Think you can’t afford career training? Think again!

There are many people in the Dayton, Ohio area who would love to have a new career. They are tired of the same old process of scoping out the help wanted ads only to find jobs that are low pay, offer horrible hours, and treat them as if they are a machine. They crave a career where they can use their creativity, feel good about what they are doing, and have the flexibility they want in their life. The good news is that you can have exactly that right here in the Dayton area!


Have you ever considered a career in the field of cosmetology? The cosmetology field is an exciting one, because it offers the ability to do a variety of things, all while giving you the creative freedom you want with the stability you need. You can choose to do hair, offering styling and coloring, or you can opt to do nails, helping people to have beautiful nails with great designs. You can also choose to focus on esthetics, opting to become a skin care specialist, who offers makeup services, facials, massage, and waxing services. There are options for every personality and career plan.


Many people who are interested in a cosmetology career in the Dayton area fear that they won’t be able to afford it. The good news is that most people absolutely can. There are financial planning options to assist with training, including:


  • Pell Grants. These are monies that are issued by the government that do not have to be paid back. Since this is “free” money towards your program, if you qualify, it can help you to reduce the program cost to make schooling affordable for you, making it possible for you to start your new career.
  • Deferred student loans. These are loans that are issued by the government that do have to be paid back, starting six months after you graduate. If you qualify for these loans they are a great help because they allow you to be working in your career when the payments are due. These loans also typically carry a low interest rate and a low monthly payment.


Financial aid services are available for those students who qualify and we can help you to complete your FAFSA (financial aid application). The important thing to know is that most likely you can afford to get the training you need to start a whole new career. There are options for most people so that they can get the help they need to afford career training.


Contact our office today to see what type of financial assistance you may qualify for. At the Creative Images Institute of Cosmetology, we have helped many people in the Dayton area to find a way to afford the training to get them started on a new career path. We can most likely help you too! Within months you can be on your way to career freedom, having the training and skills you need to give you security, peace of mind, and a career you love.