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Homecoming Hair Trends 2016

Homecoming 2016 is just around the corner! Crazy, right? 

Has anyone thought about their dress yet? You may think it’s a little too far in advance, but it’s better to take care of that stuff now rather than scrambling at the last minute! 

If you’re from the Dayton area, then you’ve probably heard of the amazing homecoming dress shop, Pure Couture Prom & Pageant. If not, you have GOT to check them out. 

By following their boards on Pinterest and their social media, we’ve seen a common theme with a few of the homecoming dresses they’ve posted so far that they have in the shop! 


Homecoming Hair Trends 2016

You don’t have to be a hippie to fall in love with this type of style. 

Check out all of their boho babe styles that you can shop today! >>>

Homecoming Hair Trends 2016 Homecoming Hair Trends 2016

Homecoming Hair Trends 2016

With all of these fantastically beautiful boho looks, you have to have your hair, nails, shoes and jewelry on point too!

In this blog, we’re going to cover one of the more important things: HAIR

Believe it or not, boho hair is also in!! 

Here are some hairstyles for homecoming hair 2016 on Pinterest:

Homecoming Hair Trends 2016

Homecoming Hair Trends 2016

Half up and half down is totally the thing these days. Especially if you have some long locks to show off with some soft, wavy curls. Add in a cool braid, and your boho look will be perfected. 

Here is an awesome boho hairstyle created by a student here at Creative Images >>> 

Homecoming Hair Trends 2016

It can be as simple as putting a fishtail braid on one side and tucking it under your curls! Low maintenance and gorgeous. 

If you don’t want to worry about your hair being down all night, maybe you’re looking for more of a boho updo! Don’t worry, we’ve got a great look for that as well!

Check it out >>>

Homecoming Hair Trends 2016

This awesome updo consists of braids on braids! And it almost looks like a flower is in her hair! You can’t get much more boho than that! 

We would also suggest making bringing some flowers or wine to intertwine in your updo if you really want to get hippie with it. That will all depend on your dress choice! 

If you’d like to come in for a trial run, just give us a call and we will help you find the perfect boho hairstyle for your homecoming dance! 

North Dayton: 937-454-1200     

South Dayton: 937-433-1944

Make sure you follow us on Instagram for more #hairspiration! @creativeimagesschool



Fall 2016 Nail Colors

Believe it or not, fall is in full-swing. The kids are back in school, work is picking up and salon’s are getting crowded with people wanting their new fall look! 

Soon, Starbucks will be serving up their ever-so-famous Pumpkin Spice Latte and we’ll be heading to football games on Friday nights. Who else just LOVES fall?! 

Here at Creative Images, our talented cosmetology students are here to help you achieve the look you’re going for. To get you a head start on a great nail color to try next, we’ve put together this blog of our favorite fall 2016 nail colors! It’s going to be a great year for fall colors, so check these out and schedule your mani or pedi today (;

Up first we have “Wooden Shoe Like to Know” by OPI: 

Fall 2016 Nail Colors

The subtle hint of sparkle with this muted purply color is literally the perfect color for fall. And it goes with any and every outfit! 

Let’s take purple a little further to “I’m Feeling Sashy” by OPI:

Fall 2016 Nail Colors

This lovely purple color almost has a sort of matte look to it and is very versatile. I’m feeling like this is going to be THE color for the upcoming fall season. 


THERE’S MORE…And it’s blue!

Essie, “Vested Interest.” >>>

Fall 2016 Nail Colors

This is a sort of muted green color. 

(Do you see a pattern here? MUTED. Yep, that’s the kind of color you want to look for all fall long!)

This formula is just amazing: Smooth, creamy and opaque.

For those ladies who like to stay in their comfort zone, you’re in luck! The next fall nail color we’ve got for you is a MUTED brown!

“You Don’t Know Jaques” by OPI:

Fall 2016 Nail Colors

Yep, this color has fall 2016 written all over it! This is a color that can easily transition into the cooler winter months as well! It can make any look feel warm and cozy and will have you staring at your fingertips all day long!

We saved this last color for the sassy ladies out there, you know who you are! Check out this deep reddish purple color by OPI >>>

“Casino Royale”

Fall 2016 Nail Colors

Can you say OBSESSED. This is such a rich color and will make your nails POP. This extra flair added to your look this fall will be sure to have all the other ladies a little jealous (; 


Thanks for checking out this weeks blog!! If you come in to get any of these colors done by our students, we would love to see photos!! Tag us on social media:

Instagram: @creativeimagesschool

Twitter: @DAY_cosmetology


Student Featured Work at Creative Images

If you’re super confused on what you want to go to college for, or if you’re going back and forth, wonder if 4 years of your life, paying thousands and thousands of dollars is going to be worth it, then maybe you should start considering a different route. 

If you’ve always been a creative person and learn better with REAL, hand-on training, then maybe you should start thinking a little outside the box. Pursuing a degree, and ultimately, a CAREER, in cosmetology could be a great fit for you! 

Getting started on the career that you’ll probably stick with for at least 10 years of your life is a very hard decision and shouldn’t be taken lightly! You need to think about what kind of life you want to live and what schooling is truly right for you. 

I wanted to just put this short blog post together to spark some inspiration for you! Whether you’d want to eventually be a professional colorist, cosmetologist or even a managing cosmetologist, or if you’re just checking out the blog to get some #hairspiration, you definitely all the photos that are coming your way of student featured work here at Creative Images! We couldn’t be more proud of the progress that our amazing students are making every day! 


Student Featured Work at Creative Images

Student Featured Work at Creative ImagesStudent Featured Work at Creative Images

Student Featured Work at Creative ImagesStudent Featured Work at Creative Images

Student Featured Work at Creative ImagesStudent Featured Work at Creative Images

Student Featured Work at Creative ImagesStudent Featured Work at Creative Images

Student Featured Work at Creative ImagesStudent Featured Work at Creative Images

Student Featured Work at Creative Images

Happy career searching, everyone!!! Please let us know if you have any questions! And if you’re ready to apply, you can do it right now!! 

















The Olympic Look

Gold, silver, bronze.

The Olympic Look

These are the colors that athletes all over the world are fighting for RIGHT NOW. The Olympics have begun, and we’re all so excited to see how all of the games turn out! I am specifically excited for the gymnastics! I LOVE seeing their leotards and watching them flip all over the place while I’m sitting on my couch, eating ice cream and popcorn.

So yeah, none of us are Olympic medalists…but we can always do our hair, makeup and nails in honor of all of the amazing athletes out there!! 


I think we can all agree that silver hair is amazing. But it can take a while to get this look and let’s be honest, the upkeep is crazy! (But it’s still flawless!) So how about for this blog, since you’ll already seen countless photos of silver hair, let’s go for the bronze

Ashley Benson has recently rocked this hair color, and some say it’s the hair color of fall. And I 100% agree with that! 

The Olympic Look

This gorgeous look has everyone drueling! And guess what, the upkeep isn’t bad at all (as long as you’re not a natural platinum blonde!). You could go for a natural brown color at your roots, then take it down to a pinky, dark blonde. 

The Olympic Look

This bronze hair color is a tad lighter than Ashley’s. I don’t know about you, but I am really feeling this color. Especially with September coming up!! You don’t have to go super dark, just a a hint of auburn and you will hit the bronze hair color on the nose! You Olympic bronze medalist, you!


Up next, Makeup coming in second place with the Silver medal! Now you’re probably thinking, “Heck no, I’m not wearing no silver makeup on my eyes!!” But wait, hold up!! I never said anything about it being dance competition silver, did I? I’m talking subtle, silver eye makeup. LIKE THIS >>>

The Olympic Look

ABSOLUTELY gorgeous. With some heavy duty eye liner and a cat eye, this subtle silver will take your eyes to the next level. I actually love how it’s a little darker on the inside and lighter on the outside, a little different than what we’re used to. 

This look would be great for the work week, going out or an Olympic party!! 


(DRUM ROLL PLEASE) And in first place, with the flashiest look, NAILS WITH THE GOLD!!! 

The Olympic Look

The Glamour Lady

The matte gold is killing it right here. And mixed with the sparkles. I give these nails a perfect 10 for sure. I think this manicure would also look good with the pointed tips as well, making them super fierce! 

And what about your toes?! Those have to be included too if you really want to rock the gold (; 

The Olympic Look

I love the idea of giving your toes a little extra attention. Usually we just just paint them all one color and we’re done. But I say, let’s mix it up! This style keeps the gold look throughout all of the toes by adding that little gold detail on the white ones. So cute & clever!


Now you’re all set to sit back and watch some Olympic games!! If you try any of these looks, you should totally let us see and tag us on Instagram!! (@creativeimagesschool)

If you need to make an appointment to get one of these gold, silver or bronze styles, give us a ring: North Dayton: 937-454-1200 or South Dayton: 937-433-1944 (: 

And to take us out, watch Katy Perry’s new song and AMAZING music video created just for the 2016 Rio Olympics! GO USA!!!

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