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Five Reasons Creative People Are Great at Cosmetology

“On the 5th week before Christmas, I am having trouble deciding on which career path I should take. I love art, music, and basically anything creative. What career would help me actually make money for myself in the long run?”

If this sounds like you right now, then don’t fret! This blog should convince you why cosmetology is the perfect career to pursue your happiness and needs. Without further ado, here are 5 reasons why creative people like YOU are great at cosmetology:

#1 You’re great at visualizing ideas

Five Reasons Creative People Are Great at Cosmetology

You’re able to conceptualize easily the style that is asked, and you can share it easily. Telling your ideas to your client and having them see the end result is a great way to make themselves comfortable too! With that in mind, you’re able to skillfully perform what is required to reach that design.

#2 You know what looks good

Five Reasons Creative People Are Great at Cosmetology

You have a keen sense of what style works for different kinds of people; be it hair, colors, and fashion. It’s easy for you to make suggestions to help your clients look their best!

#3 Your creativity is enabled and fostered

Five Reasons Creative People Are Great at Cosmetology

You know you never stop learning. Your creativity can expand in new and different ways you wouldn’t have imagined! There are so many ways to style hair, do colors, apply makeup, and perform other cosmetics!

#4 You’re adaptable and masterful

Five Reasons Creative People Are Great at Cosmetology

You’re an expert on style! You can be equipped with an arsenal of cosmetic techniques AND still be amazing in using scissors, brushes and other tools. In fact, you’re still an expert even by just using your hands!

#5 You manage yourself

Five Reasons Creative People Are Great at Cosmetology

As an artist, you want to have control on how you’re gonna earn a living. As a cosmetologist, you get to do that and much more! There’s freedom in you as an entrepreneur to work whenever you want and however you want. You can also get paid commissions too! You’re having your work appreciated and both you and your client love it!!

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Five Reasons Creative People Are Great at Cosmetology Five Reasons Creative People Are Great at Cosmetology

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4 Helpful Steps for Choosing the Best Cosmetology School

beauty schoolsSo you’ve decided to pursue a career in cosmetology. The next step is to decide what cosmetology program is the best for you at the multiple beauty schools across the country. But how do you choose? There are over 1,500 accredited beauty schools across the nation, which can make narrowing down your options feel overwhelming. In order to prevent confusion and to streamline the process, here are some helpful tips for selecting the right cosmetology school for you.

1. Ask around
There is no such thing as too much information when it comes to beauty schools, so ask your friends and family who work in the beauty industry for their opinion. They will most likely have recommendations and can point you in the right direction. Don’t have friends or family in the industry? Ask your hairstylist! He or she will give you trusted advice on cosmetology classes in your area.

2. Pinpoint exactly what you want to do
The beauty industry is incredibly vast, so it is a smart idea to narrow down your interests before you apply to a school. Want to be a barber, an esthetician, a nail tech or a hairstylist? It’s best to have a few options in mind when you are looking at schools so you can find the best nail classes or skin care programs out there.

3. Research, research, research
Once you have a list of specific schools, look into their reputations online. Searching through their social media pages may be able to connect you with graduates who can give you more information on their experiences. Plus, you’ll be able to see images of the school, read reviews, and learn more about their specific programs.

4. Schedule a tour
You will not be able to make your decision unless you schedule a tour. Make sure to ask a lot of questions during your tour and ask to meet with staff. Some questions to ask include:

  • What exactly does the program include?
  • What do they do to prepare you for your State Boards examination?
  • Does the school offer career services once you graduate?
  • How does financial aid work?

Asking these decisions will give you the important information you need to impact your final decision.

After these steps, it is time to make your final decision! Welcome to the world of beauty; we guarantee you are going to love it.

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A Quick Fall Look

Fall is here, the leaves have turned beautiful shades of burgundy and gold and the wind is getting a little chillier. With all these changes happening, our coral lipsticks are getting put away and our dark, vampy lipsticks are returning to the front of our minds again.

A Quick Fall Look

@myextensionz on Instagram

Finding inspiration for fall makeup can sometimes be very challenging, so here’s an idea for a quick and simple look.


This time of year, I gravitate towards smokier and sultrier eye looks, so a quick smoky liner is the perfect beginner friendly way to go when time is limited. The only “challenging” part of a smoky eye is the blending so don’t be afraid to spend some time on that, because that’s the way to achieve the perfect smoky look instead of the raccoon look. I use a neutral eyeshadow palette to achieve this entire eye look, however if you don’t have this particular palette use whatever colors that you’re have that are similar.


  1. Start by taking a piece of tape and putting it starting at the end of your lower lash line and going all the way to the end of your brow. I’ve learned that putting it on the back of your hand and then on your eye removes some of the adhesive that prevents it from pulling and tugging at your eye area too much.
  2. Start with priming your eyes with whatever eyeshadow primer you have. This will ensure your makeup will stay on all day.  
  3. Take a nude shadow that matches your eyelids and out that on the inner third of your eyelid and as your transition color.
  4. Then take a brown color and a fluffy blending brush and begin blending that into your outer two-thirds of your eye, slightly into that nude shadow and into your crease.
  5. Next, take another blending brush and the darkest brown color in the palette and begin blending from the tape inward to the outer third of your eye (including your outer V area).
  6. Then take the previous brush with the lighter color and begin to blend the brown and the dark brown color into each other. You want this look to be very seamless and have all of the colors blending into each other.
  7. Finally, take a more densely compacted brush and the black color and begin to add it as close to the tape as possible as well as bringing it into the dark brown. Once you have it blended then add more black to the outer v area. Now that the hard part is done all you have left is to add your wing liner to your top lash line. add more black. Line your eyes with your favorite gel eyeliner.
  8. After you complete your wing eyeliner, take a smaller brush and, in a smudging motion, flick the liner up and over into where you placed the brown eyeshadow.
  9. Finish by throw on a couple coats of mascara and line your lower lash line and you’re done!


I tend to leave my face routine the same year round with the exception of changing out my moisturizers depending on the seasons.

  1. During the fall and winter, I wear a thicker moisturizer because my skin gets a little more dry.
  2. I tend to go for a matte finish when it comes to my base, so use your favorite matte foundation. If you have really dry skin, use a moisturizing foundation and set it with a powder, or use a thicker moisturizer to make sure it doesn’t cling to your dry skin.
  3. Highlighting and contouring is a major part of my makeup routine and so I use my favorite concealers, and blend them out with a beauty sponge. Once I’m done with blending I set the places I used the concealer with a lighter face powder. Check out this tutorial by Carli Bybel: 

  4. I contour with my favorite contour palette in the hollows of my cheeks with a tapered brush.
  5. In the places that I don’t contour and highlight, I use my powder brush and my favorite powder and pat a little powder in the areas that I need it.
  6. Lastly, apply your favorite highlighter. I tend to reach for a highlighter that has more of a fine grade, and less chunky with glitter. My favorite application technique is using a thin fan brush. After I get the product on my brush I spritz it with a little rose water or setting spray to make it pop even more.


Fall is all about the bold lips, so of course my go-to makeup will have to indulge in this trend as well. Finally, I set my makeup with a few sprays of my favorite setting spray and I’m done!

I hope you all loved reading this and try it out for yourselves. Comment and let me know what your go to Fall lipstick is!

Makeup Brushes You Actually Need

What is makeup without the proper tools? In the makeup world, there are hundreds of different types of brushes but do you really need every last one of them? In all reality, you don’t need 10,000 brushes to look fabulous. Only a few (less than 10!) of them are necessary. Here are 9 brushes that are actually necessary. I will tell you what the brushes are for, how to use them, and a few suggestions as to where you can get them from. Regardless of where you get your brushes from, the key to flawless application is blending. Blend, blend, and blend! Blending brings everything together and makes your look truly flawless!

Stippling Brush

Makeup Brushes You Actually Need

elf Cosmetics

Purpose: If you want your foundation, BB cream, or concealer to go on smoothly and have an airbrushed finish, a stippling brush is perfect for that. It can be used for light weight powders, fluid or even cream products.

How to use: Apply foundation, BB cream or concealer to your hand and dip the

Blending Brush

Makeup Brushes You Actually Need

BH Cosmetics

Purpose: To blend out any harsh lines in the eye shadow application

How to use: Gently take the brush with no product on it and blend out your eye shadow

Eye Shadow Shading Brush

Makeup Brushes You Actually Need


Purpose: To apply shadows evenly to the eyelid

How to use: Dip the brush into the eye shadow powder/cream/pigment and apply to the lid

Dual Ended Brow Brush

Makeup Brushes You Actually Need

Headcovers Unlimited

Purpose: The spool side is to brush your brows into place and the stiff angled side is to fill in your brows with any powder, gel or pomade of your choice

How to use: With the spool side, brush your brows into place and clean them up if necessary. Use the other side to fill your brows in wherever needed.

Angled Eyeliner Brush

Makeup Brushes You Actually Need


Purpose: To make sharp and crisp lines during the gel eyeliner application.

How to use: Dip the brush into the gel eyeliner of your choice and make short strokes to apply your eyeliner to your liking.

Flat Foundation Brush

Makeup Brushes You Actually Need

The Pool

Purpose: To apply your foundation to your face, or to highlight underneath your eyes with concealer.

How to use: Apply product to either the back of your hand and dab the brush onto the face in a patting motion, then blend it into the skin.

Powder Brush

Makeup Brushes You Actually Need

elf Cosmetics

Purpose: To set any foundation, BB cream, or concealer on the face, and body with a powder.

How to use: Gently dip the brush into any loose powder or pressed powder and dust lightly onto the face for foundation/BB cream/concealer longevity.

Flat Eyeliner Brush

Makeup Brushes You Actually Need


Purpose: To apply gel eyeliner, or to clean up brows with concealer

How to use: Eyeliner: After picking up some product with your brush, make small strokes across your lash line until you achieve your desired look.

Angled Contour Brush

Makeup Brushes You Actually Need

elf Cosmetics

Purpose: To contour your face easily

How to use: Grab a little amount of product and apply to the hollow of your cheeks, along your temples and jaw line to contour.

All of these brushes together make for a completed look. In order to create any look from a simple everyday look to a smoky, night time look can be achieved with only a few brushes and a little practice. Remember:  the key to a seamless and flawless look is blending.

Have fun!

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Styling Box Braids

Box braids are a style that have been around for a while and will continue to be around for a long time to come. There are so many different ways that you can wear your box braids to fit any style, outfit or event.

Here are five ways that you can style your box braids:

Top Knot 

Styling Box Braids

Top knots are perfect for any type of hairstyle, braids or no. They are super cute and chic and can be worn to dress up an outfit or casually. Gather all of your braids at the top of your head, depending on how high you want your bun, and tie it with a ponytail. You then twist your bun slightly while wrapping it around the base of your ponytail and securing it with another ponytail holder. If you want a chicer look you can braid the ponytail before you wrap it around your ponytail holder.

Half Up Half Down

Styling Box Braids


The half up half down do can be customized a lot of different ways. You can go with the newer trend of putting the top half in a bun, by just twisting it around the base of the ponytail like in the first style. You could also just leave it in the ponytail and let it hang down.

Parted Goddess

One super simple way to style your box braids is to slightly part your hair to one side of your head. On the side that has the most hair, begin to either twist or braid your hair towards the back of your head. This will create a crown like appearance to your hair and then secure it with a couple bobby pins or a hair tie at the back of your head.

Braided Crown

Styling Box Braids

The Right Hairstyles for You

One super cute look to try is the braided crown. Begin by parting your hair where you like it, and section your hair into two large parts on either side of your head. Beginning on the left side, braid your hair all the way down to the end and secure with a ponytail holder, and repeat the same on the other side of your head. Taking the first brad over the top of your head and wrapping it around your head, bobby pin it down. Take the hanging braid and do the same, crossing them over each other to hide the ends of the braids. This is a more complicated look, but with a few tries and maybe a couple YouTube tutorials, you will definitely get it.


The last style that you can create with your box braids is a pompadour. This will add tons of height and volume to your look. Part your hair on one side of your hair and begin twisting up and gathering more hair as you twist until you reach the opposite side of your hair. Tie it off in the back of your head with a ponytail holder. This is a really cute and dressy way to spice up any look.

For six other unique box braids looks, check out this video by peakmill>>>

Just because you have box braids doesn’t mean that you are limited in the way that you wear your hair, it just means that you have to modify your styles a little bit. One of the most important things is that your natural hair is healthy while embracing your protective style.

If you need an updo done for an important date, give us a call to schedule your appointment with one of our many talented students at a cost you’ll LOVE!

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