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Sit Still, Look Pretty

It’s time. Time to do something for you. 

You’re getting ready to start college, a new career, or thinking about what to do for your future. Whatever you do, you’re going to be totally underestimated and that is just a fact (and it’s not necessarily a bad thing!). Until you prove yourself to your professors, your instructors AND, most importantly, yourself, you’ll be lost in a world where you may feel like you’re not good enough. 

But why is the world like this?! It’s like if you try something new, you feel a little stupid until you get the hang of it. When in reality, everything is a learning progress. Sit Still, Look PrettyNobody starts out as an expert. Society kind of sucks in that regard. 

No one should ever feel that they’re not good enough. Anyone can do anything if they put their mind to it. (I know that’s a little cliche, but I wholeheartedly believe that!) Nobody should be restricted to what they can and cannot do, whether that be based on your money status or any other biased prejudices. We truly are free to make our own decisions and choices in America, and sometimes, we don’t take the full advantage of that because we are afraid. 

But isn’t being afraid good?! 

According to Whitney Hanson, a life coach, “Fear is a subtle way of nature telling you “pay attention to this feeling.” Fear is trying to tell us to take action. To run with our wild ideas. Stay away from that creeper. Take that spontaneous trip.

I seriously could not love this quote more. I feel like in my personal life, I’m ALWAYS afraid. BUT, through my fear, I’ve had some amazing experiences; and ultimately, every choice I’ve made has brought me to where I am today, as it has you!

I believe life is just a big adventure, and it really is too short to worry about your money status or the future all the time. Obviously, we’re all going to look to the future, but we also need to remember to live in the moment. What are you feeling right now? Where is your heart telling you to go? Don’t listen to the outside noise, look inside yourself. That’s the only way you will truly be happy. 

Another tip I have is to not SETTLE. Gosh, I hate that word. I feel like if I ever settle for something, I’m never as happy as I could be. Settling is being comfortable, which is maybe what we’re reaching for in our future. But we’re young, that’s the LAST thing we should be worrying about!

Go move somewhere, learn something new, find out what you love and work to create your dream career. 

If you choose to settle, you’re going to end up like the girl or guy that Daya is singing about in her latest single, “Sit Still, Look Pretty,” which obviously sparked the inspiration for this blog! Take a listen >>>>

Now, if you’re the type of person who needs a plan, who needs to really think about their next move (which is 100% normal and fine and probably MUCH smarter than the way I do things…lol) here are some strategic tips to use when dealing with a big decision that you’re a little afraid of:

1. Imagine the worst case scenario.

Sh*t hits the fan, you lose your job trying to start that business and you slowly lose all your possessions. Once you do this, you will find that the worst case scenario really, truly isn’t that bad at all. Very few things are as life changing as we make them out to be.

2. Take action.

If you are afraid of the debt accumulating, looking at your bank account and maybe even holding your breath at the grocery store afraid your card will get declined, that fear is telling you something beautiful. It’s telling to to take action! Start living on a budget, cut up your credit cards, create a plan to pay off debt and put steps in place so you can’t give in to your temptations. 

3. Use the fear to motivate you.

Pretend you dream of owning your own business. While excitedly sharing your vision with a friend, your friend says, “that’s not good idea. Owning a business is hard work, you don’t have what it takes.” If you are a rational person, those comments might put a bit of fear in you. It might be something you secretly agree with. But how you use that fear matters. You can tell yourself your friend is right. Or you can use that fear to motivate you to live your dream life. Always strive to use that fear as motivation. 

4. Respect your fear. 

Listen to your fears. Write them down. Study them. Figure out what the underlying message of your fear is. This requires so deep thinking. Once you find out what the root cause of the fear is you can start challenging it and putting systems into place that keep fear at bay. Sometimes that system might be as simple as breaking down your fears to see if they are rational or irrational, but either way- respect what fear is telling you. 


The young men and women here at Creative Images have gone through many obstacles in life to get to where they are today. Through our beauty school, they’ve been able to work hard, learn new things, and realize what they’re good at and what they want to do for the rest of their lives! 

Want to see what our students are up to this week? Visit our Social Media sites! 


Sit Still, Look Pretty

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Is It OK to Sleep In a Bun or Braids?

Is It OK to Sleep In a Bun or Braids?I know that when I go to bed with my hair wet or damp, I wake up with a crazy, afro mane! It’s frizzy, big and does not cooperate with me AT ALL. Like, thank goodness I don’t have a boyfriend who’s going to see me in the mornings like this LOL. 

But what if I did need to look OK in the mornings?! Or what about when I finally get a job and need to get my hair ready in the most efficient way ever?! I’ve got it!

You may not have done this since like Middle School, but it’s totally easier to braid your hair at night and wake up with some beautiful, wavy locks in the morning. Same can go for sleeping with your hair in a bun.

But is this OK for your hair?? 

Let’s look at the BENEFITS of sleeping in a bun >

Sleeping in a loose bun prevents your hair from getting messed up during the night. It also helps against tangling and frizziness because your hair isn’t rubbing against a pillowcase all night. 

When you wake up in the morning, you’ll have loose waves to go about your day in! What more benefits do you need?!

How about some BENEFITS of sleeping in a braid >

This is one of the best ways to curl your hair in a timely and efficient fashion. Braid your dampish-dry hair at night – big braid for bigger waves and smaller braids for a tighter curl in the morning. Not only will you wake up fabulous, BUT some also say that it makes your hair grow faster! 

So you can finally get this sweatshirt and wear it with pride >>>>

Is It OK to Sleep In a Bun or Braids?


So we’ve covered the benefits, which is really just the quickness & efficiency that putting your hair in braids or a bun gives you in the mornings! But the big question comes again: Is this OK for your hair?? 

Let’s check out some DISADVANTAGES for wearing your hair up at night:

While the idea of waking up to beautiful, bouncy curls may seem effortless, there’s actually a lot of thought and preparation that needs to go into it the night before. When using this practice, you need to be extremely cautious in making sure your braids or bun don’t tire or stress your hair out. In other words, make sure it’s not too terribly tight when you go to bed (plus, you’ll wake up with a headache anyways…and nobody wants that!!).

“Paradi Mirmirani, MD and staff dermatologist at the Permanente Medical Group told WebMd, “Ponytails and braids can cause hair to break, especially if your style is pulled tightly. If you wear it that way every day, permanent hair damage can occur.” If you can avoid sleeping in braids every single night, do it. But if it’s just too much of a timesaver for you to pass up, make sure you take the right precautions the night before. According to Lovelyish, that means keeping your braid loose, and making sure your hair is dry — not wet — before your plait.” (info from


Now that we all know the good and bad of braiding your hair or putting it in a bun at night, here are some helpful tips to keep your hair nice & healthy, while keeping Biolage Hydrasource Daily Leave-In Tonicit beautiful and efficient in the mornings!

  1. Apply leave-in conditioner – Matrix Biolage Hydrasource moisturizing Daily Leave-In Tonic for dry hair helps optimize moisture balance for healthy looking hair. & gives you up to 15X more moisturized hair after one applicationIs It OK to Sleep In a Bun or Braids?
  2. Anti-frizz spray is a must
  3. Invest in a silk pillowcase! “Sleeping on a silk pillowcase can do wonders for your beauty routine, especially when you sleep in braids. Since 
    the texture of the silk helps immensely when it comes to keeping your hair smooth and texturized, it’ll make your braids appear that much nicer in the morning.” (
  4. Braid gently / put your hair in a loose bun
  5. Try using hairbands that are made to NOT pull out your hair. These ribbon hair ties to the right are perfect and are only $5.95 on Amazon!  
  6. Braid allllll the way down to the last tip of your hair! This is super important when it comes to the look of your hair in the morning! Why, you ask? Unlike curling, braiding is a little different when you try to make all of your curls even throughout your head. When you braid it all the way to the bottom, you avoid having a weird non-curly section of hair at the bottom of your strands! Just like Meeko is doing to Pocahontas … LOL. SleeIs It OK to Sleep In a Bun or Braids?
  7. Sleep with dry or barely damp braids (not wet!WebMd also mentioned that “braiding or putting your hair in a ponytail when it’s wet can cause damage sooner because wet hair is more fragile.”

Ok, ladies, how we feelin’? Lot’s of information, yeah? Well, I’m just going to sum it allllll up for you in one sentence:

Sleeping in braids or a bun is great for styling efficiency and is OK for your hair, as long as you follow the tips above in order to keep your hair from breaking during the night!

So what kind of braids give your hair the perfect morning wave? Check out this tutorial from Cute Girls Hairstyles:


Now what about sleeping in a bun? This is something I’m super new to… let’s look at The Skinny Confidential‘s video showing us some tricks on the perfect bun to sleep in: 

Ok, you should be all set to start preparing your hair at night, for the next morning….instead of going to bed with damp hair and hoping you wake up with hair you can work with. 

If you try any of these our, or a braid or bun of your own, we would love to see them and know how on social media!!!! Our Instagram handle is @creativeimagesschool so hit us up and don’t forget to tag us in your awesome hair, nails or makeup pix (; 


No Fuss Hairstyles for the Work Week

Let’s face it, nobody wants to get up a whole hour earlier than work in order to find something to do with their hair for the day. But let’s also face that we all subconsciously do care about what our hair looks like and we want it to look gooood! Well, I’m here to tell you that there are always shortcuts; and I don’t mean to get to work faster in your car….I mean before you get in your car on the way to work! 

No more doing your hair while driving or throwing on your mascara in traffic (THAT’S BAD) – that is literally dangerous and who wants to have to worry about driving and make themselves look presentable at the same time? If this is you though, you’re definitely not the only one!

So what can you do in order to get all the sleep you want and still look professional at the workplace? Simple hair-do’s are the shortcut I’m talking about today. They do exist, and for every hairstyle. You just have to find a simple “do” that your hair can handle and that makes you look gooood! 

No Fuss Hairstyles for the Work Week

Marie Claire – 10 Easy Hairstyles You Can Do In Literally 10 Seconds

 Let’s start with our mermaid hair ladies out there. Confused on how to make your long locks look a little different? Above, you can see three adorable different styles from Marie Claire that you can complete (supposedly) within 10 seconds!!! What?! 

No Fuss Hairstyles for the Work Week

All of the styles she has in her blog is for the long haired beauties. So ladies, what are you waiting for?! Go get some easy updo ideas for work!!! > 10 Easy Hairstyles


ON TO THE SHORTIES! (not height of course…HAIR!) Check out this amazing video tutorial by Luxy Hair —->

Short hair is great because, let’s be honest, you can literally just throw in a bobby pin on the side and it’s going to look good. Well, as long as you add a couple curls or straighten out your frizz! 

I currently have a lob and I am totally going to be trying some of these out!! 


Alrighty then, on to quick hairstyles for the ladies with medium length hair! I love this length because I personally think it’s the easiest to work with. Sometimes long No Fuss Hairstyles for the Work Week
hair can be too much and sometimes short isn’t enough to accomplish what you’re going for! 

The two-strand waterfall braid is a great, easy way to have a fun hairstyle for your work day. You can find tutorial all over the internet, and once you get it, you’ll be able to do it in less than 5 minutes, GUARANTEED. 

Ok, this next one is definitely my favorite (and I soooooo wish my hair was long enough to do this one, so medium length gals – TAKE ADVANTAGE OF YOUR HAIR) ——>

Summer Scarf Updo: This is the most genius hair-do ever (in my opinion). And soooo so easy! I’ve got a great tutorial for you from Confessions of a Hairstylist on YouTube. She’s going to show you how to use a cute summer headband to take your hair game to the next level. And yes, this is another style that, when you get the hang of it, will take you probably like 5 whole minutes! YUP! Take a look (:

Ok, we are done. And hopefully we’ve shed some light on some new ways (and quick ways) you can style your hair for the work week. Thanks so much for reading and we’ll be back soon for some more beauty tips & tricks (; 

If you try out any of these styles, we would LOVE to see them on social media, so make sure you hashtag #ThatsTheBeautyOfIt, so we can see!!! And who knows, we may even post it on our page! 

Have a great week, y’all!



How to Rock the Job Hunting Process

How To Rock The Job Hunting ProcessIt’s finally here. Graduation. Okay, maybe in a few months, but that is just the right amount of time you need to get your ducks in a row. If you’re nervous about what adulthood is going to look like, you’re not the only one. Believe it or not, the job hunting process is another job in itself. It’s crucial to set time aside to prepare for what you’re going to do with the rest of your life. For me, it’s quite fun, but I know for some of you it can be nerve-racking. Just like I shared my interview tips with you, I am going to share my tips on how to rock the job hunting process, too! 

The first thing I recommend is to get a journal. I refer to mine as a dream journal, because I also write my dreams and aspirations in it. Also, try to find a good-sized notebook that can fit in your purse or satchel comfortably, because you never know when an incredible idea will strike! Now, you’re asking, “What the heck am I going to do with this thing?” Well, you’re going to write a list of employers that you’re genuinely interested in working for. Include things such as, address of the headquarters, mission and vision statements, developing news within the industry and the company, and anything else you find yourself awe-ing over. Be sure to also include a specific person’s contact information, so you can reach out to them regarding position openings and to help you expand your professional network. 

Dan Miller, author of, “48 Days To The Work You Love,” explains more notes to include in your dream journal. These notes include things you want your future employer to provide. For example, the option to telecommute, casual dress code, and/or travel opportunities. It’s a terrific book and one of my personal favorites. I recommend it to anyone starting their career or looking for a career change. Buy it HERE!

How To Rock The Job Hunting ProcessIf you don’t have a LinkedIn account, CREATE ONE NOW! If you don’t know what it is, it’s a social media platform directed towards the world of business. Your “page” includes your past education, certifications, and work experiences. Your ultimately sharing your professional resume on this platform, and it’s seen by potential employers. LinkedIn also allows you to meet other professionals who work in your desired industry (connections). Every time something changes on your resume, update your LinkedIn IMMEDIATELY! There is also a cool feature that gives you the option of notifying your connections when you have made additions to your page, which is super helpful! Be sure to add your contact info, such as email and phone number and make a genuine presence! 

To go along with LinkedIn, I have found multiple job opportunities through the LinkedIn Jobs app. It’s tied in with your main account, but allows you to search for career How To Rock The Job Hunting Processopenings in your desired areas. I will take one day to search for jobs to apply to (saving) and then another day to actually apply. Through the Jobs app, you can choose the option of receiving notifications when new positions have opened up within the city you’re looking to work in. For example, if you are now a licensed esthetician and want to move to the southern California area, you will receive notifications on available positions! Also, it’s in real-time! The worst thing is applying to an online posting and not sure when it was exactly posted. This way, you can apply right away and have a better chance of setting up an interview. If you upgrade to LinkedIn Premium, it shows you how many people have applied, giving you more help!

Have a typed cover letter to send to potential employers and continuously make improvements on your resume. Having a cover letter typed up makes the process of applying to a job much easier. I recommend typing up a generic cover letter, then tailoring it to each application you send with key requirements from the job posting itself. For example, if the job posting says, “We are looking for a bright individual that works well in a fast-paced environment,” then be sure to add that into your cover letter as one of your strengths. Continuously editing your resume is extremely important because it gives you an idea of what to take out of your resume and possible things to add. For example, the top part of your resume should be a bullet point list of your professional skills and attributes. Let’s say that you write “dependable,” and send your resume out to a couple employers with no call-backs. You change the word from “dependable” to “reliable” and end up receiving multiple calls. That’s a clear sign to go ahead and keep the word “reliable” on your resume. Go ahead and make improvements about once a month to see what’s working. 

How to Rock the Job Hunting Process


You are promoting yourself to potential employers and showing them that you are the perfect fit for the position. It’s super important to do the work needed to stand out from the crowd, because it sets you apart and gives you extra brownie points during the interview process. Another amazing book to read during the job hunting process is “Think Like an Entrepreneur, Act Like a CEO,” by Beverly Jones. It’s like a personal workbook on improving professional skills and also gives you step-by-step processes on how to deal with certain conflicts within the work place. A def must-read! 

Hard work does pay off. So before immersing yourself into sending application after application, work on your employer research, creating a LinkedIn profile, reading a good book about professional development, and writing an effective cover letter and resume. Good luck!

If you have any good reads for career development, share them with us on our Facebook page!

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Style Tips From The PROS

We have all had those moments when we’re getting ready for the day and our hair is NOT working with us. No matter what you do, it just seems to get worse! Then, you end up throwing it up and feeling frustrated for the remainder of the day. What if I told you that I have Style Tips from the PROS underneath my sleeve…? Yeah, girl I do! We’re about to bring the number of bad hair days down to an insane minimum!

Style Tips From The PROS


Style Tips From The PROS

Paul Mitchell

  1. When spraying your hair with any type of spray–texture or hold, you want to spray upward. Hold the bottle at your shoulders with the spray nozzle facing up. This way, the spray doesn’t weigh your hair down. Instead, it keeps everything up and lifted. You just spend so much time teasing the crown of your hair, so don’t undo all your hard work! If you want a product that creates KILLER volume, try Hair Shake from Joico. It smells amazing, too!
  2. Having trouble with static hair? Grab a dryer sheet and gently rub against your hair. You can also apply a small amount of lotion to your hair. Be careful, though! If you rub any of those products on your hair too much, it can make your hair look greasy. 
  3. When teasing your hair, leave your hair a little crazy looking for a few minutes. You know what I mean, your hair sticking straight up into the air like Cindy Lou Who?! LOL. Go ahead and apply your face makeup while the texture spray has a minute to soak into the tease. After you’ve applied your face makeup, go ahead and brush the tease out a bit. The few extra minutes creates CRAZY volume! After all, the higher the hair, the closer to Heaven! 
  4. Want your hair color to last longer? Aly Walansky from Style Caster shares a statement from Shawnee Heltsley, a Chi stylist. Shawnee says to shampoo your hair in room temperature water and then using cold water to condition. Hot water opens up your cuticle and cold water closes it. According to Shawnee, this will help keep your hair hydrated while locking in your precious color that you spend your hard earned bucks on! Read more of the article HERE on How to Make Your Hair Color Last For Ages.  
  5. To keep your blonde hair looking luscious and vibrant, opt for a purple shampoo. As you may know, purple and yellow are compliments, so the purple shampoo really gives your hair that extra boost it needs to stop it from turning a brassy-color. Try the Paul Mitchell blonde Platinum Blonde Shampoo. 
  6. Chelsea Peng’s article from Marie Claire titled, “60 Epic Tips, Tricks, and Secrets for the Best Hair of Your Life,” has some awesome pieces of advice to share with you all! One of them being an awesome way to deep condition your hair while working out! Siobhan Quinlan, stylist from Michael Angelo’s Wonderland Beauty Parlor, suggests saturating your hair in an oil of your choice, then going and sweating it out! The heat from your sweaty workout will help open up your hair cuticles and allow it to soak up the oil and all its benefits! Pretty interesting, huh?! Another excuse to go and hop on that treadmill! 
  7. Want your hair to look naturally voluminous and bombshell-like? Curl your hair right before you go to bed. Yup, that’s right! Curl your hair before you go to bed, sleep on the curls, and wake up with a look that screams, “I woke up like this!” LOL Just add a little bit more tease to your crown, spray your ends with a texturizing spray, and you’re ready to step out into the world. #diva

8.  ellebangs explains the differences between sizes of round brushes in her video on how to achieve the perfect blowout at home. If you have trouble doing it yourself, book an appointment with one of our students and they will gladly teach you their tricks on achieving a voluminous look! 

9. Although dry shampoo is the perfect alternative to keeping your hair refreshed without water, do not spray it on your scalp everyday. When you use this type of product too much, buildup can cause scalp pimples. We don’t want that!

10. When washing your hair, focus the shampoo on your roots and the conditioner on your ends. The suds from massaging your scalp will trickle down to your ends anyways. By doing this, you won’t dry out your ends as much. While concentrating the conditioner on your ends and not your roots, that will help reduce the amount of washings your hair will need during the week, as well. 

Have any more style tips to share? Tag us on Facebook! 

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