Education With a Cosmetology Educator

LaShawna Brewer

At Creative Images Institute of Cosmetology, we’re proud of the education we provide, none of which would be possible, of course, without our fabulous staff. Today, we’re checking in with Ms. LaShawna Brewer, the Phase Two Cosmetology educator at our Vandalia campus. In addition to helping Creative Images students shape their talents for the future, LaShawna is also the owner of Simply Gorgeous Hair and Nails.

CIIC: Thanks for taking the time to chat with us today, LaShawna, and for the time you devote to your students at Creative Images. When did you first discover your passion for cosmetology?

LaShawna: I did a couple of beauty pageants and was intrigued. We all had our own sense of style and brought it out in individual ways. I decided I wanted to be able to be the person who helps others bring out that beauty.

CIIC: That’s great! How did you get your start and what convinced you to become an educator as well?

LaShawna: When I got my hair license back in 1992, I began running my own booth in a booth rental salon. I’ve continued to do that over the years, but also realized I like to see the development of artists. I love to see them learn new techniques and grow. Not only within the beauty realm but also stepping out and adding their own flavor to it.

CIIC: And what brought you to Creative Images Institute?

LaShawna: I chose Creative Images because of its reputation and the length of time it has been in business. I also saw that a lot of the artists graduating from the school go on to obtain licenses in their field with employment. I wanted to be a part of that.

CIIC: And we’re so glad you decided to join us! When you’re working with your students each day, what do you enjoy the most?

LaShawna: I get to work with a lot of diversity and different age groups, and I love the bond and memories we create in class. That means a lot to me.

CIIC: Would you encourage other people to get into the cosmetology field, and if so, what advice would have for them in choosing a school?

LaShawna: I would encourage others to explore careers in cosmetology because it’s beyond rewarding. It also offers the chance to express yourself every day though fashion, makeup, however you choose. Every woman has her own style, you just have to develop, create and bring it out. That’s just one of my beliefs.

As far as choosing a school, I’d encourage students to do their research and make sure the school focuses on education as a whole. Education is the key to becoming a cosmetologist and working in the beauty industry. You have to be educated in order to grow professionally, grow a business, and deliver a great product to your client. Always put education first.

CIIC: That’s excellent advice. What words of wisdom do you have, as a successful salon owner, for our students who are nearing graduation?

LaShawna: My suggestion is to always create personal goals and work towards reaching them. You have to step out on faith. You have to be committed. And you have to also be a person who will never give up no matter what is going on. Reach for the stars.

By Angela Rose for Creative Images Institute of Cosmetology