Monthly Charity: Toys for Tots

For the month of November, we will be sharing some love with the children of our community who’s parents can’t afford to buy Christmas gifts. Toys for Tots supports children up to the age of 12 and in some special cases, sometimes a couple years older. Toys for Tots will accept any and all toys as long as they are not weapons (or look like realistic weapons) and don’t contain food. Some ideas Toys for Tots has provided but are not limited to sporting equipment, balls, board games, stuffed animals, cosmetics, doll babies, toy cars, etc.

At Creative Images, we will be collecting donations all month long at both locations. Donations collected will then be delivered to our local Toys for Tots distribution center in Dayton the first week of December. This will give the center time to sort donations in time for Christmas. For any clients who bring in a donation, you will receive 10% off your service. Discount cannot be combined with any other offer or promotion going on. However, if a client brings in a donation on multiple visits, they are eligible to receive a 10% discount for each service visit.

For students who are looking to participate, if you bring in a donation, you will be permitted to wear color on that Friday. For evening students, you will be permitted to wear color on Thursday evenings. Dress code still applies in terms of professional dress. One donation is equivalent to one Friday. If you would like to wear color for the remaining Friday’s of the month, multiple donations will need to be brought in.

Thank you in advance for helping us support our community!

For more information on ways to donate and how Toys for Tots operates, please check out: .

Charity of the Month- Needy Basket

Hello, beauty babes! As part of our CIIC mission, we make it a priority to help better the community around us. Starting October 1st, Creative Images will be hosting a canned food drive to help our local food pantry, Needy Basket. To do our part, we are asking for your help in donating canned goods and non-perishable items that we will collect for the duration of October. All items collected will be delivered to Needy Basket in time for them to create a warm Thanksgiving meal to those in need. ANYTHING HELPS! For those of you who donate 5+ items, we will knock 10% of your next service as a thank you!

Donations will be collected at both campuses.

For more information about our charity of the month, please visit

Simple Ways to Give Back to Your Community

At Creative Images Institute of Cosmetology, we believe that salon and spa professionals are powerful. As a hairstylist, nail technician or esthetician, you have the potential to change someone’s life for the better just by making a positive difference in their day. You can use that power to affect more than just the lives of your clients but you can also utilize that power to give back to your community in more ways than one!

Our beauty school loves to give back to society, whether we’re supporting the Dayton area’s cancer survivors or first responders and their families. As you graduate from your educational program and get jobs as beauty industry professionals, we encourage you to look for ways to continue to practice charitable giving. With today’s generation, people are more willing to participate with or buy from an organization that gives back to the community whether it be donations, food drives, or disocunted services. You’ll find many opportunities to do so, and we’ve compiled a list of suggestions to get you started.

Organize a charity benefit day at your salon or spa. One of the easiest way to give back, charity benefit days require little more than social media promotion to encourage bookings. Simply choose a local charity and pledge to donate a percentage of your service fees during the benefit. You can collect donations from clients as well to boost your impact. You’ll find a list of Dayton non-profits here.

Collect hair for Locks of Love. Whenever a client requests you cut at least 10 inches off his or her hair, get permission to save that hair for this life-changing charity that provides free hairpieces to disadvantaged children who are suffering from long-term medical hair loss. To make it super-easy for your clients, you can even offer to mail the donated hair in for them once they’ve completed the required form.

Mentor a beauty school student. Now that you’ve graduated from your beauty program and are working in the real world, you probably have valuable insight you can share to benefit others who are where you once were. Whether you reach out to Creative Images Institute to have your story featured on our blog or offer guidance to others on an industry forum, sharing your experience can make a difference.

Provide free services at a local nursing or retirement home. Contact local senior care facilities to arrange an event where you can provide residents with free hair styling, manicure or skincare services. Oftentimes these seniors no longer have the manual dexterity or financial means to maintain their appearance the way they might like. Provide a little pampering and you will do wonders for their spirits.

Offer free haircuts to the homeless. Take a cue from Southern California celebrity hairstylist, Jason Schneidman and offer free haircuts to area homeless. While Schneidman takes his tools to the street, visiting local shelters or handing out cards that invite those in need to visit your salon for a shampoo or trim are also options.

Volunteer with Look Good Feel Better. This national non-profit organization is a non-medical public service program that teaches beauty techniques to people with cancer. Through the program, volunteer beauty professionals instruct cancer patients on skin and nail care, cosmetics, wigs and turbans, accessories and styling in order to help them mange the appearance-related side effects of their treatment. Volunteers commit to three to five hours each month and must complete a certification class.

Volunteer with Dress for Success. A national non-profit with a mission to empower women to achieve economic independence, Dress for Success is often looking for beauty industry volunteers to educate disadvantaged women on work-appropriate makeup application and styling as well as mentoring.  While the organization does not have a branch in Dayton, their Cincinnati location is only a one-hour commute away.


By Angela Rose for Creative Images Institute of Cosmetology