Eyeliner Looks to Try Out

Eyeliner is one of those things that are constantly changing with the times. It can bring so much light and definition into the eyes. Eyeliner can also be used to change the shape of your eyes. This is one of the most personalized parts of makeup. The way that it turns out is completely up to you such as how thick it is and how bold it will look. One of the most timeless looks are the ones listed below.

basic eyeliner


Traditional Eyeliner

Traditional eyeliner, also known as kohl eyeliner has been around for centuries. It is the easiest to put on, being that you only have to control the thickness of the eyeliner. When I first started to wear makeup it was the first way that I wore my eyeliner. It can be achieved with any type of eyeliner such as a pencil eyeliner, gel eyeliner, and liquid eyeliner.

traditional eyeliner


Winged Eyeliner

Winged eyeliner is one of those things that take the time to learn how to do. Trying to perfect this particular style of eyeliner is a trial and error sort of thing. This within itself is an individualized process. The way that your winged eyeliner turns out in accordance with thickness and the angle of your wing is completely up to you. This look can be achieved with any type of eyeliner. However, I think pencil is the hardest to use so I suggest gel, cake or liquid eyeliner.

winged eyeliner


Double-Winged Eyeliner

Double-winged eyeliner is quickly becoming an it thing. It brings out the inner fairy with the fairy-like appearance. Winged eyeliner is a little it easier than traditional winged eyeliner due to the fact that if you go a little too high on the first one, the second one can even out the whole look. This look can be achieved with the same things as for traditional eyeliner such as the gel, cake, or liquid eyeliners.

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