Mother’s Day Hacks

What your mom really wants for Mother’s Day this year.

Mother reading a handmade card and bouquet of tulips while young daughter kisses her on the cheek.
It’s the little things in life that mean the most. Especially when it comes to showing our moms how much we love an appreciate them. Nothing like a handmade card and a kiss!

Mother’s Day – which was established as an official U.S. holiday all the way back in 1914 – is Sunday, May 12. If you’re in search of a little celebratory inspiration, consider these simple yet meaningful ways to honor the women in your life. Though perfect for Mother’s Day, you can actually use these suggestions any time you want to make your mom feel special.

1. give her a hug… or 10

Few things in this world feel as good as a genuine, heartfelt hug from someone you love. Give your mom a squeeze this Mother’s Day and science says it may even be good for her health (and yours, too!). One study found that the feeling of emotional support hugging generates can significantly reduce our chances of catching a cold and becoming depressed.

2. lend a hand

Your mom cleaned up after you for years, so why not make the time to give her a hand this Mother’s Day. Whether she could use some assistance with home repairs, cleaning, yard work or errands, most moms will welcome a hand with their to-do list. Don’t live nearby? Give mom the gift of Amazon Home Services, where you’ll find pros to help out with everything from hanging TVs and ceiling fans to house and window cleaning.

3. hide a few love notes

While you’re helping with the tidying up, stash a few thoughtful notes to your mom in surprising places. This is a great way to keep those warm Mother’s Day feelings going for weeks into the future. Place notes in dresser drawers, the linen closet, under the laundry detergent… wherever she’s least likely to expect them.

4. lace up your walking shoes

Spend some quality time connecting with your mom while taking a walk. Not only can getting out into nature improve mood and reduce stress, walking regularly for exercise has benefits like weight loss, lower blood pressure and cholesterol, and improved memory.

5. Show off your momma

Dig out cherished family photos and share them on Facebook or another social media platform. It’s fun to look back and reminisce about the experiences you and mom have had together – and this way, your friends and family can also join in on the memories, as well.

6. Give her a ring

How often do you talk to your mom? Whether you usually touch base once a week, once a week or even few days, your mom will appreciate additional time to chat on Mother’s Day. And remember, the conversation doesn’t have to be all about you. This is a great time to ask your mom thoughtful questions about her current hobbies, hopes and dreams.

7. reasons why you love her

Saying “I love you” is always appreciated, but telling your mom exactly why you love her will make her feel even more special. Turn those reasons into a keepsake when you write them down in this Things I Love About Mom book from Paper Source or this I Love You Mom book from Amazon.

By Angela Rose for Creative Images Institute of Cosmetology