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Eyeliner Looks to Try Out



Eyeliner is one of those things that are constantly changing with the times. It can bring so much light and definition into the eyes. Eyeliner can also be used to change the shape of your eyes. This is one of the most personalized parts of makeup. The way that it turns out is completely up to you such as how thick it is and how bold it will look. One of the most timeless looks are the ones listed below.

Eyeliner Looks to Try Out

Traditional Eyeliner

Traditional eyeliner, also known as kohl eyeliner has been around for centuries. It is the easiest to put on being that you only have to control the thickness of the eyeliner. When I first started to wear makeup it was the first way that I wore my eyeliner. It can be achieved with any type of eyeliner such as a pencil eyeliner, gel eyeliner and liquid eyeliner.

Eyeliner Looks to Try Out

Winged Eyeliner

Winged eyeliner is one of those things that take time to learn how to do. Trying to perfect this particular style of eyeliner is a trial and error sort of thing. This within itself is an individualized process. The way that your winged eyeliner turns out in accordance to thickness and the angle of your wing is completely up to you. This look can be achieved with any type of eyeliner. However, I think pencil is the hardest to use so I suggest gel, cake or liquid eyeliner.

Eyeliner Looks to Try Out

Double-Winged Eyeliner

Double-winged eyeliner is quickly becoming the it thing. It brings out the inner fairy with the fairy like appearance. Winged eyeliner is a little it easier than traditional winged eyeliner due to the fact that if you go a little too high on the first one, the second one can even out the whole look. This look can be achieved with the same things as for traditional eyeliner such as the gel, cake, or liquid eyeliners.

If you are in need of some glamorous makeup for a special event, give us a call to schedule an appointment with one of our many talented students! 

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Different Types of Hair Extensions

If you are interested in wearing hair extensions, then there are plenty of things you can choose from. There are weft extensions that you can glue in, sew in or use as clip ins. There are also tape in hair extensions and ponytails that you can use to extend the length and thickness of your own ponytail. Whatever you decide to choose, there are a few things that you should consider before choosing a hair extension method.


First there are clip in extensions.

These are a great way o try out hair extensions without having to commit to them. Clip in extensions come pre made, or you can also purchase regular wefts to create and customize your own. You part your hair from ear to ear and tie up the top part, then clip in the extensions to the hair on the bottom. A fun way to wear clip in extensions is to include them into your up do’s and buns. You can easily achieve this by clipping them in upside down so they don’t appear bulky and fake. Clip ins can last as long as you want them to if you properly care for them.



Next there are glue in, pre bonded or keratin bonded hair extensions.

These extensions are attached to your hair through keratin bonds at the tip of the extension and are fused with a hot tool. These are a very popular choice for those looking to try hair extensions. These are very popular, but require a little more maintenance and salon appointments. If you want to glue in your extensions, then part your hair as you would for clipping in extensions. Apply a little bit of glue to the weft and press it into your scalp to adhere it to your head. Make sure you don’t get it on your real hair. If you are in a hurry, or would like to move faster, then take your blow dryer and on a low heat low blow setting dry where you applied the weft.

One of the most popular methods for hair extensions, is the sew in.

Sew in extensions are best for those who have coarse, thick or curly hair. Your natural hair is sewn into a tightly braided section and then the extensions are sewn into the tightly braided section. This can last for about 6-8 weeks and is a great method for a protective style, or to try a hairstyle that you don’t want to commit to permanently.

Different Types of Hair Extensions

Hello Amanda

The last method for hair extensions are tape extensions.

They are definitely not as popular as the other methods, but is still very easy to use. If they are properly applied, then they will definitely look well and last. The hair is connected by bonds that your own hair is placed between. Your hair is then clamped around the strands. They last for a decent amount of time, but if your natural hair grows out very fast, then you will have to get them redone more frequently.

Here is a tutorial by Perfect Hair (a little outdated, but still great!) that explains a little more about tape extensions and how they are put in. 

Hair extensions are a great way to wear your hair if you are need of some inspiration. They are a change to your hair that you don’t have to commit to and you can protect your hair while you experiment. Depending on your hair type and needs, there is definitely a method of hair extensions for you.

We do not offer hair extensions here at Creative Images, but if you need help styling or putting in your extensions for a wedding or for prom, we are always happy to help!! Schedule your appointment today! 

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8 Tips to Prevent and Treat Dry Lips this Winter

8 Tips to Prevent and Treat Dry Lips this Winter

Our lips lack sweat glands to stay moisturized, so the cold and dry environment is a heavy influencer to its state. If you want to keep your lips smooth, soft and moisturized even in cold weather, we have the right tips for you! 

  1. If you hate the cold like me, just stay indoors more!

If there’s nothing urgent to do outside, stay at home to prevent exposure to the dry and cold air.

  1. Use moisturizing lip balms

8 Tips to Prevent and Treat Dry Lips this Winter

Lipsticks make your lips dry when worn, so use colored moisturizing lip balms instead! Or you can moisturize your lips first with some ointment, and then wear your favorite lipstick. At any rate, make sure to remove the lip makeup and moisturize your lips again before you go to bed. Here are some natural ingredients you should look for in your lip balm:

  •             Vitamin A and D
  •             Jojoba Oil
  •             Glycerin
  •             Coconut Oil
  •             Beeswax
  •             Almond Oil
  •             Shea Butter
  •             Aloe Vera
  •             Vitamin E
  1. Take the right diet and regularly keep hydrated

Avoid foods that are spicy or salty – these compel your tongue to touch your lips more frequently. This is harmful as it easily dries and irritates the lips. Here are some foods that are actually really good for your lip health:

  •             Milk products, apricots, carrots, etc. rich in Vitamin A.
  •             Skim milk, Swiss cheese, red meat, silken tofu, fortified cereals, eggs, etc. that contain vitamin B
  •             Citrus fruits and vegetable rich in Vitamin C
  •             Nuts, eggs, leafy vegetables, etc. that have vitamin E.

Lastly, drink a lot of water daily (at least 8 glasses)!

  1. Control your Room Temperature

8 Tips to Prevent and Treat Dry Lips this Winter

Protect your lips indoors, too! The heating system in your home during Winter makes the air dry too. To fix this, set up a humidifier and set the temperature to 30-40%. It keeps the air indoors ideally moist. I wouldn’t go beyond 50% because too much moisture can cause bacteria and other microorganisms to appear.

  1. Do NOT bite/lick/peel your lips

These bad habits should be lessened not just in Winter, but all year long. Biting harms the lips to the point of wounding them, licking dries the lips because of saliva, and peeling them can be very painful. Instead, just soften your lips with lip balm or exfoliate the flakes off.

  1. Use natural home remedies

8 Tips to Prevent and Treat Dry Lips this Winter

Natural ingredients are not only easily available but they also repair the lips from the inside. Time to achieve that luscious, sweet-smiling, soft and smooth lips you’ve always wanted!

  • Cucumber

Rub a slice of cucumber on your lips and let it stay for 10 minutes. Do this 2-3 times daily.

  • Ripe Mango Butter

Apply some of this on your lips and let it try. Then, wash it off. You’ll notice that your lips have become soft and moistened!

  • Petroleum Jelly

This is a very common treatment for dry lips. Simply apply during the night and it will moisturize your lips up to morning. If there’s irritation, immediately stop using it.

  • Jojoba Oil

This oil is an instant solution to dry lips. It moisturizes your lips and make them look fresh again. Apply a few drops of oil then leave it on the lips for 10 minutes. It should moisten the skin and help repair cracked appearances.

  1. Don’t drink too much caffeine

Even though the cold weather makes it irresistible to drink your favorite cup of hot coffee, these hot drinks actually dehydrate your lips faster. A better and healthier alternative is to take herbal tea or decaf, as these can hydrate the skin!

  1. Wear a scarf over your mouth

8 Tips to Prevent and Treat Dry Lips this Winter

If you have to go outside, a scarf makes all the difference in protecting your sensitive lips from the cold harsh wind.


Since Winter won’t be leaving anytime soon, it’s important that you try to follow some of these preventive tips to keep your lips nice & soft in the cold! I hope this article has helped you out (: 


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