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Nail Colors and What They Say About You

Nail Colors and What They Say About You

Nail polish adds beauty, but it also shows something else. The nail colors that you wear may reflect a certain personality or mood that you have. What vibe do you think you’ll fall into? Let’s find out!

Do you tend to use the fiery shade of red? Then you’re…

Nail Colors and What They Say About You

The red nail polish is one of the most popular item in the beauty industry. People who wear this color tend to have a strong and bold personality.

Nail Colors and What They Say About You

However, the color also represents anger, specifically the shade of blood red…. which I would leave up to your imagination.

Sporting the color orange for your nail polish? You are…

Nail Colors and What They Say About You

Nail Colors and What They Say About You

The color orange shows you’re impulsive and energetic. It also reflects a creative personality; that you’re not afraid to try out new things.

Into soft-hued colors? You’re…

Nail Colors and What They Say About You

Nail Colors and What They Say About You

Soft-hued colors such as pale pink and beige, display a softer side of your personality. This doesn’t mean you’re a pushover though. This color shows an inclination to being poised but relaxed. You’re probably easygoing but remain elegant when it is needed.

Interested in using rich shades of purple for your nail polish? You are…

Nail Colors and What They Say About You

Nail Colors and What They Say About You

You are mysteriously attractive. Most people would describe you as sexy, and you know it. This color also reflects a peace of mind, and that you are not afraid to stand out.

Is black your favorite nail polish? You’re…

Nail Colors and What They Say About You

Nail Colors and What They Say About You

This color is exceptionally chic. With that being said, people who use this are also leaning to a rebellious side. And that’s a good thing. You know your own style and you know how to think outside of the box. Also, this color is probably necessary for your signature look!

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Transform from a Day to Night Look

After a long day at work, sometimes you just want to go out and have a little fun! Daytime makeup and outfits are a little different from their nighttime counterparts, so here’s a way to quickly change your look from daytime to nighttime with what you already have!

Daytime makeup tends to be a little lighter and less prominent. Evening makeup is usually a little darker and a lot smokier and sultry.


  1. Change your lip color – This is one of the easiest ways to take a look from day to night. If you wear a nude during the day, change it up with a red or a bold purple.
  2. Deepen the crease – Adding a darker color in the crease and outer V of your eyes will add a lot more dimension to the eyes. Note: Try to limit the boldness to either the lips or the eyes.
  3. Smoke out the lash line – Taking a brown color to your lower lash line is the quickest way to smoke out a look and add a sexier look to the eyes. Load up on the bottom lash mascara and you’ll be ready in no time!

Check out this awesome video by Jordan Lipscombe on how she transforms her day to night look:


  1. Change your jacket – Switching from a cardigan to a sleek blazer takes your look from work to sophisticated night on the town instantly!Transform from a Day to Night Look
  2. Changing your accessories – Changing your stud earrings for hoops is a great way to start. Also changing your purse is pretty quick as well. A clutch and a great pair of pumps screams, “I’m ready to get down!”
  3. Switch shoes – Changing your shoes from conservative pumps to sexy stilettos is super easy and fun for changing into the night time.


  1. Ladies, let your hair down! If you like having your hair up during the work day, put it up with intention to let it down later! What I mean is, find a way to style it so it will still look great when it’s that time to go out. If it still has a big crease from being up all day, you can always do the top knot. Here’s a great tutorial by Marianna Hewitt

    Fella’s, slick it back! The great thing is, you probably already have your hair nice and fancy for the work day! So you can just prepare and bring a little extra hair cream or wax with you to work. Then you can just give it a little touch up and you’re ready for a night on the town!

That’s all I have for you today! Have fun this weekend and be safe! If you need your hair color touched up or changed, give us a call at 937.454.1200! We also do nails, makeup and waxing!! 

See you soon 🙂

7 Essential Makeup Tricks For Dark Skin

Everyone has that one problem area or imperfection that they wish they could just zap away. A few good beauty tips are always needed, especially in a rut.

7 Essential Makeup Tricks For if You Have Dark Skin

The best beauty tips for you are the one that suit your skin type, as well as your skin tone. Today, we will be focusing on deeper skin tones. Note that these tips can suit many other skin tones as well. If you have an uneven skin tone, or makeup looks that aren’t up to date, then today’s post is the one for you!

Beauty Tip #1: Warm up the center of your face.

  • Warming up the center of your face gives you a healthy and youthful appearance. In order to add warmth to your face, use caramel and amber shades in the center of your face. Using these shades of concealer, apply them with a brush and then blend them out with a beauty sponge.

Beauty Tip #2: Lip liner.

  • Using a lip liner can be the barrier that keeps your perfect lip application from smearing all over the rest of your face. Investing in a nice skin tone lip liner when wearing a lipstick will also increase the longevity of your lipstick.

Check out this awesome tutorial by Birchbox:

Beauty Tip #3: Dark brows, not black brows.

  • Many women love rocking a dark brow, but there is a thin brow line between a dark brow and black brows. If you love a dark eyebrow, then start off with a brown in the beginning and darken it as you move towards the tail end of your eyebrow.
  • Check out our blog from last week for more eyebrow tips! “Bold Brows Without Overdoing It”

Beauty Tip #4: Orange!!!

7 Essential Makeup Tricks For if You Have Dark Skin

  • Don’t be afraid of orange! Orange compliments dark skin tones. Orange lipsticks, blushes and concealers leave a very natural appearance to the skin. Another reason to love orange is because orange cancels out purple or dark circles and spots. This will cancel out any hyperpigmentation that you might have.

Beauty Tip #5: Know your lighting.

  • When you are shopping and applying your makeup, make sure that you are doing so in the most natural lighting. Store and other artificial lights can make your makeup look flawless inside, and once you step outside it doesn’t match as well as you hoped. You will also want to use bright lighting as well so you can see your face, and ensure that you can see your face in its most natural tone and give you the most flawless application.

Beauty Tip #6: Build up your complexion.

  • If you have hyperpigmentation or any type of scarring on your face, then most likely you aren’t going to like using just one layer of foundation. In order to ensure the most natural looking complexion, use a mixture of foundation and concealer. Once the first layer of foundation has been applied, if you see any areas that need a little more coverage, use a full coverage concealer in that area to avoid putting too much product in your clear areas.

Beauty Tip #7: Take care of your skin!

         As with any skin tone, taking care of your skin is a must. Having the best base makes any makeup application that much more flawless. Make sure you moisturize well every day, use sunscreen, and exfoliate once a week to make sure your skin is in the best shape!

We hope you enjoyed reading today’s post! Let us know what you think about these beauty tips, and share with us your favorite one!

5 Awesome Reasons to Pursue a Cosmetology Career

Frenchy, the iconic Pink Lady from Grease, might have famously dreamed of beauty school, but she isn’t the only one who longed to take cosmetology classes. Beauty schools are popular destinations for those who want to become licensed beauty professionals in order to help others with their knowledge and training. If you’re thinking of enrolling in a cosmetology program, you probably have a good idea of why you want to be a trained cosmetologist, but you may not have thought of some of the benefits a career in cosmetology can provide. Here are five awesome reasons why you should consider pursuing a career in cosmetology:

cosmetology classes

1. Classes are affordable

When you choose to enroll in esthetician programs, you’re making a financially sound decision for your future. Instead of attending a traditional college with the massive burden of student loans, you’ll be able to complete your education via skin care programs, nail classes, and hairdressing courses that are cost-effective and will get you started on your career path in a comparatively short time. A full cosmetology course takes about two years to complete, so you’ll be able to jump into your career in half the time as those who attend a four-year college — and you’ll be paying a fraction of the cost, to boot.

2. Friends are built-in clients

When you become a beauty expert, your friends will be first in line to have access to your skills. Your girlfriends will serve as automatic clientele who will support you in your endeavors. Having access to a hairdresser or nail technician who is also your friend is an added bonus for many people, and having your friends on your side can help tremendously when spreading the news about your budding career.

3. Make your own schedule

Not only can you structure your cosmetology classes to fit your schedule, but as a hairdresser, nail tech, or esthetician, you can also create your own work schedule. If you need to work another job during the day while you go through the program or have other obligations once you receive your license, cosmetology is a flexible career that can fit a variety of situations and needs.

5 Awesome Reasons to Pursue a Cosmetology Career4. Never boring

If you can’t stand the thought of sitting in a cubicle or behind a desk all day, cosmetology may be a great option for you. The environment is fast-paced and requires you to keep up-to-date on the latest trends. Each client presents a new challenge, and because you can offer a variety of services, you’ll guarantee that your day is never dull.

5. Be creative

Attending cosmetology classes is a great option for someone who has a need for artistic expression. You’ll learn the science and skills you need in order to create cuts and styles that your clients will love, and you’ll have to solve beauty issues in creative ways. The elements of beauty — like hair and nails — can serve as the perfect outlet for those who want to be creative with their work. New trends can allow you and your clients to stand out from the crowd. Whether someone wants a classic look or an unconventional appearance, the sheer variety of styles will satisfy your creative desires.

If you’re looking to start your beauty career, contact us today about enrolling in our cosmetology classes. We’ll get you on the road to becoming a successful and knowledgeable beauty professional in no time.


5 Awesome Reasons to Pursue a Cosmetology Career

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