline as a guide for the angle — see this cat-eye how-to video for an example.) Then switch to the inner corner and drag the liner toward the centre of the lid.
  8. Use small strokes to work your way along the lash line. If you get a bumpy effect, go back over it immediately to smooth it out.
Recreate Adele's Iconic Look

BURBERRY Bold Lash Mascara –

Lashes: Don’t be afraid to go BOLD with your lashes in order to reach the perfect Adele look! If you haven’t tried the new BURRBERRY Bold Lash Mascara, you’re lying to yourself. This is a, “high-impact mascara that provides multidimensional, intense volume for a bold eye look thanks to its unique, cone-shaped brush.”

Trust me, with this mascara, you’ll be looking like a whole new woman! Adele would be proud.   

Complexion: When you think of Adele, you think flawless, perfection, etc. I’m pretty positive her face isn’t THAT perfect underneath it all, just like every other woman on the planet. So, how does she do it?

The thing that is hardest to achieve when you’re trying to create a great complexion is finding the balance between long-lasting, and not getting it too cakey! 

My favorite foundation is definitely from Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics. Their Mineral Radiance Crème Powder Foundation is close to flawless. It goes on creamy and sets to a luminous, powdery finish. It combines great coverage and light-reflecting qualities of a liquid foundation with the shine-controlling benefits of a powder. What could be better?!

Before I talk about contouring, I want to share a little tip with you. As the creme powder foundation does a FANTASTIC job of covering up and smoothing out, I Recreate Adele's Iconic Lookwould suggest using a primer BEFORE HAND, so you can keep this look for the entire day. Check out this article from Vogue: “10 Best Makeup Primers.”  

Contour: We all know Adele is a fan of contouring, which is totally fine because she’s already naturally gorgeous. But that’s the point of contouring, right – accentuating our NATURAL beauty! Haven’t gotten into the whole contouring scene? Don’t worry, it’s not as hard as it looks. 

I got my first contouring kit a couple months ago and it totally changed the way I do my makeup now! It was WAY simpler than what I thought and the kit I purchased made it a super quick process for my mornings!

I got the Smashbox Step-By-Step Contour Kit! Now this is for the multi-tasking ladies out there like me. I’m not one to spend hours on my makeup in the morning. I like to get on it and go! There are two different palette’s you can get, a lighter kit & a deep kit. 

The other awesome thing about this kit is that it comes with a contouring brush AND has tutorials on how to contour each face shape in order to compliment your features best! Check out this video that explains more about this amazing contour kit:

Lips: Now, we’ve all seen Adele rock the bold, red lip. But lately, she’s totally been going nude! Uh….on her lips, duh!! The nude lip is taking over and is such a subtle, but fun look. We actually just did a blog last week: “The Perfect Nude Lip.” Read up to learn how to get a lip like Adele!!

Now you’re ready for HOLLYWOOD!! Do you think you’re going to try Adele’s iconic look now?? If you do, PLEASE send us your photo & you may get featured on our Instagram!!

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